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Comments and Correspondence 2010

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Comments and Correspondence 2010

Webmaster – 11/16/2010 - Larry Pickett scored some information on Bill Hudson’s life from a helensfamilytrees.com website for Where Are The Campers Now? Bill provided many nicknames from the ’30s.

Webmaster – 11/16/2010 - Larry’s interesting life has been exposed in his account in Where Are The Campers Now?

Webmaster – 09/28/2010 – Rusty Pickett has sent us his whereabouts since camp. See Rusty’s history since camp at “Where Are The Campers Now?”

Jay Alexander – 09/28/2010 - Where is Rusty anyway? Phoned Charlie Class a few years ago; he’s an orthopedic guy in North Carolina. He and I roomed together as U.l.s in 1955 in a sort of annex to the house where the students lived. I keep in sporadic touch with Dick Moss, who I think is in Bengladesh these days. Ran into Sandy Cochran a few times in Kanas and elswhere. Sad about bro Ted, who was a tentmate several years. Wrote Sandy Jencks at Harvard Fond memories of Hyde Bay.

Webmaster – 09/14/2010 - Durbar 2011, August 4–7! For Booking, info, etc. go to Durbar 2011.

Webmaster – 09/14/2010 - Jim Main has come forth with his whereabouts. Jim Main has plans to attend Durbar 2011 and has included his whereabouts in “Where Are The Campers Now?”

Webmaster – 08/11/2010 - Tim Pitts has updated his profile. Tim has added his whereabouts since camp in Where Are The Campers Now? link.

Webmaster – 08/11/2010 - McKee Lundberg has accounted for his whereabouts. McKee has added his name to the roster in Where Are The Campers Now?

John Diamond 7/20/2010 - Steve:  In photo 21 of the 1961 series the guy behind you was the swimming counselor. If my memory is correct, he was somebody that Bob Pickett recruited from the Harvard coaching staff. I don’t recall the man’s name, but I think this was the only year he worked at Hyde Bay. The blond kid resting on the raft in the first of the 1963 photos is either Carl Geiger or his brother Reid. Also for 1963, the last guy in the Dayman circle is definitely Randy Burwell (John Randolph Burwell)–photo 27.  In the 1966 series photo four shows Scottie in his red beret. That hat was virtually glued to his head that year. It definitely looks like his dad beside him. Hope this helps. John D.

John Mercer 07/20/2010 - The guy in photo 21 of 1961 was indeed the swimming coach, Harry Parker, the very successful coach of Harvard’s crew for many years.

David Dube – 07/20/2010 - Absolutely John, That person is Carl or Reid Geiger. We all went to JD in Syracuse. Good to see your posts, and somewhere in one of my replies I mentioned my father’s admiration for your secret to keeping me on the right track — “Just keep him as busy as possible”. My Dad loved that advice, and because I lived it every day, I never knew the difference. You were my counselor in 1964 — tent 9. David

John Diamond – 07/20/2010 - Remember you well. Got a chuckle out of the quote. By the way, I also remember that you went to JD (says JD). I went to FM–for 7-9 before moving to Pittsburgh. In fact, my parents socialized with Dr and Mrs. Geiger, which is how they learned of Hyde Bay.

David Dube – 07/20/2010 - John, Amazing how things are intertwined in life. One of my favorite Hyde Bay memories came a few years after camp closed. I was in my freshman or sophomore year at Amherst with one of my fellow cross country team members — Henry Hart. Somehow we began talking about experiences that stamped us for life. I mentioned I had never been very taken with the appearance of things, but was always interested in what was ‘under the hood’. Henry mentioned that he had learned how not to judge things from their appearances at a wonderful summer camp he had attended. We both recanted tales of how important the summer camp experience was, and he mentioned that the camp he had attended was near the Baseball Hall of Fame. I said I too had gone to a camp on Otsego Lake in Cooperstown called ‘Hyde Bay’. He let out a whoop in the middle of the dining hall, and we shared ‘Hyde Bay’ stories for the next half hour or so.
We were both grinning ear to ear, and laughing, and it being the early seventies, a fellow team mate came up to us, asked if we were ‘high’? Turns out we were both high on Hyde Bay. David

