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Homeletter Vol 22, July 20, 1948 No. 2

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Courtesy Larry Pickett

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VOLUME 22             July 20, 1948                   No. 2

WEATHER We have had just about the right mixture of sunshine and rain. On Sunday we had one of those sudden brief and terrific storms which we call “Otsegos.” The storm was quickly over without any damage.

HEALTH At the moment there are five boys in the infirmary with measles. The fortunate parents of the following boys are to be congratulated: C. B. Alexander, Pete White, Terry Donahoe, and Warren Hills. The parents of Buzzie Campbell have him in their cabin on the hill. I say, “congratulated,” because it is a real break for a mother to get measles out of the way in our infirmary under the competent care of nurse Betty Pickett. We are foolish enough not to make an infirmary charge also. If we are going in for epidemics in a big way we shall eventually have to do so.

AQUATIC PROGRESS Campbell, Gardiner, Hastings, Jim Merrick, and Eddie Ruestow have passed their D tests, while Pete White and Bruce Jones passed their E test before Pete went in for measles.

PLAYED-GAMES Golf is being played more numerously, if not more proficiently, than ever before at Hyde Bay. Our baseball teams are practicing on famous Doubleday Field as I dictate this. They are preparing for games with Cooperstown teams. Volley Ball is keeping up its furious pace, handicapped as it is, by being properly located.

WATCHED-GAMES Most Americans watch athletics without taking part. In this tradition, we sent fifty eight people to see the Browns and the Phillies struggle on Doubleday Field. We had lunch at Fairy Springs before the contest. As Jimmie and his helpers were at the game, everyone picnicked at camp or elsewhere. One group went to the beautiful Lookout, high on Strawberry Mountain, while others more indolently dined on the intervening terrace.

TUESDAY On this rainy day eighteen boys started their lifesaving training under councilor Bob Mathias. And incidentally, Bob didn’t graduate from Yale last year. A fact which your editor knew, but stated incorrectly, due to the fallow area in the medulla. Actually, our swimming councilor had a year teaching in Colorado before he went into the service; subsequently he studied advanced subjects in the Yale Graduate School and ventured forth in the business world. With Mrs. Mathias he lives high on the hill in the cottage we built two years ago for Mr. and Mrs. Kiphuth. The latter good people are devoting themselves this summer to the nurture and care of an additional daughter, and so are not at Hyde Bay. (All this information sprouting from the prosaic statement that it was Tuesday.)

AN EVENTFUL DAY On a clear Wednesday, Heb lead a hike to the third bridge on Shadow Brook. Some sailors, who will not be mentioned, were beached for a week because their sail boat upset. In the evening the famous Cooperstown magician Bud Spraker mystified all with a magical performance.

TRIPS On a sunny Thursday morning, Bob, Puffy, and Phil led forth a canoe trip down the Susquehanna which returned dirty, tired, and happy on Friday. Meantime Tent 4, under the parental eye of Bill McCarthy, and the supplementary avuncular observation of Bob Russell, spent the night on Gravelly. Less excitingly Blaize and Carroll took their tents for a supper trip up the coast. Al Weaver and his boys spent Friday night on Gravelly also. Some went to town for movies.

THINGS NEW The S. T. boasts a brand new motor which is gradually being broken in. The kitchen has a magnificent new machine designed to make coffee more abundantly. For those who desire a quieter drink, a new water cooler has been installed in our refrigerator. Mention of temperature reminds me that we have a new thermometer on the Pickett porch.

DRAMA Tent 15 won the Saturday evening dramatic contest with a magnificent production. Parents of all the boys in this set of plays will find programs enclosed herewith. This was a fine group of plays reflecting as usual, credit on councilors, boys, and Al, the Impresario.

WEEKS END Bob Pickett preached. The winds blew as heretofore described. Tent 11, a second time winner of inspection contest, went to town by motor boat. We had numerous visitors, both distinguished and welcome, but far too long a list to be itemized, if human beings can thus be treated.

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