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Homeletter 1934 Vol. 7, No. 5

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HYDE BAY HOME LETTER           VOLUME VII        NUMBER 5, 1934.

The Bartletts were here over the week-end.  Julian Kennedy and John Kemp went in to dinner with them Sunday in Cooperstown.  Charley Hilgartner arrived Tuesday for the rest of the season.  He is number 39.  Mrs. Warthen was up for Sunday dinner, Lee still being in the hospital with his fractured arm.  Mr. Allner left at five-thirty Monday.  On the way to the train the Director showed the departing guest how an Otsego Jersey can jump.

We christened the House-that-Jack-built on Saturday evening with a rich full program, appealing both $o the esthete and the athlete.  First came a rendition of Comus written by Exshaw-Walker, the composite composer.  Les directed, Cooper enacted Comus clad in the wildcat skin and the former covering of a gray squirrel.  Billy Lynn in a delicate pink slip resisted his wiles as Innocence.  Decked with a gay girdle of skunk-cabbage, the rout of Comus was odorful and colorful.  Most of the small boys in camp could be recognized here.  The riotous list: Allner, Pickett, Smith, Cassilly, Munger, Gildea, Morton Prentis.  Johnny Burwell and Bucky Turner portrayed the brothers.  The house came down, however, when Bobby Carton came on as Sabrina draped in authentic Otsego seaweed.  It was so successful that it will be given again. ..... Then came a skit called The Tragedy in which Miss Joe King in the arms of Lawry Pickett were mercilessly shot down with a cap pistol by drooping maustasched Walter Lord.... The estentic side came to a fitting climax when the Bulgarian troupe of Beury, Allner and the Director put on a strong man act,..... Came hard and fast bouts on the Carlinesque, professional wrestling type between Walter Comfort vs, H. Pickett, Albert Wampole vs King Joe, Finally King John and Admiral Nelson gave us a fine blending of Trafalgar and the Magna Carta done in a symphony of grunts.

While Albert Wampole and Hi-Baby were playing tag on the lake the other day the motor, in sheer exhuberance, leaped into the Lake.  Elsberg Lord and assistants have dragged so far in vain.  She lies in forty feet of water.

From the beginning of the Christian era baptismal methods have caused schisms in the church.  A rough lake added a new technique as the church boat plowed its way home. There was complete unanimity on this method as the passengers flopped and slushed their way to dry clothes.

The first of the usual trips to the gorge of Trenton took place Tuesday and Wednesday.  Under lowering sky Leslie and Johnny and their tents augmented by Callery and Beury and the Director set out.  This time we forgot only the spare for the trailer which caught us at Flint's.  We made the camping site in two and a half hours, arriving at eleven.  After a steak dinner which was, preceeded by a swim under the falls, we set out up the gorge.  The water was very low because they were fixing the dam at the upper end.  However, we had a good swim at the second falls, scaled that barrier for the first time, climbed on the eleven-foot penstock, walked it to the dam, and found a way to get to the iron stairs on that structure. .... After a two mile hike full of hilarity, we reached Prospect falls, a very beautiful sight.  We inspected the Electric Company's unusual camp ground at Prospect, bought out a exstatic old lady who chuckled and crowed as she passed out a prodigious quantity of pop and ice cream, walked it off back to the power plant where we had left our water pail.  And so back to the pup tents and supper of beans et al.  After dark several went up to the power house after a call on Mr. Hill, who sheltered the delicate in the rain last year.  Mr. Hill's goats were well and increased in number.  Some will recall the mock trial last year in which the theft of the goats was the crime. ..... It rained some in the night.  A few bugs paid social calls.  Leslie, Johnnies, King and Nelson, and Mr. Turner arose at four thirty.  At five they dumped the tents of the sleeping majority.  All arose, some had dips in the falls and all ate breakfast.  About seven we started down the river.  The water was only fairly high.  There were many scrapes and crashes but only Huidekoper, Nelson and King, John upset.  We pushed on beyond the usual stopping place at Poland, but encountered such a veritable nightmare of rocks that we pulled out before Newport and flagged the cars at a farm house, We arrived at camp in time for supper.  And such a supper!

To bait, goad and otherwise torment the Director, who had already slept on the ground all night, a demonstration of the fully organized whistle camp was staged by all hands.  With fearful blasts on Charley's whistle tent after tent fell in line and marched with military precision into the dining hall.  A whistle ordered grace, another blast allowed all to sit.  The uniforming of the council in rain coats was particularly fetching.

The boys who stayed at home went on the annual trip to Leather-stocking Falls and Three Mile Point, which may be located by the sign saying that it is two miles to Five Mile Point.  Commodore Young and his crew in the sail boat struck a fearful calm.  Though Mate Bartlett blew on the sail they finally had to be towed in.

Very nearly staging a come-back the smallest team was only beaten by a ten-seven score on Thursday.  Hammy's coaching was the first thing a deaf lady in Cooperstown had heard in eight years.  She like it.  Perhaps the heaviest hitter was Albert Wampole.  The line­up: P. Munger, C. Bartlett, F. Wampole, 2. Allner, 3. Huidekoper, Short, Callery, R. Beury, C. Pickett, L. Smith.  Our opponents were again Chenango.

. Parents will please file for winter reference that the following were given blue ribbons for neatest bunk this week: Johnny Smith, Piggy Prentis, Bobby Carton, Ernie Jenkins, Billy Lynn. Les has been made permanent inspector.

Weather which pleases us does not suit the farmer.  Last night the agriculturist was given his first break in nearly a month.  It rained. The ground needed it badly.

TREASURE HUNT.  ALSO SNIPE.  After failing to catch a single snipe last night we today, (Friday) embark on the July treasure hunt.  May clues be kinder than the elusive snipe!

HORSE-HIKE.  Billy Payne took out Joe King,Chuck Callery, Lawry Pickett, Frank Beury on the first horse hike, Weather, food, company perfect.

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