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* * * 1968 * * *

DATES: You are expected to be at camp the evening of Sunday, June 23. Supper will be served at 6:00 p.m.if you wish to arrive in time to eat.

ARRIVAL: Please advise us the time and mode of your travel to camp on the enclosed card. We will arrange to meet you at the bus in Cooperstown.
      BUS: There are two buses a day from New York City directly to       Cooperstown. (Pine Hill-Kingston Bus Co. leaving from the Port       Authority Bus Terminal at 8th Avenue and 41st Street.)
      AUTO: We will send specific directions if you designate on the enclosed       card. Hyde Bay is located on the East Lake Road which joins Route #20 at       East Springfield, N.Y.

EQUIPMENT: Enclosed is a list of equipment sent to campers. You probably will need about the same. The only actual requirements are a sleeping bag, a 2-Quart canteen, and a poncho at least 65" by 78". No borrowing from campers--parents do not provide these things for that purpose!! If you do not come prepared with these items, we shall have to provide you with them at your expense. Be sure your name is on everything.

BAGGAGE: Expressed baggage comes by Railway Express to Cooperstown, N.Y. This must be sent at least a week to ten days in advance of your arrival. at camp to insure your gear being here on time. The Express serevice is slow!

WORK PAPERS: If you are under eighteen (18), you must bring with you a work paper application signed your parent in the proper place in Part One. Those living in N.Y. State may have their physicals done at home; all others must be done here in Cooperstown. A copy is enclosed where necessary.

TRAINEES: Councilors-in-training, who get a free summer and round trip car fare, must show the enclosed statement to their parents.

ALL OTHERS: All senior councilors should have with them and will need their Social Security Numbers.

ADDRESSES: All mail and parcel post goes to Cooperstown, N.Y. Special Delivery is of no value--we do not have the service out to camp.

      Telephone------Cherry Valley, N.Y. Code 607 AN 4-7510
      Telegrams------Cooperstown, N.Y.
      Express--------Cooperstown, N.Y.

CARD: It is very important that you return the enclosed card AT ONCE.

PLEASE get here on the right date. It disrupts work and our training program if you are late. The councilor who comes on time and does the work, looks with restrained enthusiasm on the late corners with no valid excuse. We will have only five days before the campers arrive on Saturday, June 29.

DATES:      Camp opens--------------- Saturday, June, 29
            Final Barbeque----------- Friday, August 23
            Camp closes-------------- Saturday, August 24


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