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Courtesy Larry Pickett


Mr. Edward T. Russell has charge of the summer school, as he has had for many years. He teaches Latin. He lives with Mrs. Russell in their cottage by the willows. Mr. Russell is the Assistant Headmaster of the Gilman School.

Mr. Thomas McC. Mercer teaches English as he has for many summers in the past. With Mrs. Mercer, daughter Carolyn, and sons, Tom and John, and two dachshunds, Hans and Ruben, he lives in the cottage and tent—annex which adjoins the Russell estate. Mr. Mercer is head of the English department at Governor Dummer Academy.

Mr. James L. Dresser lives at historic Craig Lynn, four miles from camp. The Dressers have two sons and two daughters. Mr. Dresser has taught mathematics at Hyde Bay almost since its beginning. Mr. Dresser is head of the mathematics department at Gilman.

Mr. James M. Barriskill teaches Spanish and French. He has been at Hyde Bay for several seasons. He lives in the tutoring school. Mr. Barriskill is head of Latin and modern language at Cooperstown Academy.

Betty Pickett, R. N. (Mrs. Robert A. Pickett) is the camp nurse.

Jimmie Walker is back in our kitchen for his eighth summer after a year’s absence. He is ably assisted by “Duffy” and “Ernie”.

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