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Homeletter Vol 23, August 08, 1949 No. 5

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Courtesy Larry Pickett

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VOLUME 23             August 08, 1949                   No. 5

OMINOUS SHADOW The close of camp is only two weeks from next Wednesday. We therefore must know your plans about the return of your son. For the conveyance of that information, an addressed postcard is enclosed. Please return it promptly, telling us how your boy is too come home, how baggage is to be sent and similar detail.

SUPERVISED GROUP Capable councilor, Julian Reed, will be in charge of the group which will leave Fort Plain at 8:40 Standard Time on Wednesday, August 24th. They should arrive in the Grand Central Station at 1:15 railroad time. Such an arrival would permit them to catch at worst the 3:30 train at the Pennsylvania Station. They might even do better.

WEATHER There has been very little change in this important field. We have had a short rain, but for the most part it has been excellent camp weather, neither too hot nor too cold, with a good breeze on the lakes.

HEALTH The infirmary and Betty have been quite occupied with a succession of the victims of the cold which has been running through camp. The various patients have been treated according to Dr. Goodwin’s direction with the result that they have rapidly been returned to circulation. Of course the dispensary is well filled two or three times a day with boys having their inevitable minor ailments treated.

MONDAY, AUGUST 1st Sixty of our personnel, boys and councilors, with Bob and Betty took off at 9:30 a.m. in two large buses to explore Howe Caverns. They took with them a luncheon to be “consumed on the premises.” In the middle of the afternoon they returned reporting an excellent time in the grotto. That evening we watched an exhibition of wrestling in the Russelorum.

NEXT DAY Susquehanna trip No. 4, with the inevitable Heb, assisted by Herb and Jim, rattled out of camp in the various cars dragging their canoes behind them, in the best W. C. Fields’ manner. Anon a truck load of sand appeared which has given the younger boys much enjoyment since it was spread on the beach near the dock. We shall watôh with much anxiety to see how much of it is left next year. As the afternoon sun began to grow tired, Bob Pickett, assisted by three councilors, took twelve of our youngest boys up to Mt. Nebo.

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NEBO This fifty acre tract rises to the elevation of 2200 ft. It is completely wild and wooded. On the summit we have a lean—to, a fireplace and similar conveniences. The gang spent a pleasant night up that much nearer to the stars.

AUGUST 3rd We had alot of visitors who were welcome as usual. The baseball team limited to athletes not over 13 years of age lost to Cooperstown 8 to 5. At 8 o’clock, we started to view with pleasure an excellent movie, “western Union,” dealing with the well known means of communication and not the diplomatic venture of modern times.

THURSDAY This hot day was punctuated by a short rain. The tireless Heb with Jule and Ned, lead out Susquehanna trip No. 5. (Oh yes, trip No. 4 returned on Wednesday in time for our noon day corn, fresh from our garden.) In the afternoon a horse hike was lead out by Ray, assisted by horse UL, Riepe, and the two Ruestows. The loss of a shoe compelled the return of Char1es. As far as we know, none of the dire consequences related in the fable ensued, you know, “the want of a nail, etc.” there as aquaplaning. Some gravel arrived to benefit our road. Winky passed his “E” test.

BRIEF AND HAPPY Puffy took his tent to Gravelly. Older boys went to town at night to the movies. It seems to have been otherwise just a happy day at damp. “Fortunate is the country which has no history.”

SATURDAY Tom Shaw, with Jule and Chet took a flotilla of canoes around the lake. The trip was planned for this day to enable some of the tutoring boys to go. Again there was aquaplaning. We had alot of pleasant parental visitors. In the evening a set of three plays was produced. The story of Cinderella, featuring the talented acting of Sam Helms in the title role received the box of candy, as announced by judge Florence Russell at dinner on Sunday. Hot competition was given by “Hotmouth Harry” McLean and his men and Jim Kelsey’s tent, who out did H. G, Wells with a trip to the Backwards Planet.

AND FINALLY SUNDAY Splendid weather. Some sailing races. Church was held on the steps of the Russellorum. Tent 14 was given a trip to town in the Hacker for their championship neatness. In the evening we showed some interesting educational movies on New Jersey, the South, Coal Mining, and Arabian Oil.

FRUIT Mrs. Pickett offered any boy who would pick a quart of blackberries one dime (in the highest Rockefeller tradition.) To our surprise, some 40 quarts were gathered by future financiers. The art of Duffy transformed many of them into delicious pies.

CARD On the card please state if you will be at the final banquet to which you are most cordially invited, Thesday, Eve. August 23rd.

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