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John Mercer 09-15-16 - Today Todd Mulvenny and I drove downeast from Little Deer Isle, Maine, where we and our wives were vacationing, to Jonesport, Maine, to meet up with Daryl Young, whom neither Todd nor I had seen for nearly 50 years. He is well; in fact, he is thriving in what he described as a family business, being part of the lobster commerce. Daryl and his nephew Dan, his sister Carol’s son, were both on site this day as well as several thousand lobsters, which Daryl will, eventually, truck south, most likely to Boston. On the sad side, Daryl told us of the death of his older brother John in April of 2015. John, one of our most esteemed and remembered fellow campers, had lived a hard life complicated by a severe automobile accident many years ago. Daryl is as you would remember him: fit, humorous, and handsome. All three of us, in reciting the names of those we remember so well from camp and even those we remember from Cooperstown, paused in wonder at the high importance a few years on the lake had in our memories.

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