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      These Nicknames are in alphabetical order by last name. William Hudson Provided many from his 1930s list on December 19, 1994.

      See William Hudson's original list from the 1930s with letter, comments and a newspaper clipping about Albert K. Wampole, Jr.

Camp Pets

The Camp Skunk (1930) - Pedro
Walter Lord's pig - (1939) - Pearl Susscrofa
The Camp goat - Bumppo
Companion to Bumppo - Nannie Bumppo
Garbo, the Pickett's dog - Garbage
Male offspring of Garbo - Hurcules, Herky
Carl Hartzel's cat - Minet ("cat" in french)

Ring - Owned by Bob Pickett


Jay Alexander - Carpetbagger
Freddie Allner (1930s) - All Toots
Frederick Abels Allner, Jr. (1930s) - F. A.
Ray Athey - Paducah

Francis Meserve Barker (1930s) - Arf Arf, Sparky
Randy Barker - Bad Eye
John Kemp Bartlett, Jr. (1930s) - Butterball
Billy Beardsley (1930s) - Beer Belly
Bill Bergstrom - Bergie
Peter Black- Fat Pierre
Alfred Blalock - Dandy
Edward W. Brown, Jr. - Eddie
Philip Brown - Tex

Chuck Callery - (1930s) Chicken
George Chandlee - Chiefie, Chang Lee (invented in 1936 by Howdy Bubert)
George Hyde Clarke,Jr. (1930s) - Horseface
Charles Henry (Charlie) Classen (1930s) - Pudsey
John Nule Classen (1930s) - Brother Nule, Jake
J. L. Clemmitt (1930s) - Clem Toots
Goodwin Cooke - Goody
Douglas Cornish - Corny Cornball
Archie Coupe - Middle Plop
Doug Coupe - Big Plop
Ricky Coupe - Little Plop
Nat Cravener - Sneaks
Wm. C. Crawford, Jr. (1930s) - Crawfish
William Kenendy Cromwell (1930s) - Money Bags, Crommedy Kenwell
Bob Cunningham - Big Bob
Steve Cunningham - Little Stevie, Crazyfingers, Little Weevie Stunder

Walter Edwards Dandy, Jr. (1930s) - Slim Jim, Slob
Jennifer Downs - Jeffie
David Dube - Dabba

Dave Evans - Fireball
Richard Evans - Puffy
William Ewing - Bill
Leslie Basil Exshaw, Jr. (Later became Leslie Manning) (1930s) - The Beezer (same nickname as Leslie Manning)

Ronald Feinen - Bud
Rosalie Feinen - Ro
Lawrence B. Fenniman, Jr. (1930s) - Finamint
Jamie Flowers - Bud
Clifford Forman - Cub, Cubby

Freddy Gale - Hurricane

Carl Hartzel (1930s) - Cap'n, Cap, Prof
John Hebb - Skipper
Emery Herman - Clem
Warren Hills - Hillsy
Mike Hilliard - Mikey
Prescott Huidekooper, Jr. (1930s) - Heidi, Huidi
Bill Hudson, Jr. - (1930s) Chubby

Pat James (1940) - Pitty Pat
Phillip Johnson - Flip

Al Kerr - Bunny(?)
Julian Kennedy (of Sewickly, Pa.) (1930s) - Sewickley, Sewickley Toots
John Van Cortlandt Koppleman (1930s) - Undertaker
Walter Koppleman, Jr. (1930s) - Koppy

Ed Leedy (Yale 1931) - Leedy in Red
Bill Little - Billy
J. Walter Lord (1930s) - The Commodore
William Dawson Lynn (1930s) - Billy, Dawson
Frank Lynn (1930s) - Monk
Tom Lynn - Lint, Linty (from Lynn, T.), TK

Jim Main - Jimain, Jimain
Carl Michael Malm - Carlos
Leslie Manning - The Beezer
Rob Maslin - Robby
Doug Master - Dutch
John McKay - Honeybear
Jock McQuilkin - Jocko
Arthur Mellor - Mac
John Mercer - John-John
Tom Mercer - Tom-Tom
J.William (Billy) Middendorf (1930s) - The Heimer
Todd Mulvenny- Flash, Flu
Eddie Munger (1930s) - Munger Toots, Munger Babe
Colin Murray - Coco

Pep Nead (Horse Councilor 1930s) - Pepper

Chuck O'Connell - Cheeks
Hugh Jenkins O'Donovan (1930s) - Pinks

Don Peet - Topsy Turvy
Alan Robert Pickett – Sandy
Herbert E. Pickett - The Director
Herbert E. Pickett Jr. - Sunny, Bertie, Herbie, Sunshine
Herbert E. Pickett, III - Mac
Dr. Lawrence K. Pickett, Sr. - Bull
Lawrence Kimball Pickett, Jr. - Lawry
Russell Pickett - Tinkerbelly, Rusty
Robert Pickett - Mouldy, Stinky
Betty Pickett - Betty
Frank Pine - Hawkeye, Nature Boy
Garnett Morgan Prentice (1930s) - Piggy
Mike Prowda - Pooh Bear

Rick Reese - Ricky
Bruce Rice - Boo Corn, Boo, Corn
Jeff Rice - Jeffa as in "Jef-FAH!"
Hal Robertson (1930s) - Flibberty Gibbets

John Schmick - Jolly
Phil Schwartz - Super Schwartz
Josh Shoemaker - Shoebibs
Buckie Stissel - Bunkie
Edward Arthurs Supplee (1930s) -Eddie Bey
J. Frank Supplee, Jr. (1930s) - Alice the Goon, Cesspool, Soupy

Donald Tag (1930s) - Tiger, Tuggles
Austin McLane Taliaferro, Jr, (1930s) - Austonia
Prentice Talnmadge (1930s) - Eagle Beak, Hawkeye)
Charles Thelin Turner (1930s) - Bucky
Charles Turner - Chooch

Albert K.Wampole, Jr. (1930s) - Wham Bam, Wink Bink, Cesspool Charlie
Theodore Cook Waters, Jr. (1930s) - Dice, Pawnee
E. Hamilton Welbourne, Jr. (1930s) - Hambones, Hammy, Ham
Hyatt White - Hydie
Winston Wood - Cool Breeze.
James P. Woodard - Jim

John H. (Jack) Young - (1930s) Duck, Wee Duck, Duck Pot

Robert K.Zeugner, Jr. (1930s) - Zoogie Boogie






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