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The Final Home Letter, November 11, 1969

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                    November 11, 1969

Dear Friends of Hyde Bay Camp,

     We are once again using the Homeletter to carry a message to you about the future of camp. We are truly sorry to inform you that we have decided to close the gate of Hyde Bay camp. This decision was made after a great deal of deliberation on the pros and cans of continuing.

     On the surface, it would seem feasible to many to go on with a yearly lease even though our long term lease expires at the end of next summer. We have been led to understand that the State wishes to take over the property for further expansion of the State Park. Many have asked If we would consider moving the camp to another location. The cost of this undertaking would be prohibitive.

     Another element affecting our decision is the fact that we would have to raise the tuition considerably more than it is at present in order to run as successful an operation as we have in past years. This, of course, Is in terms of the rapid rise In the cost of food, good help, good council, and general maintenance.

     On the other side of the ledger, we are most reluctant to relinquish our associations with so many fine parents and boys that we have been privileged to know over these many years. However, we sincerely hope that our paths will cross in spite of the official cessation of camp.

     Next summer, then, will be totally devoted to dismantling the buildings, disposing of the equipment, and cleaning up. To assist us with this monumental job, Hunt Hilliard and Alton Davison along with their families, will be at camp with us. We will each be maintaining our own individual households since there will be no other facilities functioning, per se. We plan on storing at Beaver Valley material that might be of use in the future, selling what we cannot use, and towards the first part of August, we will have an auction to dispose of the remainder.

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      So far as Beaver Valley is concerned, our long range desire is to put in a thirty-nine acre lake. (The delay right now is due to finding proper financing.) The plans are complete and the State and Federal governments have given us our permit which is active until 1971. Our ultimate dream is to make it into a nine—hundred acre family recreational area. This, of course, would have to commence with a very simple program of camping and trailering. We would like to get into full swing by 1971. Many aspects of the Hyde Bay philosophy will be incorporated, once we can see our way clear to opening up.

     Finally, we sincere1y wish to express our thanks and appreciation to all of you for your interest and participation in Hyde Bay and your understanding of this rather difficult final decision of ours. We would be most happy to be of any assistance to you regarding recommendation letters, etc. at any time. In the meantime, we hope to continue our association with our many friends we have made over these many years.

                                        Bob and Betty 
                                        Bob and Betty Pickett

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