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Homeletter Vol 23, August 15, 1949 No. 6

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Courtesy Larry Pickett

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VOLUME 23             August 15, 1949                   No. 6

VALEDICTORY You will find the last reports of the year enclosed. In their communications to you, I note that many councilors have added a word of farewell and summary. The relationship between boys and councilors is the vital feature in any camp. Conditions seem to have been nearly ideal all summer.

RE-ITERATION The boys will leave Fort Plain at 8:40 Railroad (standard time) Time and are scheduled to arrive in New York at 1:15 pm. his should enable the Southbound group to take the 2:30 train from Pennsylvania Station. Councilor Julian Reed will be in charge of the group. Arrive Baltimore 5:35, Washington 6:15 (If 3:30 is their fate, Baltimore 6:24, Washington 7:05 Standard time).

RETURNS More than half of the parents have returned the enclosed cards. Not all of any group ever does everything.

BANQUET It is not too late to let us know that you are coming to the final banquet. Many parents have already given us this good news.

HEALTH The infirmary has only three occupants who are well on their way to recovery. The week has seen about the usual incidence of our prevailing malady. Betty and Dr. Goodwin have certainly been more busy than during the average summer, but the results have been happy.

WEATHER This item has been very satisfactory. We have had hot days driving us into the lake, but they have been followed by cool nights. We have even had a sprinkle of rain which the ground rather needed.

FINISI have enjoyed writing you this home letter. The assumption is that you are getting a more complete verbal account by the time another home letter could possibly reach you. The week to come will be filled with tournaments and the grand final water meet which we call the “Wind-Up” (pronounced as in the nighly ritual of a watch). Ribbons for the happy winners will be distributed by the light of the mighty bonfire after the banquet on August 23rd. Almost all of the boys have gone on the various trips so they would not be a newsworthy feature of this period.

MONDAY The second and last trip to Trenton Falls set out under Heb, Puffy, Edo and two Bobs; Pickett and Russell. It was a hot day, but a good breeze enabled us to run off some sailing races.

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TUESDAY A day very similar to Monday. The tests to determine the fitness of the large group taking Senior Life Saving were started. Pete Smith and John Griffiths passed their “E” tests while Sam Helms passed his “D” test. This brings us to a remarkable pinnacle. There is not a boy in camp who has not passed at least his “E” test. I can’t remember such a complete triumph over the land loving habits of humans since the camp was started. All praise to the patient proficient swimming councilors.

WEDNESDAY An expedition of several canoes set out to discover the Sunken Islands and swim in that shallow area. Cooper makes this area in the mis-lake the location of Hutter’s Castle - all this in the Deerslayer. At supper Puffy read a side-splitting log of the Trenton Falls trip which had been compiled by UL Dave Mohr. You may deduce from this that the trip returned tired, happy and safely.
This followed the routine of the first trip, described in a former letter.

THURSDAY Another hot day with a fine sailing breeze. Our baseball team under the skilled direction of lacross coach Chandlee beat Cooperstown 13-4. Hyde Bay’s battery of Kuist to Shearer sparkled. A tour of the infield would reveal Angus, Charlie Riepe, Shep and Hobby. Patrolling the magnificent distances of Doubleday Field were Messrs. Clary, Cooper, Sunderland, John Long, George Ruestow and Powell. I am assured that they were never in the field at the same time. As the shades of evening fell, some sixteen boys, including Puffy, assisted by Messrs. McCully and Kelsey, took off for Nebo where they spent a pleasant but father moist night.

FRIDAY The rain which fell upon the Nebo dwellers started locally with the rising bell. For the first time in many days, our tennis court was not available for constant use. The older boys went on their usual Cooperstown movie expedition while the rest of us saw the remarkable pictures showing how the “Saturday Evening Post” comes out on Tuesday; a forty-minute technicolor film of greoat interest.

SATURDAY The annual treasure hunt was won by Puffy’s team consisting of assistants Muddle, Pederson, Kerr and J. Merrick. Clues seemed particularly baffling to this year’s group. As the tent plays were completed and drama man Kerr was devoting himself to the links, we watched a baffling show by the great local magician, Bud Spraker, who has mystified us five or six times before. We had a considerable number of welcome visitors

SUNDAY It rained in the morning but cleared beautifully in the afternoon. The weather sent us to the lodge to listen to Herb Eckert conduct our service. The proximity of the piano enabled hymns to be added to the program. Tents 3 and 5, who were judged equal in neatness for the week, went to town in the Hacker as their inspection prize. At night short movies were shown on logging and railroading.

LAST CHANCE It is Not too late to send in that card.

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