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Comments and Correspondence 2009

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Comments and Correspondence 2009

Tom Caskey 12/04/2009 - Tent 12 1957 is left to right: Charles Davidson, Tom Caskey, (no G )  Eddie Brown, Dean Marks (sitting), Harvey Stanley and Brad Damon.  I just discovered this site. It’s great – Many memories.

Comment Mac Mellor 12/04/2009 - Tom, Four down, six hundred more tent pix to analyze. Thanks, Tom; take a look at the other 1957 ids and give Steve a hand.
Mac Mellor

Ray Athey – 11/09/2009 – I was known as Paducah.

Comment John Mercer 11/19/2009 - I remember you, Ray; I probably paid special attention to you because my parents were both from Kentucky (Henderson area). As to the Paducah, I recall that but more recall that people said your actual name with a pronounced fake Kentucky accent putting several vowel syllables in the ‘ray’ which was then rhymed with the ‘a’ of ‘athey.’ There seemed to be no mischief in it, and as far as I can remember, you took it well. Greetings from the HBC Blog. john-john, The Dayman

Mac Mellor 11/13/2009 - Is the guy on the left in 1957 photo with the commodore Rick Donahue who was in Tent 18 that summer according to the list? Finally, looking at your empty boxes for homeletters, was HBC open during WWII?
Webmaster 10/28/2009 - Rick Coupe now has a webpage in “Where are the Campers Now?”

Webmaster 10/20/2009 - John Mercer contributed 33 beautiful and stylistic paintings by his mother, Kittie Mercer. Notice how the style changes over the years. Look in “Camp Artworks.”

Webmaster 10/15/2009 - Campers, I’ve posted nineteen terrific photos of  Durbar IV from Josh Shoemaker. Be sure to check the website to view them. Can anyone add photos, tent lists, missing newsletters, stories, etc.? The Nightman is hungry for more work. Put him to the task! The Nightman

Charles Burnham 10/12/2009 - writing to Linda Van Cleef, Director of Operations, Hyde Hall - I spent many years at Hyde Bay Camp in the 50’s and 60’s.  I visited Hyde Hall and Mrs. Clark in the early 60’s with one of my campers. She cautioned us to be careful in the dining room as the ceiling had recently fallen in.  I also stopped by about 5 years ago and had a delightful afternoon. I am pleased with your efforts there and hope the high quality restorations continue. I am particularly fond of the covered bridge and Tin-Top.   You might appeal to the devoted Hyde Bay Alumni at http://www.hydebay.net/index.html . The new web-master Steve Cunningham might be persuaded to include your Hyde Hall web site link  http://www.hydehall.org on the Hyde Bay Web site.  I think you would reach many who have fond recollections of the Hyde Bay area.

Comment Steve Cunningham 10/14/2009 - Charlie, Thanks for forwarding this to me. In 1964 (I think), another camper and I sneaked into Hyde Hall and walked around the beautiful mansion for about an hour. Eventually, a kind man, probably the grounds keeper, noticed us and talked to us for awhile. We left with a good feeling about the building, and the man, but were loathe to tell anybody where we had been. When I saw the pictures on hydehall.org, the one labeled HH07_024 is the hallway I remember to this day. Regards, Steve

Webmaster 10/07/2009 - Thanks to Larry Pickett and Mac Mellor, we now have a complete set of Home Letters for 1933 and 1966 respectively.

Steve Cunningham 10/02/2009 -  Larry Pickett has started the time-consuming and tedious task of scanning some of the newsletters, tent lists, playbills, photos, etc., of his Hyde Bay Camp archives. The material will be of great value to the website. Each batch that he sends will take a while for me to create and organize links, html pages, and make OCR corrections so often encountered with faded type and old paper. Be sure to check for updates linked from The Lodge. The next several months will be an exciting time for Hyde Bay Camp and its campers. Stay tuned.

Steve Cunningham 10/01/2009 A new link to Playbills has been added to The Lodge. Thanks to Mac Mellor and John Mercer (for taking the time to copy them), a slew of playbills found their way to the HBC website. These playbills are helpful while trying to identify campers or tent groups. Also added in this link is Mac’s original script for the 1960 All Star Play, “The Joke’s On You.” Look for additional Home Letters from Mac to be added soon.

