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1948 Council

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Courtesy Larry Pickett


HEAD COUNCILOR, George Chandlee. A teacher at the Gilman Country School, Coach of Two Maryland State Championship Lacrosse Teams, and a Senior Life Saver. Mr. Chandlee has been at Hyde Bay for many seasons. He has been Head Councilor with the exception of his first year. He was absent during the war.

ASSISTANT DIRECTOR. Bob Pickett is a student of physical education at Syracuse University, Physical instructor in the navy during the war, Senior Life Saver. Bob has spent most of the summers of his life at Hyde Bay. One hundred seventy-five pound intercollegiate wrestling champion. Captain of the Syracuse wrestling team. Letter man in football at Yale.

Al Kerr. Former instructor at the Gilman Country School, a graduate of Yale, and a former teacher at Cooperstown Academy. Al has been at Hyde Bay for many years. He has charge of music and dramatics, and is chief inspector. He is in charge of the group of older boys.

Heb Evans. Graduates from Princeton in February, is on the Princeton Lacrosse Team, manages many student activities, and is a Senior Life Saver. He has been at Hyde Bay many years and is in charge of sailing and takes out many trips. He supervises Tent 2.

Dick Terrill. A senior at Yale. A Senior Life Saver. He is at Hyde Bay for his second season, he coaches tennis and is in charge of Tent 10.

Bob Mathias. A graduate of Yale this year. He is to teach history next year at Cooperstown Academy. He has had many years camp experience as a water front man. He is in charge of the Hyde Bay water front activity. He is a Blue Cross Life Saving examiner.

Hank Wider. A graduate of Ohio State and formerly a Major in the Cavalry of the United States Army, a student in the Ohio State Law School. He has charge of riding and he supervises Tent 17. This is his first year at Hyde Bay. He has had several years of camp riding supervision.

Tom Shaw. A senior at Princeton after a career in the army. Tom has charge of the camp store. He is an inspector. He supervises canoeing and sailing. This is his first year at Hyde Bay.

Andy Skekitka. A senior at Syracuse studying physical education after a career in the service. He is a member of the Syracuse football team. He is an inspector, has charge of shop and handicraft, and Tent 15. This is his first year at Hyde Bay. 

Louis Brence. A junior at Harvard, after a career in the navy, a Senior Lire Saver, assists in swimming, and is at the head of the younger boy group. He supervises Tent 7. He was recommended to us by old councilor, Hunt Williams. This is his first year at Hyde Bay.

Dick Evans. A sophomore at Princeton, a member of the freshman lacrosse Team, a Senior Life Saver, supervises sailing, and is in charge of Tent 12. “Puffy”, as he is known, has been at Hyde Bay for several summers, starting as a lowly U. L.

Al Hoblitzell. A senior at Gilman where he made the football and basketball teams and was chosen on the All Maryland Lacrosse Team, Secretary of the Glee Club at Gilman. He assists in sailing and swimming, and is in charge of Tent 1. He is a Senior Life Saver. Hobby is a contemporary of Puffy as a U. L. and as a councilor.
The following boys are councilors in training who are still in preparatory school. They are interspersed with senior councilors.

Bobo Newcomer. Graduated this year from the Gilman Country School where he was awarded the Fisher Medallion which recognizes the all around leading boy of the school. He played on the football and basketball. He is entered in M. I. T. He is a general councilor in charge of baseball, and Tent 14.

Phil Fenton. A senior at Gilman, Vice—President of his class, co—editor of the News, a member of football and wrestling teams, and in charge of Tent 6. A general councilor.

Bill McCarthy. Senior at Gilman, President of his class, co—editor of the News, President of the Glee Club, and a member of the football and wrestling teams, General Councilor. Assistant in baseball, a Junior Life Saver. He is in charge of Tent 4.

Mac Rienhoff. Senior at Gilman. Captain of the wrestling team, a member of the football and tennis team. He assists in wrestling and tennis. He is in charge of Tent 3.

Al Weaver. A Senior at Gilman, a member of the Lacrosse, J. V. football and basketball. A Junior Life Saver. General councilor in charge of Tent 11. He was a U. L. last year.

Carrol Waters. A Fifth Former at Gilman. J. V. football and Lacrosse. In charge of sailing, a Junior Life Saver, and has been a camper at Hyde Bay for two seasons.

Bob Russell. A Fourth Former at Gilman, J. V. football, basketball, and Lacrosse. He is a general councilor, a Junior Life Saver, assists in taking charge of the store. He has had eight seasons at Hyde Bay.

Blaise de Sibour. A junior at Phillips Academy. J. V. football. A general councilor. A Junior Life Saver. Eight years at Hyde Bay.

Brock Martin. A Senior Life Saver. Captain of football at Governor Dummer where he is also on the Lacrosse Team. He assists in swimming in the afternoon and on weekends. He is a student in the summer school.

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