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From Buce Rice:

Unfortunately I saw in this mornings paper (01-13-2020) that John Clinnin died (Dave’s brother).
I haven’t seen John for a while, but remember him fondly from those days at Hyde Bay and Gilman.

John Clinnin

Winston Wood writing 01-13-2020 - Terrific photo of John with his Sunpapers obit. You can just picture him with that grin tooling around in one of the Comets at camp. No cause of death listed. Whatever it was that got him, I hope he went quickly and didn't suffer.

Blake Goldsmith writing 01-13-2020 - Wow so sad and surprising . I had lunch with him about a  year ago in front of Eddies and John was his usual fun upbeat self and in good health. JC always had that impish smile like he had just snagged an extra dessert . He was a good athlete. We played tennis together and actually won a doubles tournament back in the high school days . Another memory is that he had the desk next to Jeff Rice at Alex Brown and when I was down there in that beautiful old Pantheon like room getting advice from Jeff -John would always come over to chat.






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