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Home Letter Volume 43, No. 6, August 11, 1969

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VOLUME 43                   August 11, 1969                         No. 6

WEATHER: More rain than sunshine, but still not as bad weather as we have heard about in other parts of the northeast. It has remained warm most of the time so has not curtailed many of our activities.

IN-CAMP ACTIVITIES: The Handicraft Lodge had as much activity during this week as it has had all during the entire summer. Many boys were occupied with designing and manufacturing their Eight-Inch Regatta boats for the forthcoming Regatta, next Sunday. The rain on Monday did not seem to bother our swimmers and water-skiers. The riders were able to ride during most of the week and many visited the archery range in between showers. The sailing department spent most of the week with their preliminary races leading up to the finals of the wind—up events. Tennis, naturally, was quite inactive a good part of the week but some was worked in here and there. The theater productions for this week were given by the UL grove: Tents l6, 17, and 18, and Mouldy City. Ted Hartman was chosen the best actress, David Peggs the best actor, and the outstanding play was put on by Tent #16. They were all very good plays and all thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. WE CONGRATULE JOSH SHOEMAKER AND JOLLY SCHMICK WHO HAVE COLLABORATED ON TREIR 200th PRODUCTION HERE AT HYDE BAY CAMP. They have done an outstanding job again this year and we are most grateful to them for their steady and reliable work in the theater. Tents #2, and 11 were declared the neatest for the week and went on their trip to Cooperstown for goodies. Sunday church service was conducted by John Stidham. He spoke on factors that cause walls between people. what they are and how we can overcome them. Dan, one of our kitchen men, sang a solo which was most enjoyed by us all.

TRIPS: The first trip of the week was the annual Howe Caverns excursion. About half the camp went over to the Caves in taxies . This is always a most enjoyable trip and the boys really enjoy seeing all the formations inside the caverns.
On Wednesday the third and last Trenton Falls trip went out under the able giudence of McKee Lundberg, Peter Black, Rusty Pickett, Fred Gale, and Stewart Wise. Mike Hilliard, John Patrick, Pred Huidekoper, David Patrick, George Fulton, Tom Fisher, Jamie Spragins, Jimmy Lynn, Ted Hartman, and Geoff Millet were the campers on this canoe trip. Thursday we sent a total of twenty-eight to Lookout, leaving after supper and returning after breakfast the next day, George Radcliffe, Larry Sager, Sandy Pickett, Mike Prowda, and Ted Mehl were in charge of campers Buddy Bergleitner, Peter Bright, Lenny Gidlund, Bill Bright, Peter Stickney, Jim Buley, Jim Hartwell, Dave Ostander, Paul Pickett, Steve Reynolds, John Murray, Duncan Kinder, and Jack Blalock among others.

ENTERTAINMENT: The movie for the week which was shown on Wednesday evening was “Mooncussers”...a Walt Disney film With Os car Homolka...a fascinating adventure story. We had our usual Sunday evening serial and assorted cartoons after our outdoor supper of hot dogs with all the trimmings.

ATHLETIC EVENTS: The week was devoid of outside contests...the emphasis was on intramurals and windup events. We start some of the windups early, such as sailing, so that we do not get caught by the weather at the last minute.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Former councilor Chris West, after much correspondence, arrived in camp with five rented Baltimore turtles for the annual Turtle Derby. This is always a very exciting event and Chris did a marvelous job in organizing it from a long distance. His representatives here in camp were Dave Dube and Ted Mehl. The turtles raced well and did not seem to be any the worse for their long travel time or the northern climate. Zoom Schwartz was elected by a democratic election as the Lord High Commissioner of the Derby. We certainly do thank Chris West for his efforts....it as the highlight of the weekend.

VISITORS: Early in the week, former head Councilor George Chandlee and his wife, Mary, paid as a visit for a few days. It is always good to see them and we enjoyed having them here. To help celebrate the Turtle Derby, Dave Gotshall and Rick Davantier journeyed from Bethlehem Pennsylvania for the weekend.

TRAVEL TIMES: for the supervised group to N.Y and points south are as follows: the group will leave Cooperstown at 8:45 a.m. DST on Saturday, August 23 and arrive at Gate #37 in the N.Y. Port Authority Bus Terminal (located at 8th Avenue and 41st Street) at 2:05 p.m. DST. Those continuing on will then board train #173, the Senator, which leaves from Penn Station at 3.00 p.m. DST and arrives in Baltimore at 6:09 p.m. DST and Washington at 6:50 p. m. We will express all baggage C.O.D. of boys going on the bus and train.

The mimeographed enclosure for the full time and second month boys is self explanatory. This is an old Hyde Bay custom and you are perfectly free to do exactly as you wish regarding it.

Please return your DEPARTURE CARDS so we may have the correct information about your son’s return home.

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