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Home Letter Volume 42, No. 7, August 19, 1968

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VOLUME 42                  August 19, 1968                         No. 7

WEATHER: Monday through Thursday was clear and cool for the most part. It reached a low of forty six degrees early Friday morning followed by rain which started at about 1:00 p.m. and lasted the next twelve hours. A good rain now and then helps us out by keeping the dust down as well as giving the campers a little rest with a slightly decelerated program.

IN-CAMP ACTIVITIES: The majority of the week was taken up by our wind-up events. To listen to the reports from various departments in camp at breakfast time, one would find it hard to believe that all could be accomplished that was announced. Nevertheless, most of the events have been narrowed down to the finals. These are being reserved for this last week of camp. At the final Barbeque time ribbons and trophies will be presented to all the winners in boating, swimming, archery, riding, shuffleboard, water skiing, wrestling, tennis, sailing, crafts, inspection, baseball, trips, and climaxed by a trophy for the best camper.

TRIPS: Due to the busy schedule at in—camp activities we were able to send only three trips: two overnight and one day trip.
  On Monday afternoon a large group left for Beaver valley with canoes under the guidance of Chris West, Dave Gotshall, Larry Sager, and Tom Ratcliff. They used the canoes the next day to explore the rather large beaver pond below the camp site, returning to camp about noon on Tuesday. The campers making the trip were Jock Blalock, Jamie Spragins, Mike Hanlon, Kevin Hanlon, Lex Dyer, Jimmy Lynn, Andy Carl, John Patrick, and Ken Earll among others.
  On Thursday in the late afternoon Fred Gale and Rusty Pickett led a small contingent to Lookout. They experienced a very clear and quite chilly evening and seemed to enjoy viewing the stars of the universe. Joining the group were Peter Callahan, Charlie Stone, Andy Wheeler, Terry Fisher, Steve Childs, Dick Evans, Dave Dube, Sandy Pickett, and: Ted Mehl.
  Friday morning after breakfast forty five of the camp left for the annual Howe Caverns trip. They were transported by taxi to the Caverns and after emerging from the underground maze, they ate their lunch and returned to camp about 2:00 p.m. Those remaining in camp enjoyed a quiet morning of recreational activities of their choice.

THEATER: The theater was inactive in regard to performances but very active rehearsing for the upcoming councilors’ play which will be produced on this Wednesday next. It promises to be an exciting extravaganza.

ENTERTAINMENT: Two movies were shown for the entertainment of the camp - one on Wednesday and one on Saturday evening. A Walt Disney production, “The Daydreamer” in color and depicting the life of Hans Christian Andersen, was shown on Wednesday. The second feature was the rather humorous Buddy Hackett starring in the film “All Hand on Deck.”
  Sunday evening we finished up the “thrilling” serial of the season along with some cartoons.

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INSPECTION WINNERS: The tents that had the neatest tents this week were Tents #63B and 11. They had a ride to Cooperstown after lunch for their purchase of goodies.

SPECIAL EVENTS: The activity in this category centered around the equine members of our community. The first activity was a horse gymkhana. This consisted of relay races, costume events, and a balloon race for the council. There was a great deal of fun and all seemed to enjoy this informal type of horse show.
  On Sunday after dinner the entire camp was entertained by a formal Riding Show with the winners in the various classes to be announced at the Final Barbeque. Our very good and loyal judge was Col. Acoutin, a former cossack rider. We always enjoy having him here with us for this day of riding finals. Mike Whedbee, Tom Ratcliff, and Srewart Wise have done a fine job with all the boys this year.

ATHLETIC EVENTS: The thirteen-and—under baseball game was rained out with Chenango, but the twelve—and—under team was able to journey to Cooperstown where they closed out a very successful season even though they were defeated in this particular game, 3—2, against an Al1—Star Little League team from the League in Cooperstown.

CHURCH: The final service of the summer was conducted by the Director who spoke on our duty to ourselves and how it night relate to our stay here at camp as well as carrying over into the days and weeks ahead. McKee Lundberg and Fred Gale once more accompanied for the singing.

VISITORS: Our guests for this week were former councilors Jim Main and Jock McQuilkin. It is always pleasant to visit with and once again see friends who have been with us in the past.

  This is the final weekly Homeletter for the season. You will, obviously, get the full details of this last week in person from your sons. Whatever we might have to say would be old hat. Likewise, the enclosed reports from the councilors will be the final ones for the summer. We have enjoyed each and every one of your boys and hope that they, in turn, have learned and benefitted from camp. We look forward to seeing them next summer.

  There will be another Homeletter during September sometime... whenever we can get all the incidentals and other information put together. This will include tuition and tutoring adjustments for all campers, both first and second month boys.

  We are looking forward to seeing most of you at the Barbeque on Friday evening. Our only request is that you bring good appetites and good weather!!

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