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Home Letter Volume 43, No. 2, July 14, 1969

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VOLUME 43                   July 14,1969                         No. 2

WEATHER: The first three days of the week were clear, warm,, and pleasant camp weather. Thursday saw the beginning of windy and cloudy conditions followed by very heavy rains Friday night and most of Saturday. The skies cleared somewhat for our theater productions on Saturday evening and Sunday showed vast improvement from the previous two days.

IN—CAMP ACTIVITIES: Aside from the usual camp activities, intramurals played a major role in the entertainment scheduled for after the evening meals. We had a steady diet of water skiing and aquaplaning. Those boys who have not passed their “D” test continued with their beginning swimming lessons. Junior Life Saving is approaching the end of the course and should finish up by the middle of next week. Arts and crafts played a very important role during the latter part of the week. This, of course, was due to the precipitation. Boys in the three youngest tents spent a great deal of time practicing for their tent plays and this was brought out by their marvelous performances on Saturday evening. Billy Doolittle was voted the outstanding actor of the night and Hap Cooper was the best actress. The award winning play was produced by Tent #8.

TRIPS: Monday and Tuesday nights two large groups went out to Mount Nebo. Monday’s trip was led by Fred Gale Jolly Schmick, and ULs Bill Radcliffe and Mike Hilliard. Joining them were campers Geoff Miller, Eric Reid, Chris Skerritt, Nicky Staub, Keats Bowie, Jonathan Clapp, Ken Davies, and Bill Dube among others. The Tuesday night trip was under the direction of George Radcliffe, ably assisted by Skipper Hebb, Terry Fisher, and Ted Mehl. Going along with them were campers Paul Pickett, Marty Sutton, Jamie Spragins, Roger Wood, Dieter Snell, Ken Raff, Chip Mclaughlin, Matt Skinner, George Fulton, Dave Patrick, Dave Colson, Artie Hahn, and Phil Claussen. During the rainy session on Saturday morning, we sent two large groups to the Baseball Museum. All new boys who had not seen this renowned establishment were given the opportunity to attend.

ENTERTAINMENT: The Wednesday night movie was entitled “Rob Roy” starring Richard Todd and Giynis John’s eighteenth century Scotland...a rousing tale based on history and legend. The Sunday night movie was the second and third chapters of “Jesse James” and assorted cartoons. These movies were preceded by the annual showing of the Red Cross film on Rescue Breathing. Sunday is a day in which we have no organized activity...most of the events of the day are spontaneous. Mornings are spent with the trunk inspection after breakfast, the church service at 10:00 a.m., led this Sunday by Alton Davison who spoke of identification of truth and appreciation of the other fellow’s perspective in such pertinent matters. Showers for those who had not taken one on Saturday was followed by a short lecture on tennis for those who wished to attend. Rest period was followed by the annual Wooly Ant Hunt...a group of campers and councilors went out into the woods immediately after dinner as Wooly Ants and, after rest period, were pursued by the rest of the camp. Most of the Wooly Ants were caught by supper time/ To get things under way,

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Eric Reid was made up as though he had been attacked by one of the Wooly Ants. This is an excellent way for the campers to work off excess energy from be confined by the rainy weather.

ATHLETICS: We had a full week of athletic contests with our neighboring camp, Chenango. The week began with a sailing race which Hyde Bay won very easily, 24—18. The twelve—and—under baseball team journeyed to Chenango only to be defeated 7—4. The twelve-and—over baseball team also went to Chenango but was rained out with the score standing at 1—1. A magnificent performance was turned in by our tennis team. Worthy of note was the shut—out performance of Paul Mangano, who only allowed one point throughout his match. Other members of the team were Jamie Spragins, Cullen Dwyer, Gareth Hughes, Pres Huidekoper, Ken Earll, and Bill Radcliffe. They were coached by Fred Gale, Bob Tucker, Steve Childs, and Page West. The archery team also went to Chenango and defeated their opponents with ease. The score was 722—655 for the Juniors and 805—589 for the Seniors. The Juniors included Phil Claussen, Jimmy Lynn, Bill Dube, Dave Colson, Marty Sutton. The Seniors participating were Mike Hilliard, Ted Mehl, Jack Blalock, Torn Lynn, and Doug Master.

A REMINDER: The halfway mark is fast approaching. This means that we need to have the full information from all incoming and outgoing boys concerning their arrivals and departures.
      First month boys: Kindly return the enclosed CARD as soon as possible with the pertinent information. We have been advised via the boys that, in some cases, he wishes to remain for the second half. We will so indicate this on the respective reports next week - to be confirmed by the parents in the near future. We will hold their places until we receive definite information. All those wishing to stay for the second month are welcome provided we have parental confirmation.

      Second month boys: We still have a few Arrival Cards outstanding that we have not yet received. We would appreciate your Sending them at once so we may arrange things properly. The important date is:  
            Saturday, July 26 -- Dinner is served at 1:00 p.m. and supper is at 6:00 p.m. It wi1l facililate us greatly if your arrival is either before or after these times.

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