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Home Letter Volume 43, No. 4, July 28, 1969

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VOLUME 43                   July 28,1969                         No. 4

WEATHER: Generally warm, humid, and partly cloudy with some sunshine during the day. Some adequate amounts of rain fell during the night but nothing like the rain our southern neighbors have had during this same period. Friday night it turned somewhat cooler.

IN-CAMP ACTIVITIES: The waterfront was quite busy with many showing great promise in waterskiing. Senior Life Saving was begun with a total of about ten of our older ULs and younger councilors taking the course. Many of our non—swimmers graduated from this category by passing their “D” tests. The sailors managed to keep three of our boats in constant service. Our Sunday church service was led by Mr. Hilliard with an interesting message pointing out the efforts of those who have faith and what can be accomplished by it. McKee Lundberg and Fred Gale were the accompanists.
The Inspection winners for this week were Tent #8 which includes some, of our youngest boys as well as Tent #14.
The N.Y. State Motor Boat course continued most of the week and the boys completed the prescribed course by the week’s end.

TRIPS: Monday, nineteen campers went to the Farmer’s Museum. This expedition included campers Philip Verplanck, Craig Bock, Tim Braseth, Chris Ashley, Brett Schuler, Matt Skinner, Phil Schwartz, Roger Wood, John Roll among others. Tuesday, during the morning, fifteen headed out for Trenton Falls with Hunt Hilliard, Josh Shoemaker, Jolly Schmick, Larry Sager, and Sam Spragins all heading up the trip. Scott Haskell, Rod Usher, Gareth Hughes, Jack Blalock, Cullen Dwyer, Chip McLaughlin, Dave Procter, Duncan Kinder, and Eric Reid were the campers who joined them in this popular trip.
Shortly after Trenton-Falls left, a group of five riders led by Stewart Wise rode off to Beaver Valley for a two-day riding trip. Making the trip with Stewart were Marty Sutton, Matt Skinner, Jamie Spragins, and Dieter Snell. Later in the day, Tim Bennett took Gordy Boone, Gordy Donovan, Philip Verplanck, and Tom Fisher up to met the first group.
About 4:30 p.m. on this same day, McKee Lundberg, Sandy Pickett, and Doug Master led a trip of our youngest boys down to Beaver Valley for an overnight camping adventure. Some of these stalwart campers included Bill Aiken, Jimmy and Joe Coulson, Walter Hahn, Will Scripps, Bill Doolittle, Emlyn Hughes, Bill Mahaffy, Billy Hall, John Low, Fred Mondi, Ken Ostrander, Joe Hedal, Larry Jerome, and Mike Wilkins.
On Friday, Peter Black took a small group to the golf course for a round of nine holes.
Saturday being the changeover day, we decided to send a large contingent of boys remaining in tamp on a Down—the—Lake trip and have their lunch out. Due to extremely windy conditions on the Lake, they had to return shortly after rest period. The trip was led by McKee Lundber, John Stidham, Jolly Schmick, Tom Ratcliff, Skipper Hebb, Doug Master, and Mike Prowda. There was a total of ten canoes that were manned by campers Whit Fish, Emlyn Hughes, Bill Doolittle, Jack Blalock, Dave Lytel, Cullen Dwyer, Andy Evans, Micky McKee, Bill Aiken, Eric Reid, Bill Dube, and Billy Hall.

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On Friday evening, Josh Shoemaker and Fred Gale took the groups of ULs to town and then on to Vanhornesville for their bowling trip.

ENTERTAINMENT: The Wednesday night movie was “The Incredible Mr. Limpet” starring Don Knotts, in technicolor...a story about a man who turned to a dolphin and helps the U.S. Navy in World War II.
Since there were no plays scheduled for Saturday night, Jolly Schmick and Peter Black showed slides of their European trip taken late this last spring. Their trip was most interesting and the slides of excellent quality.
The plays for this coming Saturday will be put on by Tents 63B, 67, and 11. Sunday night movies were the usual “Jesse James” serial and assorted short subjects.

ATHLETIC EVENTS: Intramural athletics played the greatest role in our week’s athletic program, with emphasis on wrestling and Archery. The winners of the wrestling tournament were Billy Aiken, Joe Hedal, Tim Sager, Cullen Dwyer, Chip McLaughlin, Bill Dube, Ted Hartman, Dave Schwartz, Pres Huidekoper, all of these under the coaching of Dave Dube and Ted Mehl.
The archery tournament winners were Jonathan Clapp in the Junior class and Phil Claussen in the Senior class.

SPECIAL EVENTS: The entire camp watched with a very keen interest the splashdown of the three magnificent astronauts. It came during the midday meal and two televisions were set up in the dining room so we all had an excellent view of the affair.
Our #185 Comet, having been in dry dock for repairs, was launched on Sunday afternoon midst much pomp and frivolry. It is these impromptu events that make life interesting and challenging here at Hyde Day. They are a lot of fun and the campers love to participate in the costuming of same.

NOTE: We were sorry to see our one month boys leave us on Saturday, but sincerely hope that they have benefitted from their four weeks’ stay here at camp. Our newcomers are quickly getting into the swing of things and we are pleased to have them with us.

AN EARLY REMINDER: that our Final Barbeque festivities take place on Friday, August 22 at about 6 00 p.m. It would be wise for you to make or for you to ask us to make reservations for you as soon as your plans are definite. In your plans, we might mention that you may take your sons with you on Friday night after the bonfire, which should be about 10 00 p.m. if you so wish. Most of the boys will be going on Saturday, August 23 shortly after breakfast at 8:00 a.m. The awards for the various wind—ups and other trophies are all given at the bonfire after the Barbeque, and we would hope that none of you will wish to take your sons with you until after the program. More data will come in the subsequent Homeletters. Please do not leave your reservations until the last minute – you may end up without one. Most of the places are requiring deposits, which we will make and add them to the incidental account at the end of camp.

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