John Diamond 07/20/2010 - David: I plan on attending this year’s reunion so hopefully we will see one another. As I’ve gained something like 90 pounds since you last saw me it’s unlikely I’ll be that difficult to find….:-)

Cliff “Cubby” Forman 06/30/2010 - 1950s Group 6 - I can identify the Junior Councilor, myself much younger, Cubby Forman. That would be outside tent and second from left.  Cub

Webmaster – 06/30/2010 - Rob Gerlach has accounted for his years since camp in “Where Are The Campers Now?”

David Dube 06/30/2010 - Rob, I enjoyed your where are the campers now piece. We were tent mates my second year. I recall you telling me about hunting birds and how to catch them? I also recall being on an overloaded sailfish and laughing my ass off. A wonder none of us died. David

Steve Cunningham 06/30/2010 - Rob, When I saw your 1965 face I remembered you and your big grin. I also remembered I liked you and I’m sure we had lots of laughs.

Webmaster – 06/27/2010 - Peter Black has revealed his whereabouts since camp and shared a few memories of the Hyde Bay years. Check “Where Are The Campers Now.”

Bill Dube – 06/27/2010 - Hi Steve, Yes that was the last award given at Hyde Bay Camp Ever. Hard to believe it has already been 41 years since then.  I remember trying so hard that year to win the 8″ regatta, only to get creamed by my brother David, who was a counselor that year, by two of his boats.  I think my brother went by the quantity theory that year…. I seem to remember that one of his “BOATS” was nothing more than a water proof 8″ box made out of balsa wood  or something like that. Many fond memories of the place… I’ll see if I can dig up any photographs or other history to send your way.

David Dube 06/21/2010 - Bill, It was a water-proofed french fry container. I figured it might do well in light winds. My third boat of the three, was the end of a broken baseball bat — I figured that would be my ‘heavy wind’ boat. It is probably still out there trying to make it to shore. The winds that day were pretty light. David

Webmaster 06/21/2010 – Bill Dube sent us a photo of his 1969 Outstanding Camper trophy, which has the distinction of being the last award ever presented at Hyde Bay. CampPhotos/1961-End/1969_05.

David Dube - 6/19/2010 - Steve, Thank you for keeping up the Hyde Bay Camp Website.  Attached is a picture of the last award given at Camp Hyde Bay. Both my brother David and I have many found memories of Camp Hyde Bay. Sincerely, Bill Dube

Mike Hilliard writing to Rusty Pickett and Peter Black 05/23/2010 - Georgia and I went to brunch with some friends after church today.  As we were eating, a man with flowing white hair and a flowing white beard came in to the restaurant with a female friend.  They were seated in the other side of the dining room. I got up to go to the restroom, and as I returned to our table, the man with the flowing white hair and beard rose and said, “Mike Hilliard?”  When I responded in the affirmative, he introduced himself as Jeff Levi. I told him as we were touring the camp’s site last summer we were fondly remembering him. Mike Hilliard

Tom Lynn 05/23/2010 - Ah, Jeff Levi! Circa 1965, after some post-dinner intramural football up on the baseball outfield (perhaps playing for the Princess Waheelos or the Amalgamated Merkins?), Councilor Levi said to 12 year-old Camper Lynn, T., “For a fat kid, you run pretty fast!” Such a way with children! Ah, Jeff Levi!

Webmaster 05/14/2010 - Dozens of new camp photos from the ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s have been added thanks to Larry Pickett with a new series of photos from the ’60s courtesy of Josh Shoemaker. Playbills have been updated (1958 and 1959) and Homeletters from 1958 and 1959 have been completed. A new tent group from the ’30s was uploaded which features Josh Shoemaker’s dad as the councilor. The 1953 swim team (1953 photo 9) has been updated with the original poster and correct names.