Mac Mellor 09/29/2009 - I’m very impressed with the new HBC website, so far as I have perused.  Here are some more ids in the tent group category. First, note the tent lists are all for July or the year (57, 60, 61), but the tent photos were taken at the end of the summer (i.e., August).  Therefore there are differences as the 4-week campers flowed out or in, but the counselor and most campers show up on both. With that in mind, great progress in identifying the 1957 photos has been made, except that I think Unknown 6 is tent 6 in 1957. And for the 1960s:
group 1 = tent 1, 1960; 2 = tent 9, 1960; 3 & 4 = tent 17, 1960, 5 = tent 14, 1960; and
6 & 7 = tent 5, 1960.
Now we should be able to name many more campers for both 1957 and 1960 tent photos. But where are the 57 photos for tents 53A, 4, 2, 1, 11, 14, 15, 18, and Mouldy City?  And where are the others from 1960?  Are they in the Pickett files as most of those now included were, as I recall? Keep up the great work!! Mac

Bill Cooney 09/29/2009 - Steve, I did complete the puzzle. A few times, just for the fun of it. Based on the clues, I had been looking for a non-obvious link, e.g., under the comet logo on a sail in one of those pictures, but I was just browsing through the picture galleries when the puzzle page opened from a link on the duplicate pix of the Director. (What a great image that is, though I'm not sure I ever saw him that happy!) Expected the prize to be a Tootsie Roll, however.
I remember Betty fondly and hope she's doing well.
The National Lacrosse Hall of Fame piece you've posted makes it seem like Chifie was alive then, but that's been over 30 years, and he'd be 95 by now, so I guess it's pretty unlikely.
We're all getting pretty old. I was at camp from '55 to '57 and I'm 67. Even the campers who were there at the end are well into their 50's by now. It's nice that the site is there for those of us still around. Somewhere I have my '57 tent picture that you've already posted on the site, but I don't think anything else has survived. If I come across something I will certainly pass it on.
I live in Los Angeles now. I was part of the Rochester contingent at Hyde Bay.
I'll put together something about myself, though I was a pretty low profile presence at camp -- two 4-week sessions and a not great last season as a first year UL in '57. Not invited back.
But I do really like the website. You've done a great job. I put together and webmastered for several years a site for an orchestra my wife was running, so I know that it's a never ending job, keeping it up to date, figuring out content to add, designing and laying out pages, and learning how all the coding works.
And sometimes wondering if anyone notices or cares. So to you, YES -- someone admires and appreciates all your work. I know I'm not alone. Best regards, Bill

Rusty Pickett 09/22/2009 - As some of you may know, I have been taking pictures on and off for more than 40 years.  The advent of digital photography has made the art form far more achievable as you know. I have put together a collection of photos that are for me photographic art, rather than just pictures – and they are the content of my print collection assembled over the past six or so years, from literally my back yard to Antarctica. Click http://picasaweb.google.com/shellbackcruises/PhotoGallery?authkey=Gv1sRgCOGO5OT44PbmxQE&feat=directlink
Dewitt Jones, award winning photographer for National Geographic suggests that every time you have a camera in hand, you should be searching for what’s there to celebrate.
This collection is my celebration! Enjoy if you desire! Comment pro and con are always welcome!

Winston Wood 09/21/2009 - Having sent along for the Where Are The Campers Now page a picture of himself on top of Wheeler Peak, at 13,161 feet the highest point in New Mexico, taken earlier this month. To mark my birthday every year — or better yet, to demonstrate that I still have some kick yet before the Grim Reaper gets me — I try to climb the highest mountain in a given state. I’ve done all the good ones in the East now (and won’t bother with the small stuff in Florida, Rhode Island, etc., until I’m in a walker), and now I’m working my way around the great open spaces out West. Subconsciously, it probably all goes back to standing on the upper railing of the bridge at Trenton Falls.

Bill Cooney 09/24/2009 - Steve, the dates below the Director’s picture on the home page should be 1889-1961.  See Rusty’s picture of his grandfather’s monument included in his nice set of images from the Durbar earlier this year.

Eddie Brown to The Dayman 09/21/2009 - John-John – It is totally likely that you are aware that one of our commodore’s god-daughters, Jenny Lawrence, daughter of his close friend Whistle Hornblower, has edited a book entitled The Way It Was, which is in many ways a diary of Walter Lord throughout his literary career. (Benjie [Jones] brought it to my attention.) It’s a terrific read. [You can purchase it by following this link.] I would like to recommend that you spread the word to the Hyde Bay Camp contingent that you have kept up with through the years. Many of them would enjoy this tidy volume. You are the jack of all trades that can get this message out to innumerable people who might be interested in remembrances of Walter. If I knew how to publicize it, I’d do it myself, but I’m from the generation before the flush cuckoos; I’m still a little behind on the technology of communication.

