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Homeletter 1936 Vol. 9, No. 3

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HYDE BAY HOME LETTER           VOLUME NINE          NO. 3  July 20, 1936.

     Since camp started there has been no rain hard enough to wet the ground.  Farmers about are in a bad way. Here at camp we have had great weather but need a rainy day or two to relax. We are begin­ning to have our doubts about Southern California as a steady diet.

     Wednesday last saw the appearance of Billy Hudson, who is here for the rest of the season. He came in at mid-day at Fort Plain. On Saturday came Jimmy Johnstone who motored in with his father.  They have entered the tents of Lawry Pickett and Billy Payne respectively and (we hope) respectfully.

     Over the week and we have had the pleasure of entertaining old Hyde Bayers, Frank Lynn, and Johnny Koppelman.  There is nothing much more pleasant to a struggling Camp Director than to have his old boys think enough of the place to come back now and then.  (Speak of en­tering on cue!  Both boys at this very moment came in to the sanctum to bid good bye.)  One suspects that Frank came up partly to tell the Captain that he was in college all okeh.

     (The succession of these items is purely accidental.) Under the tutelage of Lawry Pickett huge numbers of fish are leaving their happy homes daily. Francis Barker is high gun with two pickerel around twenty inches, not to mention a lot of smaller ones.Ralph Thomas has one sixteen inches, Bobby Pickett another over eighteen, Heidi Beers boast a twelve incher, and there are a number of other successful disciples of the great Isaac.

     A notable expedition numbering in the crew, Messrs: Beers, Thomas, M. Talmage, and Williams canoed down the lake on Tuesday and fought their way back in weather which made six canoes of Pathfinder girls put ashore for safety here.  Intrepid council lead by the Head councilor made their stay here memorable in the annals of hospitality. The Hyde Bay expedition was under Young, Welbourn and Payne.

    Ed Dunning ran in for Golf with colleague Mercer on Friday and stayed a few hours to chat with us all.  The family of Heidi Beers were here over Tuesday and sailed and canoed and did whatever the past tense of swim is. Dr. Huntington Williams and his family with Mrs. Williams were here for a few hours Monday and were put through their paces by Hunt.  Also Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy Cromwell stopped on their way home from Canada and cooled off in the Lake.

VISITORS.  (continued)
    Mr. Johnstone was here over Saturday night, departing at a fearful early hour on Sunday for his return trip to Swarthmore. Hyde Bay wel­comes parents and friends at any and all times. We like to see them and like to have them see us.

    At Yellow House the Dressers entertained Sunday night with a most delightful desert party.  The guests were members of the faculty of the Hyde Bay Summer School including Doctors-in-prospect Classen and Young.  The editor has just made a most interesting discovery.  With but one “s” the party sounds like desert sands and caravans but should read dessert with all that the word connotes.

    Donald Bane, the bird man gave his promised performance on last Monday, night-pictures, noises and everything.  The next morning he led a group of nature lovers to the woods at 5 A.M.  Noises of birds and beasts can be heard at all times, by able imitators.

    Another league game has passed into history.  Temporary wildness on the part of pitcher Young which lasted for nine innings was res­ponsible for the victory of the Mohicans over the Mohawks.On the bul­letin board in the Lodge may be seen all the conventional statistics embellished with spicy comments by Hardhitting Hartzell, the former leaguer.  The beaten Mohawks clash with the undefeated Delawares to­day on Torrid Field, our local ball park.

    The newly completed court seems very popular indeed.  Impromptu games are in daily progress while individuals may be seen on the court at almost any time polishing up their shots.

    Lured by free tickets, the Director, two of his sons, and Frank Supplee and Walter Lord attended a small circus instead of the con­ventional cinema.  Those who saw the "pitchers" won this time.  They could not have been worse than the circus.  In fact they must have been good as it took a magnificent bit of paging on the part of Prescott Huidy to unseat George Westerlind and Bruce Matthai who were just comfortably settling into their fourth view of the film.

    By far the tamest hunt-of-men ever conducted at Hyde Bay came off Friday. For once the “In party” won. Victory was in the grasp of the Outs when a raid was executed by Payne and Huidy.Alas a swinging vine caught Billy like Absolom of old and Huidy mistook an already captured tent for the prison dark. Both raiders were laid by the heels and it was over. Cocoa and cakes flowed freely in the kitchen. Exploits were related and bed was enjoyed.

    Yes it is Exshaw and Lord again!This time it is the story of Dave Porter and his bride.  It comes off tonight and you may be sure will fill line after line of this periodical next week.

    The editor must stop now for Mrs. Pickett waits to take the manuscript to the press.

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