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Article about Albert K. Wampole Jr. (1930s)
New York Times, February 26, 1944
      PHILADELPIA, Feb 25 -- A drive against imposters wearing the uniforms of the maritime service has been opened in Philadelphia after a similar drive in netted 900 men on suspicion of impersonating officers of the service, J. Barton Rettew, Jr., assistant United States attorney, disclosed today.
      The drive here will be concentrated in the hotel and night club areas. Of the 900 men rounded up in New York fifty-three already have been prosecuted, Mr. Rettew said. A similar campaign has been completed in Boston.
      As part of the campaign, Albert K. Wampole Jr., 22, of Baltimore, was held in $1,000 bail by Commissioner Norman J. Griffin on a charge of illegally wearing a maritime service warrant officer's uniform.

Dear Bob:

      This morning I called for Directory Assistance and located your phone number and had a nice talk with Betty as she will have already told you. I hear from Fred Allner that there is some kind of Hyde Bay reunion in Baltimore with Cooper Walker as host and wondered if you had heard of it and Betty said you had.

      Enclosed you will be pleased to find a list of nicknames from Hyde Bay Days in the 1930's and a clipping about WHAM BAM [Albert K. Wampole, Jr.] who is now in New England, probably in the new Bedford-Fall River area. He comes down here every so often and I saw him in 1991. Has gained a lot of weight and is in poor health.

      I have lived here about 25 years now and have been married 24 years. While we have no children we are happy. I became a security analyst about 40 years ago and we just manage our own affairs.

      I was back in Cooperstown in Oct. 1984 and also 10 years earlier. Saw Jim Dresser and his wife before they died the next year. I sure hope to go back again next year, as I have wonderful memories of the place.

With all good wishes,

William Hudson's HYDE BAY CAMP NICKNAMES OF THE 1930's
(from Chubby to Stinky)

Frederick Abels (not Abel) Allner, Jr. - F. A.
Freddie Allner - All Toots

Francis M. (for Meserve) Barker - Arf Arf, Sparky
J. (for John) Kemp Bartlett, Jr. - Butterball
Billy Beardsley - Beer Belly(also "Hally" Beardsley)

Chuck Callery - Chicken
George Chandlee - Chang Lee( invented in 1936 by Howdy Bubert)
George Hyde Clarke, Jr. - Horseface
Charles Henry (Charlie) Classen, Sr. (How he hated it!) - Pudsey
John Nule Classen - Brother Nule, Jake
J. L. Clemmitt - Clem Toots
Theodore Cook Waters, Jr. - Dice(also Pawnee)
Wm. C. Crawford, Jr. - Crawfish
William Kenendy Cromwell - Money Bags (also Crommedy Kenwell)

Walter Edwards Dandy, Jr. - Slim Jim, Slob

Leslie Basil Exshaw, Jr. (Later became Leslie Manning) - Beezer (The Beezer)

Lawrence B. Fenniman, Jr. - Finamint

Prof. Carl Hartzell - Cap'n, Prof
Bill Hudson, Jr. - Chubby
Prescott Huidekooper, Jr. - Heidi(or also Huidi)

Julian Kennedy of Sewickly, Pa. - Sewickley (Also, Sewickley Toots)
John Van Cortlandt Koppleman - Undertaker
Walter Koppleman, Jr. - Koppy

Ed Leedy (Yale 1931) - Leedy in Red (after the song "Lady in Red")
J. (for John ) Walter (Wally) Lord (He dropped the J in a democratic gesture!) - Commodore
Billy Lynn (Willaim Dawson Lynn) - Dawson
Frank Lynn - Monk

J.William (Billy) Middendorf - HEIMER, THE
Eddie Munger Of Merchantville, N.J. - Munger Toots (also Munger Babe)

Pep Nead (Horse Councellor) - Pepper

Hugh Jenkins O'Donovan - Pinks

Herbert E. Pickett, Jr. - Bertie, Sunshine, Sunny, Herbie
Lawrence Kimball Pickett - Bull
Robert A. (for Ames) Pickett - Stinky
Garnett Morgan Prentice - Piggy

Hal Robertson - Flibberty Gibbets

Edward A. (for Arthurs - not Arthur) Supplee - Eddie Bey (Not Bay) - EDDIE BEY was a nickname invented in       1933 by the late Stanley Woodward, from an Eddie Cantor movie in which Eddie was known as "Eddie       Bey" (not because he went to Hyde Bay!)
J. Frank Supplee, Jr. - Alice the Goon, Soupy, cesspool

Donald Tag - Tiger (also Tuggles) (Tiger was acceptable to Donald Tag, but NEVER NEVER "Donald Duck" or       "Donny Baine the Bird Main" (visitor to Hyde Bay with bird calls)
Austin McLane Taliaferro,Jr. - Austonia
Prentice Talnmadge - Eagle Beak (also Hawkeye)
Charles Thelin Turner - Bucky

Albert K. Wampole, Jr. - Cesspool Charlie, Wham Bam, Wink Bink, Whammy, Swampy
E. Hamilton Welbourne, Jr. - Hambones(also Haveford because he went there)

John H. (Jack) Young - Duck (also Wee Duck and Duck Pot)

Robert K. Zeugner, Jr. - Zoogie Boogie

1936 summer campers -- Ted Higginbotham (Called HIGGAMBOGGAM by Wham Bam); Johnny Richmond and Dean Morris -- All from Buffalo's Nichols School - Stooges, The Three


Prof. Hartzell's cat - Minet (Minet means "cat" in french of which Prof. was a professor

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