Tom Lynn – 09/21/09 - Great job [on the website], Stevie!  (In addition to “Little Stevie,” I believe some of us younger kids, due to your musical skills, referred to you as “Little Weevie Stunder” — a la Little Stevie Wonder.)  As for your list, Bruce Rice’s name actually began its life as “Boo Corn”  — occasionally shortened to either “Boo” or “Corn.”  As for me, thanks to Tim Bennett and Terry Fisher during our time in Mouldy City, my appearance on tent lists, etc., as “Lynn, T.” (to differentiate me from brothers Lynn, W. and Lynn, J.), gave rise to me being often referred to as “Lint” or “Linty.”  Thanks for doing all this!  I’ll be back in touch with some other stories from my era (the last six years of camp).  Or some of the “stories” I heard about (such as: did Lou Higgins really punch out a parking meter in town because he thought it was trying to steal his girlfriend?  Was Linc Fasch(?) able or unable to achieve the impossible and eat an entire “Pratt Pizza”?)

Steve Cunningham 09/21/2009 - At hydebay.net, I’ve added a “Camp Stories” link from The Lodge to include humorous memories, stories with a twist, word-play or outrageous accounts of camp or campers. Now is the time to put some unusual stuff on the Blog for me to add.

Jeff Lew, Ethical Culture School Camp 09/16/09 - Steve, Took a quick look at the "new" Hyde Bay Camp (we always knew it as Hyde Bay Boys Camp) website at suggestion of John Mercer. I've been in contact with him for a few years and congratulate both of you on putting together some beautiful work paying tribute to HBC. Have not yet been able to review all the material on your website but look forward to doing that in the near future. From just a brief visit I perceive that it is excellent.

We have our own websites for maintaining memories of our experiences at Ethical Culture School Camp. No doubt you will recall "ECSC" was just down the road from HBC and across Rathbun's from HBC on the lake. You and your readership are invited to browse to our sites. To my knowledge as an ECSC camper from 1955-1961 starting at age 8 and as counselor from 1964-1967, there was no significant "fraternization" between ECSC and HBC other than occasional close pass-bys of our sailboats, rowboats and canoes on the lake. Still we shared the same beautiful Cooperstown environment, summer weather, Lake Otsego, Shadow Brook, Farmers Museum and the like. Perhaps HBC alumni will find some interest in our memories of camp. Locate us on the web at www.ecscamp.info. Best regards and good wishes for success in keeping summer camp fresh in mind,
Jeff Lew

David Pickett – 09/16/09 - My wife wonders why I still have so much interest in HBC and all, as I recall many thing with a sort of angst.  Maybe it is just a Pickett thing, admiration of what you can do out of nothing much, but maybe it was important in twisting my personality into its current shape.  I still love to swim and sail, and got my honey Donna out on a Hobie just last month in OC Maryland. Being laid off in the recession may be God’s way of telling me to go have some fun while I can still walk my fat carcass around.  I was foolish enough to marry a good cook the second time, an ESFJ guardian provider who likes to watch me eat her goodies — chili tonight, and bread pudding at lunch.  Perhaps you recall her from Bob’s snowy funeral dinner.  We go to Tuscany next month, if they let me on the plane.  It priced out cheaper than two weeks at the Jersey shore, even with airfare, if you recruit your own crowd to fill a modest villa in the Chianti region. And, lest’s see. other Hyde Bay influences: I cannot claim much thespian activity, other than a singing part in a comic church skit as an overbearing, puffed up choir director teaching Angels We Have Heard on High.  I survived, and got lots of laughs.  Glooooo o o o o ooooooo oo o o o oooooooooooooo ooo o o o ooooooooooo re yuh!