Rusty Pickett 05/05/2010 - Campers, Passing this on from Chris West. Gilman recently held its Faculty dinner where several former teachers were honored with a faculty “Wall of Honor” which included the Director – Herbert E Pickett.  Jerry Downs was the keynote speaker.  The link below is the article about the dinner and a link to Jerry’s remarks if interested.
Click http://www.gilman.edu/news/detail.aspx?pageaction=ViewSinglePublic&LinkID=9993&ModuleID=36&NEWSPID=1 for the article and link to Jerry Downs’ remarks. Durbar 2011 is coming! Rusty

Webmaster 03/28/2010 - The Homeletters and Playbills have been updated with many new entries due to Larry Pickett’s efforts at digging through the archives with diligent organization and scanning. Both links are mostly complete between 1962 and 1969. There are yet a few missing newsletters and Playbills despite his best efforts thus far. If you have a box of old Hyde Bay Homeletters, See if you can find the missing links. Contact the Nightman if you do.

John Mercer 03/23/2010 - Steve Cunningham, known to you as The Nightman, in his capacity as web-UL, has made a new entry under Historic Campers. Strangely it’s not about a camper at all, but instead about a member of the 1953 Hyde Bay swim team, my sister Carolyn. What Steve has put up are two reports–one from my brother and one from me – on what we did a decade ago with her ashes since she had asked that  her ashes be spread to the four points of the compass. John Mercer, The Dayman

Larry Pickett 03/19/2010 - In the brief bio of Chiefie (at the end) it is mentioned that he married Mary Catherine Christman in 1954.   What isn’t in the brief note is that Mary was the secretary of one Dr. Lawrence K. Pickett (aka Bull / the Doctor) in Syracuse, New York.  I believe also that Mary was known as Mrs. Macy due to her work in the store.

Webmaster 03/10/2012 - Hyde Bay’s oldest living Camper, Dr. William D. “Billy” Lynn, has passed. His obituary may be found in “Historic Campers.”

Jay Alexander 03/10/2012 - I have enjoyed browsing through the Hyde Bay Camp materials and photos;l it brings back many fond memories of my yestes there, 1948-53, 1955, and the many friends and skills I learned, esp. sailing and canoeing. Still kept in sporadic touch with Fox, Butterfield, Dick Moss, Sam Wallace, Sandy Cochran, etc.

John Mercer 03/10/2010 - Hi, Jay – since I was born in 1946, it must be a very early memory I’m having, but I do remember you. John Mercer (The Dayman)

Jay Alexander 03/10/2010 - Periodically check on the HBC website and sometimes recognize campers in the photos, and recall the trip to Utica of the swimming team wherein Dick Moss won two events, I won one and finished second in another, and Eddie Brown finished second or third in another. Pretty good for a hastily organized team.
Remember the film “Twelve O’clock High,” and have seen it many times since; find the opening quite haunting. Also remember singing around the piano in the rec room [the Lodge, with Leslie Manning - Dayman] and the fun theatre productions; I starred as Delilah in “Samson and Delilah,” which won in 195>> Jay Alexander

John Mercer 03/10/2010 - So, Jay, I assume the person I’ve identified as Johnny Alexander or Johnny Russell in this picture (http://hydebay.net/CampPhotos/1950-60/1953_09.html) is you! My sister was on that swim team. Was the guy that Eddie Brown identified as a Governor Dummer guy named something like Bobby Griffin? Take a look at the picture and tell me what you know.

Webmaster 03/01/2010 - Doug Coupe has allowed us to print a few of his letters home and councilor reports from 1951-1952. These will remind you of those hurried missives we all wrote as kids requesting a variety of goodies not available at camp.

Webmaster 02/27/2010 - Doug Coupe has provided his narrative for the “Where Are The Campers Now” page.

Webmaster 02/22/2010 - Doug Coupe donated a treasure trove of information on Durbar III, Homeletters from 1951 and 1953, and Playbills from 1951, 1952 and 1962.

