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Campers who have checked back into camp - click a name

Alexander, Jay
Andrews, Peter
Athey, Ray
Brown, Eddie
Black, Peter
Burnham, Charlie
Chandlee, George "Chiefie"
Classen, Charlie, Jr.
Classen, Charlie Sr.
Classen, Jake
Claussen, Philip E.
Cornish, Doug
Coupe, Doug
Coupe, Rick
Cunningham, Steve
Cutting, Neville
Dandy, Walter, Jr.
deSibour, Jacques Blaise, Jr.
deSibour, Jacques Blaise III
Downs, Jennifer
Dresser, James L. - Math tutor
Evans, Heb
Ewing, William
Forman, Clifford

Gale, Dr. Frederick
Gerlach, Robert
Hartzell, Carl - French tutor
Herman, Emery C. III
Heuisler, Stan
High, James R.
Hilliard, Hunt
Hilliard, Mike
Hills, Warren
Hudson, William
Christopher "Sandy" Jencks
Keelty, Kevin
Kerr, Al
King, Nick
Little, Bill
Lord, Walter
Lundberg, McKee
✓Lynn, Jim
Lynn, William D. "Billy"
Main, Jim
Maslin, Rob
McClelland, Mac

Mellor, Mac
Mercer, Carolyn Clay
Mercer, John
McPherson, Don

McQuilkin, Jock
Murray, Colin
Parker, Harry
Peet, Don
Pickett, Dave
Picket, Herbert H. - The Director
Pickett, Larry
Pickett, Robert A. "Mouldy"
Pickett, Rusty
Pickett, Sandy
Pitts, Tim
Radcliffe, George
Reese, Rick
Rice, Bruce
Russell, Edward T.
Smith, Page
Taylor, Doug
Tucker, Peter
Welbourn, Edward "Ham"
Wood, Winston
Woodard, James P.

Young, Daryl
Young, John Cary

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