Blake Goldsmith to Rusty 09/15/2009 - I really enjoyed the pictures you sent. I have lots of fond memories of Hyde Bay. I was particularly glad to see the pictures of Shadow Brook where we used to canoe. I still play tennis at a pretty high level for an old guy and have 3 good kids who have all gotten out of state college educations. Maybe if we could get Jolly Schmick, Shoemaker and few others involved it could be a big reunion. –send out emails though Gilman etc. I hope I can make it one of the reunions –I stay in touch with Bruce Rice, Tom Lynn and occasionally Fleur will join us for lunch. If you see Freddie Gale tell him he is the one who got me going on tennis on that volleyball court where your dad would serve up those big Moldy serves. I remember one time you teasing me “Blank got a crease in his finger “when I had gotten tangled in some sailing rope. Camp toughened my little ass up and made me a better person. The only one I look back on as being over the top as a disciplinarian was Chandlee and Scott Carlton. Your dad and mom were the best and a really good influence on my life! I have chapter in a book I am writing about camp – I will send it to you for editing one day.

Bill Cooney 09/15/2009 - Follow-up to my last message: Per Chiefie’s 1957 tent group list here, this tent group picture should be captioned “Tent 17, 1957″ and the counselor is listed there as W. Danner. (I note on Chiefie’s list there’s a B. Danner as the counselor in Tent 18.) No Loomis. So at the top of the picture, I think the caption should read:
Tent 17 – 1957
Top row: Charlie McManus, Bill Cooney, __ Hansen (?)
Bottom row: __ Rodgers (?), W. Danner, Walter McManus
Keep up the good work! Bill Cooney

John Mercer 09/15/2009 - The new Hyde Bay Camp website is alive and well and mighty pretty to look at. You’ll find all the old material in place, though the link structure and the paging structure makes a lot more sense than did the previous version – all thanks to The Nightman, Steve Cunningham, who has been pounding the keyboard mercilessly over the last couple of months. He has added some very slick new features: a search function (which is really what you wanted all along); a ghost stories section with a terrific campfire ablaze, and a much cleaner and more sensible look. All hail the Nightman! Steve has also added several new Homeletters, and I will be adding a considerable number as well. Use the comments to tell Steve and me what you’d like to see added to the site.
Bill Cooney 08/29/2009 - Regarding the tent group photo here, this was from 1956 or 1957 and I was the camper in the center, behind the counselor, whose name escapes.  Charles McManus is on my right and Walter is at the far right of the photo.  I think the camper on the left in front was named Loomis, but I can’t come up with his first name.

Jeff Lew, Ethical Culture School Camp 08/24/2009 - As it turns out, we do have not one but several websites.  Our “main” site is www.ecscamp.info This was started mainly to facilitate reunions that we have been holding annually at Cooperstown on the lake (not the Hyde Bay location but on the lake shore just the same.)  The site has grown as our subscribed alumni base has developed.  Part of that is due to you and the Hyde Bay Boys Camp website.  Some ECSC people have found our website by finding the messages between you and me on your blog.  I also understand some ECSC’ers may even have contacted you directly and you were kind enough to let them know about me and the ECSC website – or at least plans for a website.
Because the www.ecscamp.info site is powered by my Verizon DSL account (freebie webpage provided to DSL subscribers) I don’t have much memory to work with.  I am not posting many photos or allowing blogging to this website.  However, I have a shutterfly website for photos and other memorabilia images of ECSC.  You can find it at www.ecscamp.shutterfly.com
Finally, for blog-style contributions we recently opened a page at the Place + Memory project.  This is a national NPR co-sponsored blog site that was started for the purpose of remembering places around the country that are physically gone but still in fond memory. Any group can start a page, upload photos etc. I haven’t invested much effort into place + memory since starting it. To see our page search for “ethical culture school camp” at the place + memory home page.
Our group has grown to over 100 people and more keep dribbling in as time goes by.  When I first saw the HBBC website I was amazed at the memorabilia that you were able to amass about your camp.  I am pleased to say that we have aggregated a similar, if not greater quantity of ECSC documentation.  I was astounded to learn a few years ago that the camp director from years 1930-1948 made movies of each year.  They are strung together - about 10 minutes per  year in a film strip that we now have in archive.  Beyond that, my own parents took movies of our camp in 1965 when they visited my sister (a camper) and me (a counselor) that year.  Still further, we just a few months ago re-discovered a silent movie-style entertainment camp-wide project that the ECSC camp created in 1936.  It is fictional story (of course) about pirates – a lot of fun.  Most of our gang has not even seen it yet.
In sum, our group is going on – hard to say whether it is ‘stronger’ or not because as time goes by, age has a way of working on us.
The web sites are available to view by all.  Pass on this info to your new website manager and stay well and in touch from time to time.
Jeff Lew, Ethical Culture School Camp 1955-1961 and 1964-1967

