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Homeletter 1934 Vol. 7, No. 4

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HYDE BAY HOME LETTER           VOLUME VII        NUMBER 4, 1934.

The year 1929 has long been associated with the word crash.  At Hyde Bay we associate it with Friday, The Thirteenth.  At ten in the evening, as Donny Tag had just completed a solo tap dance of great virtuosity, the tent of the elder statesmen settled majestically to the ground.  It seems that the posts had long been wavering, but the, inhabitants, possessed of more inertia and faith than prudence, neglected to report or repair.  We put up emergency guys and made a complete repair job in the morning.

Thursday we had our first accident in the cavalry.  Lee Warthen fell from "Silver" up on the bridle path.  Charley was taking Billy's place that day.  He promptly, sent Freddie Allner on his horse for help and started to carry Lee down the mountain.  Johnny Boyce presently met them and drove to the Hospital where Mrs. Pickett joined them.  The arm was exrayed and set.  Mrs. Warthen came up on Friday.  We expect Lee back in camp on Monday.Once more we are very thankful indeed for the proximity of the Bassett Hospital.  We are not a camp which can prevent all accidents.  We do try to care for them.  It should be said that Lee’s arm was broken just above the elbow.  We have been particularly fortunate during the six years of riding at Hyde Bay.

Charles and Hammy took twenty-odd boys down to Little Gravelly Point for a dinner.  The bulk of the cooking was done by Mr. Classen.  Every boat we had, short of the motor boats, was pressed into service on the trip.  After dinner on the return some confessed to their first "sea" sickness on Otsego.

0n Tuesday, or Monday, (Editor has lost his notes.) a motley throng climbed the mountain back of camp and spent the night on its lofty summit.  No incident worthy of the reporter save the butter episode.  It is our custom to take along a pail of milk with ice floating within the pail.  We always care for our butter by letting prints of the lubricant float in the iced milk.  The sturdy camper who carried the heavy pail investigated and found to his horror that his rough handling of the milk had turned it to butter!  The product was retrieved with some difficulty from the leaves where he tossed it.

Mrs. Warthen was at camp for supper on Friday.  As we go to press, (or revert to type) we are enjoying a visit from Mr. Allner.

Old camper Billy Robertson came in on Tuesday to study American History with the Director and swell our numbers to 38.  Jack Young had to move to the school building with Junior Councilors alternating in the white tent.

The theatre and sports centre is almost finished.  Lights were installed Friday with the first evening performance to be given Saturday night under the famed impressario, Leslieo Exshawnelli.  Billeyo Lynneni will star, it is reported.

On Wednesday the Chenango tribe of summer Indians came up and scalped the Hyde Bay older team, not the oldest, by a score too large to print in our small space.  Coach Welbourn looks worried with every reason.  The file of alumni letters rises high on the Directors desk.  A sample from Saul Wright, '73, "Who is Welbourn anyhow! "

Long since we should have made greateful acknowledgement of the donation of a excellent Ping Pong table from councilor Boyce and the well-known "Hi Baby" from Herbert Smelser. If one must be grammatical in being grateful substitute by for from.

To solace them in their old age with the grateful balm company, Messrs. Marrian and Hartzell have organized a golf tournament.  At the moment the rounds necessary to establish the alibi known as a handicapp are being played.  Prescott Huidekoper turned in a brilliant 93 for the first nine holes.  Organizer Marrian delivered a great speech at breakfast to inaugurate the tournament.  Anyone who can give a great speech at breakfast deserves fame.

In row-boats with life preservers lashed all over them and baggage, which was reminiscent of a prima donna in the Bull Market Era, Leslie went down to spend the night at the end of the lake with most of Boyce’s tent.  Billy Lynn alone manifested discretion.  They returned bronzed by exposure.

Friday night was the occasion of a monentous event.  The first man hunt was held.  The Outs, lead by Jake Classen routed the Inns under Johnny Boyce. The score set an all time record. ##### (deleted by Boyce.)

A movie which may or may not be called the Cin of the Cinema, has been written and will be acted in the near future.  It is a clean wholesome story of the love of a man for a maid.  All parts will be taken by campers, More on this later.

The editor lost his notes.  Must was lost to literature by that loss.

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