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Home Letter Volume 42, No. 6, August 12, 1968

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VOLUME 42                  August 12, 1968                         No. 6

WEATHER: It was rather warm the first part of the week before a cold front came through causing an early morning rain - rather heavy at times - and cooling off for the remainder of the week.

IN-CAMP ACTIVITIES: We spent most of the week beginning our wind-up events. The tennis court was in service almost the the entire daylight hours of each day. By the end of the week all tournament brackets had been completed up to the finals.
Also, by the end of the week most of the boating events had been terminated. We start these Somewhat early in order to avoid delays due to weather.
The sailboats were almost in constant use preparing for this wind—up activity.
The Craft Shop was busy most of the time with yachtsmen carving their craft for the Eight—Inch Yacht Regatta which was held on Sunday.
The Lifesaving classes continued on toward completion. All other activities were equally as busy.

TRIPS: We had very few trips during the week because we wanted to keep everyone in camp to be available for wind-up events. We did, however, did get an opportunity on Tuesday to send off our Baseball Museum tips in the morning and two Farmer’s Museum trips in the afternoon.
The nature department attempted to take a trip each day in honor of Nature Week. The longest one was a small group exploring some hitherto unvisited areas of Beaver Valley. Chris West and Peter Mehl took along with them Jim Hartwell, Frank Gehring, Steve Pickett, Fred Mondi, Cullen Dwyer, Peter Callahan, Roddy Usher, Andy Wheeler, and Jonathan Clapp.

THEATER: The final group of tent plays was presented on Saturday evening. The three oldest tents plus some boys who had not been on the stage during their stay at camp were the performers. The best actress award went to Dave Dube...the best actor was Mike Prowda. The outstanding play was judged to be Tent #17. The next upcoming Saturday will bring the curtain down on the 1968 theater season at Hyde Bay with an extravaganza featuring most of the council. This will be a musical written and produced by our able theater department.

ENTERTAINMENT: Planned entertainment for the week was the weekly Wednesday evening movie entitled “White Stallions of Vienna” starring Robert Taylor - a Walt Disney production. Sunday we had a continuation of the serial as well as more cartoons.

ATHLETIC EVENTS: Our twelve—and—under baseball team again defeated Chenango by a closer score than usual of 4-0.
The archery team traveled to Chenango and defeated their opponents,
497—402. The team was composed of Ray Athey, Doug Master, Mike Hilliard, Ted Mehl, and Tommy Lynn.

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INSPECTION WINNERS: The cleanest and neatest tents for the week were: #3 and 63A. This was the third consecutive week for each of these tents. They had the usual trip to Cooperstown for the purchase of goodies.

CHURCH: Our Sunday service was led by Hunt Hilliard and he gave us a very fine talk on forgiveness, bringing in many good and pertinent examples. The piano accompanist for this particular Sunday was Betty’s visiting father, Mr. Ryan.

SPECIAL EVENTS: The crowning touch to a full week of in—camp participation was the Eight-Inch Regatta. This was, indeed, a very special occasion because the original Commodore of the Regatta was able to be present to command the entire event. It was a great pleasure for all of us to again have a visit from Walter Lord. He truly gave us a “day to remember.” The yachts were constructed, registered, and readied for the high seas by 4:00 p.m. Minutes after the starting Gun had been fired, the Commodore’s yacht capsized and, in the best tradition of the sea, the Commodore was the last to swim his way to the shore bringing his barge with him. Various members of the camp contributed their share of the color by forming a unique hand, being part of the Commodore’s crew, or by assisting with the reception which followed the Regatta. The winner of this year’s race was Steve Johnson with his sturdy craft, “Steve’s Folly.” As an added attraction to the day the Commodore held a reception in the theater where everyone was served Cokes. This was a new innovation conceived by Commodore Lord and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

TRAVEL TIMES: for the supervised group to N.Y. and points south are as follows: the group will leave Cooperstown at 8:45 a.m. DST on Saturday, August 24. and arrive at gate #37 in the N.Y. Port Authority Bus Terminal (located at 8th Avenue and 41st street) at 2:05 p.m. DST. Those continuing on will then board train #l73, the Senator, which leaves from Penn Station at 3:00 p.m. DSP and arrives in Baltimore at 6:09 p.m. DST and Washington at 6:50 p.m. We will express all baggage C.O.D. of boys going on the bus and train.

The mimeographed enclosure for the full time and second month boys is self explanatory of Hyde Bay custom. You are perfectly free to do exactly as you wish regarding it.

Please return your DEPARTURE CARDS so we may have the correct information about your son’s return home.


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