Comment John Mercer 08/24/2009 - I had asked Jeff if the Ethical Culture School Camp alumni body had gotten a website off the ground. You’ll have fun looking at what they’ve done. We were the inspiration for their work on this. The Dayman

John Mercer 09/23/2009 - August 23, 2009 – Dayman writing - today, trying to find a new e-mail address for Winston Wood, I ran into two links to interesting articles by him: [Content links no longer active. Content added to website]

John Mercer 09/23/2009 –  I was out in Cooperstown on Friday and saw the few who showed up for the mini-meet: Rusty, Mike Hillyard and charming wife, Frank Pine, Peter Black, and Cubby Forman. I had to leave early on Saturday and heard that they were planning a trip down to Camp at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday and that Don Peet would be joining them. We all had splendid talk about Hyde Bay and its myriad oddities, and everyone was thankful for Steve Cunningham’s energy and resolve to improve and update the HBC website. They are all excited to see the new version, though I cautioned them about all the hard work it would take.

Don Peet 08/23/2009 - Sorry to have missed you in Cooperstown this weekend. Had a great reminiscing with Rusty, Peter and Mike. Hope our paths cross soon.

Richard Koppisch 08/02/2009 -  Finding the Hyde Bay web site has evoked a flood of memories from almost 50 years ago. Of a simpler time when needs were more basic. I recall I spent a lot time in the Comets teaching kids to sail. I only spent three summers at Hyde Bay, wish I could have been there more. I know I took snapshots there, and I have been rummaging through my piles of old photos looking for them; only found one so far. I will keep looking. I believe the Comet in this 1961 photo was the newer, much lighter and faster one that somebody put a hole in. If you could forward this on to Steve, he may want to put it on the web.

Comment John Mercer 08/02/2009 - The comet was #3168, which inspired someone, probably my brother, Tom, to write these song lyrics:
Thirty-one sixty-eight
Fastest boat on Otsego Lake,
Hand crafted by Lippincott
Racing finish just won’t stop
I’m unsure if there was more, but that’s all I retained. It was fast — and very delicate, what with its egg-shell decking. Not really a camp boat at all. I believe the first suggestion after it arrived was that it should be covered by fiberglass. The purists bristled, but it was probably the right suggestion for a normal camp. But as we know, HBC was not a normal camp. The Dayman

Robbie Gerlach 06/06/2009 - This weekend I visited Cooperstown and our beloved Hyde Bay. It was a glorious summer day with a good breeze blowing across the lake. I am especially thankful to have known Moldy, Betty and Rusty, but have many fond memories of; The train trips from Mount Vernon Station; Baltimore with Mr. Hilliard; through New York City and the Bus Trip to Cooperstown - “How Many More Miles Mr. Hilliard?….;” Climbing the gorge up to Lookout mountain, where we enjoyed the greatest view of the lake and had breakfast for 30 out of a 24” Frying Pan; Big Mr. Henry “Ain’t no more, ain’t no more (pancakes), next Sunday, next Sunday.); Helping Bergy Bergstrom with the glassing of Comet 3168; Building the crazy contraption out of conveyors to slide down into the water. What did we call it? The “Mouldy Rail?”
I was a camper in the early – mid 60’s and enjoyed what must have been the best years of the camp. By that time, the Archery and Tennis were in full swing, the Equestrian program had been established for several years. And there were lots of other activities, however having caught ‘Sea Fever” in previous years, upon arrival at camp in 1967, my entire mission was to get out in a Comet sail boat. Although the councilors did their best at morning sign up to encourage me toward a variety of activities….. I spent every possible moment on AND in the water. Of course this meant passing a series of swimming challenges of increasing difficulty.First the swim to “The Raft” and back; Then, to “The Tower” and back; Next…. To the point; And finally….. From Clarks Point back to camp.
So, that is is not surprising that within a week, I had developed a severe sunburn and flaking skin.
Fortunately, Betty knew just what to do. She provided a ‘magic’ cream that eased the pain and told me to stay out of the sun for a week. A WHOLE WEEK??!!!@@#@#$
Fortunately, Mr. Hilliard’s ‘Shop’ had an incredible assortment of plaster casts for ‘slip’ molding, as well as a wide variety of materials and projects for any interest.
The stories could go on and on, as I am sure you know.

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