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Home Letter Volume 43, No. 5, August 04, 1969

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VOLUME 43                   August 04,1969                         No. 5

WEATHER: Warm, sometimes rather humid with some rather frequent periods of rain. The latter part of the week was sunny and cooler with very little wind for sailing.

IN-CAMP ACTIVITIES: With the hot, humid weather, swimming played a major role in the entertainment of campers throughout the week. Water-skiing and aquaplaning, of course, were the outstanding events of that nature. The non—swimmers continued their classes in preparation for passing their “D” test.
During the rainy periods, the arts and crafts building was heavily populated at each opportunity.
The theater was busy with the tents practicing for the Saturday night set of plays. The award winning play was produced by Tent #67. The best actress was judged to be Steve Pickett and a dual award was given for best actor: Dave Lytel and Tim Sager. This coming Satutday the ULs will be giving their sets of plays. These will come from Tents #16, 17, 18, and Mouldy City.
In between rains, many boys visited the tennis courts as well as the riding ring.
The trip into town for goodies for highest Inspection marks during the week was taken by Tents #11 and 12.
The Sunday church service was conducted by Alton Davison. He spoke on the fact that we are all a part of a larger group...that we must not and should not think only of ourselves in a particular situation.

TRIPS: A short riding trip went out on Monday up past the State Park, down the main road to our main road, and then back to camp. Along with Stewart Wise went Tom Fisher, Andy Evans, Nicky Staub, and David Peggs.
During the inclement weather, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday, a total of thirty—six visited the Farmer’s Museum and six boys went to the Baseball Museum.
As ideal weather returned on Thursday, a large group departed for Nebo making the seven and one—half mile distance from camp to Nebo on foot and returning the next day by car. In command was McKee Lundberg assisted by Stewart Wise, Sandy Pickett, Tom Lynn, and Ted Mehl. It included campers Buddy Bergleitner, Billy Hall, Craig Bock, Paul Bright, Lenny Gidlund, Skip Miller, Tim Sager, Billy Bright, John Low, Steve Pickett, Peter Stickney, Jim Buley, Whit Fish, Ted Max, Bill Spragins, and Steve Reynolds.

ENTERTAINMENT: The Wednesday night movie was “Edge of Eternity” with Cornell Wilde and Mickey Shaughnessy...an adventure drama filmed at Grand Canyon. The usual Sunday night movies were enjoyed by all the campers.

ATHLETIC EVENTS: Early in the week, our neighboring Camp Chenango was our rival in wrestling in a very thrilling match in which Hyde Bay won, 27—21, with John Patrick getting a pin in the last match to put us out ahead. The other participants were Walter Hahn, Emlyn Hughes, Mike Prowda, Ted Hartman, Scott Haskell, Pres Huidekoper, and Tom Lynn. The team was ably coached by

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David Dube and Ted Mehl.
On Saturday, both the twelve—and-over and twelve—and—under lost their games to Chenango. A sad week on the home front!!
On Sunday, we had the annual staff and camper baseball game. The “old men” were able teak out a victory, 6-5.
The tennis team, journeyed to the Cooperstown Country Club where they did a fantastic job of defeating their opponents in all but two matches. Even those two losers gave a good account of themselves. Number one player, Bill Radcliff, had an outstanding day on the courts. The persevering coaches were Fred Gale, Bob Tucker, Page West, and Steve Childs.

SPECIAL EVENTS: On Monday, all but a few campers had an early lunch at camp and departed for the annual Hall of Fame Baseball Game in Cooperstown between the Minnesota Twins and the Huston Astros. Unfortunately, the game had to be called at the end of five innings because of heavy rain. The Twins were declared the winners,7-2. The boys always enjoy seeing this exhibition game and all the color that accompanies it.

VISITORS: This was a busy week for visiting parents as well as alumni. Jamie Flowers from Houston, Texas, Tom Mercer recently out of the Navy, and Mr. and Mrs. Doug Coupe represented the alumni. Rusty Pickett returned from his short eight—week tour of duty aboard the USS New Jersey in the Pacific.

CARDS: It is most important that you return the enclosed CARD in the very near future. The headings on it are self—explanatory; kindly fill in.

FINAL BARBEQUE: We again repeat our invitation for the Chicken Barbeque on Friday, August 22. We reluctantly must limit it, however, to parents, brother, sisters, and grandparents of campers. In view of the frequent cool nights, we strongly advise bringing warm clothes and coats. The ceremonies will take place outdoors and last about two hours, and the evening gets chillier as it progresses. A flashlight is also a tremendous help in getting back to your car. The dress is informal — wear what you are comfortable in for sitting outside.

TRAVEL PLANS: We will have a supervised bus and train group from Cooperstown to N.Y. and then southward. We must know how many will be going in this way in order to make various arrangements. The bus will leave here early on Saturday morning, August 23. The times will be given in the next Homeletter.

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