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Comments and Corresespondence 2011

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_________________Comments 2011_________________

Adrienne Classen 12/05/2011 - Hi! I am the daughter of Charles Henry Classen, Jr, the granddaughter of Charles Henry Classen, and the grand niece of Jake Classen. Have REALLY enjoyed reading the letters and pictures. Thanks to all of you who have shared.

Steve Cunningham 01/18/2012 (webmaster) - Thanks, Adrianne. John Mercer created this website and I'm continuing it. We're glad you surfaced with such nice words. Charles Classen was known by all.

Tom Lynn 11/02/2011 - Just found a photo of the last (next-to-last?) bonfire (pre-lighting). It was the one that was comprised of "junk." The major components were an old boat and an outhouse! I'm trying to figure the best way to get it to you. Perhaps if we get together for lunch sometime soon, I can give it to you to scan.

Ray Athey 09/30/2011 - Milk & cookies... Physohex soap, northern lights, The Bridge Over the River Qui.

David Dube 09/27/2011 - Hey TK, Nightman -- great website, many fond memories. What a ride it was for all of us!

Tom Lynn 09/20/2011 - Hey, Nightman! This is pretty cool! Hope that we get a lot of HBCers involved with their stories and memories of camp. Great job!

Webmaster 06/03/2011- Campers, we have decided not to use the Hyde Bay Blog in deference to The Hyde Bay Facebook page. Reason: The WordPress blog is under a spate of attacks by hackers who advertise porn and pharmaceuticals in the comments section. It’s only a matter of time before they make their own blog entries. God forbid! I’ve been there to fend off their comments but can’t defend against hacking into the account. I encourage everybody to sign up with a free account on Facebook.  They want nothing more than your name and email address. Then search for the “Hyde Bay Camp” page. When found, send a “Friend Request.” The original blog will stay to view the old letters but comments will be turned off. I’ll stay vigil and the first sign of account hacking will ring a death knoll for the blog. Your Nightman, Steve Cunningham.

Webmaster 04/22/2011 - Brad Damon has materialized from the misty past to provide us an excellent set of photographs from 1953-1959. Many of them are annotated and may provide clues to identification in other photos. If any campers recognize a face that is not identified, please write the webmaster.

John Mercer writing 04/18/2011 - Steve Cunningham, your Nightman, visited me in Amesbury this weekend and proved himself both as he was (nearly perfect) and he is (improved): as he was (nearly perfect) – interested, excitable, engaged, and energetic; and he is (improved) – suave, polished, knowledgeable, and competent.  We heard top-quality, blistering bluegrass music from a band, the spokesperson of which took the time to recognize Steve for his many contributions to the bluegrass-music development in Baltimore. It was a good moment for your Dayman to see someone in whom he had always had great faith and hope honored by people at the top of their game. Did I mention that the band was Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper, that the person so knowing about Steve was Tom Adams that in the bluegrass world there would hardly be an accolade higher? So I who had organized the money for this concert was addressed curtly by one band member, “Are you Steve?” No, I’m not, but I’m beginning to think I might like to be.

Steve Cunningham 04/18/2011- Thanks for the accolades, John, deserved or not. It was a magical time for me. You were a perfect host for my stay in Amesbury, from a delicious dinner prepared by Florence to taking me to the very top of the Unitarian Church steeple which towers above Amesbury. John is so well known and loved in the area he might as well be mayor.
Imagine my surprise to find out that three-fifths of Flamekeeper were old friends I hadn’t seen in 25 years. And to top it off, I ran into a beloved girlfriend from the late ’70s who happens to be married to another old friend – a member of the now defunct Johnson Mountain Boys. Wadda time! Steve Cunningham

Webmaster 03/10/2011 - Thanks to David “Dabba” Dube and Steve Cunningham, the unknown camper in Tent 5, 1960 (Tent Group 6 and Tent Group 7) is identified as Carl Geiger. Also, Camp photo #1, 1960 is tentatively identified as Reed Geiger.

Mike Hilliard 03/01/2011 - The most poignant memory I have of camp was the summer following camp’s closure when the Picketts, the Hilliards, and the Davisons closed the camp. One evening as the sun was setting; I was sitting on the dining hall porch alone with Mouldy. It was beautiful. The sky was a clear blue. Otsego Lake was becoming Glimmerglass. I must have said how much I will miss this. Mouldy looked at me and said, “This will always be mine and yours. No matter what is here. This is ours. No one can take that away from us.” He was right, that evening is still etched in my memory, and Hyde Bay is still his, mine, and ours.

Webmaster – 02/25/2011 - Mike Hillliard has accounted for his whereabouts since camp in Where Are The Campers Now?

Webmaster – 01/05/2011 - The Hyde Bay facebook link has been added to our home page. Rusty set this up to keep in touch about Durbar, events, gatherings, etc.

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