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Mac Mellor 10/13/17 - More about Leslie Manning a.k.a Beezer Manning:

Note the letter in the right hand column titled Oriocos’ Origins, from the Summer 2017 issue of the Taft (School) Bulletin.  Background unknown to me is presented for Leslie Manning, aka Beezer, who taught Spanish when I attended Taft.  The link with HBC is it was he (1) who was music counselor in the middle 1950s and (2), when a conflict arose for the summer of 1957, who recommended me to the Director for the job.
Follow this link to the page: More about Manning


Steve Cunningham 06/21/17 - The last of an era - The Hyde Bay Home Letter.

Larry Pickett has transcribed and supplied the last series of extant camp home letters. We now have the last four home letters from 1939 and the 1939 Christmas card add to our amazing collection.

1939 is the first year the director typed directly onto the ditto form. He called it a "dangerous experiment."

Thanks to the efforts of Larry Pickett and Steve Cunningham over the last 10-or-so-years, 456 camp home letters spanning from 1930 to 1969 have been transcribed, processed and uploaded to our website. Keeping all the linking straight has an interesting endeavor. The whole process took countless man-hours including deciphering the faded copies.

The Hyde Bay Camp website is the largest and most comprehensive of its kind on the Internet.

Take a moment to enjoy some nostalgic reading from the list of home letters here:

David Dube 06/22/17
Steve, I have said it to you in the past, and will say it again now, you do a great job! I am sure that any of the rest of us who read the posts, emails, blog, and study the website would echo my praise.
Thankyou, Dr. David H. Dube ("Dabba")
(I really liked George Radcliffe's recent recollections, and felt every word on a personal level. I continue to feel as if Hyde Bay has informed every aspect of my personal and professional life.)

Blake Goldsmish 06/22/17
Thanks Steve and Larry,
    This is an amazing collection of newsletters and a great walk down the memory lane of our childhood. Reading some of these letters offers the happiness of reliving the existential joy of being young. The way that Hyde Bay allowed us to explore nature and life added strength and confidence to all of us. Steve you are right that this model of “joie da vie” no longer exists in the now PC world of summer camps.

    I remember my first week of camp. I was 6 or 7 years old and about 20 of us were on an overnight at Clarks Point. Mr. Carlton Sr. came by with “The Hacker” around sunset offering rides where you could aqua plane in the back by holding onto a wooden handle. Lake Otsego was still cold , the counselors had told us about giant fish in the water, the Hacker with it’s loud engine sounded like an armored tank.
    I was afraid to get in. I had only ever been in a swimming pool at that point. Some of the campers taunted and dared me to jump in while splashing me with the cold water. I was ready to cry but jumped in and grabbed the handle. It was exhilarating as I moved magically through the water at great speed and looked up at the beautiful sunset over Lake Ostsego. The next seven years of camp at Hyde Bay were great and I was the first one to jump off the Trenton Falls bridge 5 years later.
    Final note: I did get into trouble from time to time but Mouldy and Fleur in particular were always there to get me back on track.
    There is a polarity in nature that gives both productive restraint to creativity and playfulness to formal rules. (Stole that idea from Goethe).



06/15/17 - We welcome our friend and fellow camper, George Radcliffe, back to camp. George has written an in-depth summery of his life at home and at camp. It's a good read and might touch the hearts of some of us.

Tom Lynn 06-15-17 - George Radcliffe is one of a kind. A gentle soul who was/is a friend to all. I am looking forward to having him at the next (2019? 50th anniversary of the final year?) Durbar. Hopefully George has seen my "jumpy" film (on the HBC site) of the Turtle Derby where there are some brief shots of his brother Billy. I also have either photos or film of George playing tennis. Thanks for the terrific write-up, George -- you've done Hyde Bay proud! -- Lynn, T.

John Mercer 06-15-17 - Thank you particularly for this one, Steve. After reading it quickly, I immediately printed it out and put it in Florence's hands, saying, "See! This is what I'm talking about." Hoping you are thriving, John

Mike Hilliard 06-15-17 - What a wonderful bio. Could you please thank George for me for posting it. We will miss him and you at Durbar. Mike Hilliard

Doug Taylor 06-05-17 - A great read…thanks.

David Dube 06-21-17 - I really liked George Radcliffe's recent recollections, and felt every word on a personal level. I continue to feel as if Hyde Bay has informed every aspect of my personal and professional life.



Rusty Pickett 12-15-16 - HYDE BAY CAMP REUNION - Yes, "Durbar" will be held June 22-25, 2017. Registration form here.



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