Nicknames were updated with a few new ones and a correction from Larry Pickett concerning the nickname “Bull.” The moniker belongs to his dad who was a Heavy Weight wrestler at Yale.

Webmaster 02/08/2010 - Larry Pickett contributed some nice photos that John Mercer thinks are from the 1950s (Camp Photos>1950-1960>1950s photo 60 through 1950s photo 65). At least one, if not all, was taken by The Commodore (Walter Lord) who was credited for an aerial photo of camp from the air. Two tent groups were discovered in the Camp Photos section by John Mercer. They were added to Tent Groups. 1940s Photo 01 and 1950s Photo 27. According to Mac Mellor and Doug Coupe, camp photos were only taken every 5 years or so.

Tom Lynn 01/31/2010 - Dear Nightman – When did they stop taking “Tent Photos”?  I started in the younger grove in John Diamond’s tent (6?) in 1963, I believe, and have no memory of tent photos being taken that year or subsequent years.  Perhaps they had stopped taking them by then, or, perhaps, they were only taken during the first month?  Sadly, up until being a 2nd year U.L. (when it was mandatory to attend both months), I was only a “2nd monther.” Not attending the full 2 months every summer is one of my great regrets — though the month of June found me on the shore of the Magothy River in Maryland, often with my good buddy Dutch Master, having good times as well.  So much to do in the summers when you’re a boy needing to wear out your old clothes.  – Lynn, T.

Steve Cunningham 01/31/2010 - I learned from Mac Mellor and Doug Coupe that tent photos were only taken once every few years. They hired a professional photographer for the occasion and cost might have been a factor.

John Diamond 01/31/2010 – Tom - It was tent #8. John D.

David Dube – 01/31/2010 - Hey TK, Hey John, Here I am in Syracuse, still plumbing the Hyde Bay website. Re-discovered in its latest format. Wonderful. John, my Dad all these years later still says he got the best parenting advice ever about me from you. (You were my councilor in 1964, ?Tent 9). Your advice? “Just keep him busy.” Turns out that is the story of my life and it suits me. Best to all out there, David

Webmaster 01/09/2010 - Larry Pickett contributed Tent Lists for 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, and 1966 as well as missing Home Letters from1961 through 1969. This will help in identifying various campers in Camp Photos. The mystery of the Nature Nook sign (1965 photo 18) has been solved by a July 13, 1964 Home Letter in which a referral was made to the “Natchur Nook.” John Mercer wins the prize for correctly  cyphering the letters in the sign.

Ray Athey has accounted for his whereabouts in “Where Are the Campers Now?”

Jay Alexander 01/09/2010 - Have seen myself in a couple photos: I was a camper in 1948-1953, 1955, and remember many campers and councilors fondly; one of my nicknames was “carpetbagger” because I sympathized with the Yankees but came from Virginia. Cook Henry always considered me “his” boy because we were both from Virginia.

Steve Cunningham 01/09/2010 - Nice to hear from you Jay – Interesting nickname “Carpetbagger.” I have entered it into the “Nicknames” link on the website. Nightman

Sherman Murphy 01/25/2010 - Finding the Hyde Bay Camp website was a trip down memory lane for me. I was both a camper and counselor at Hyde Bay and have fond memories of many summers spent there. I was also interested to explore the reference site- “Ethical Culture School Camp” – where e-mail messages were shown having been exchanged discussing what Hyde Bay and ECSC alums had felt about each other, perceptions, etc. In particular, there was mention of my name and a relationship with an ECSC staff member – rumored and otherwise. After so many years, it was interesting to know about what others knew [or thought they did]. For me, Hyde Bay was unique in so many ways – culture; skills taught; friends gained; adventures participated in and the unique people who worked there. I fondly remember the Director; the Chief; the Commodore and others. As my sons grew up, and my grandsons are now growing up, I am sorry that there was not a Hyde Bay experience for them as it was truly special for me.

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