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Home Letter Volume 42, No. 4, July 29, 1968

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VOLUME 42                  July 29, 1968                         No. 4

WEATHER: was clear and sunny with low humidity most of the week except for Wednesday when we had a brief rainstorm and some cloudy weather. We also had a little bit of rain on Changeover Day (Saturday.)

IN—CAMP ACTIVITIES: All of the activities in camp were at high speed most of the week with the Craft Shop very busy on Wednesday during the rain. Mr. Hilliard had many and varied projects going. After supper each night our intramural program in stick ball, volleyball, and touch football occupied many boys of all ages. On Friday afternoon all that were left in camp participated in a large Blue and Green swim meet. The Greens were the victorious team by a margin of 97—91. The horses spent four days of the week on Beaver Valley where they were ridden on trails by a small group of ten campers.

TRIPS: All but ten boys journeyed to Cooperstown for the annual Hall of Fame Baseball Game on Monday. The game this year was between the Detroit Tigers and the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates were no match for the league leading Tigers and lost by a 10—2 score. All seemed to have a good time but honestly felt that not all of the players had their hearts in the game. This frequently is the case in an exhibition game.
On Tuesday the second Trenton Falls went out under the leadership of Hunt Hilliard, Mike Whedbee, John Schmick, Josh Shoemaker, and Peter Mehl. Some of the campers that joined them were Larry Jerome, Tom Kinder, Jamie Spragins, Cullen Dwyer, Dave Dube, and Jock Blalock.
On Tuesday afternoon a group of fourteen boys and two councilors went to Beaver Valley for a one—night overnight. Rusty Pickett and George Radcliffe took campers Jonathan Clapp, Marty Sutton, Bunky Wehr, and Roddy Usher among others. They joined a contingent of nine riders who had gone with the horses for the four—day stay at Beaver Valley.
On the same day McKee Lundberg and Skipper Hebb took a group of eight campers to Lookout. They carried all of their sleeping and food gear with them, making it a real pack trip. A similar trip went out on Thursday led by Rusty Pickett, Dave Gotshall, Kelly Sullivan, and Larry Sager. It included campers Doug Master, Dave Rice, Dyche Kinder, Emlyn Hughes, Whit Fish, Blaise deSibour, Mike Dern, and Tom Casey.
The riding group was led by Tom Ratcliff, Stewart Wise, and Harry Turner. Their campers were Matt Skinner, Dieter Snell, Blake Whitcombe, Dyche Kinder, Tunk Hosmer, and Todd Galvin.
Also on Thursday Dave Gotshall, Chris West, and Sam Spragins went by truck to Natty Bumpo Cave and returned most of the way on foot. They took with them thirteen campers which included Gordy Boone, Steve Pickett, Jonathan Clapp, Dave Magill, Arty Hahn, and Andy Evans.
All the boys staying for the first month were given an opportunity to visit the Hall of Fame on our rainy Wednesday.
We had a total of eighty—eight boys on the ground for the week.

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THEATER: No plays were given this week since Saturday was our changeover day. The plays for this Saturday are from Tents # 1, 14, 15, and 16.

ENTERTAINMENT: Our Wednesday night movie was “The First Man In the Moon” - an E.G. Wells classic of a moon landing. In place of the Saturday plays we had another feature film “Brimstone” starring Walter Brennan - a story of the old west...lots of cowboys and rustlers. The usual Sunday evening program of a serial and cartoons were enjoyed by all before bedtime.

SPECIAL EVENTS: All happenings in this category have been aforementioned.

INSPECTION WINNERS:The neatness award for the week went to Tents #63A and #3. They had their trip to town after the noon meal on Sunday durng rest period time.

ATHLETIC EVENTS: In addition to the swimming meet we spoke of earlier, the twelve—and—under baseball team went to Chenango where they soundly defeated their opponents by a 9-1 score. For their accomplishments in this game and others during the first half of the season, Paul Mangano was awarded the Sportsmanship Award and Marty Sutton the Most Valuable Player Award. They and the rest of the team are all to be congratulated.

CHURCH: Our church service On Sunday was led by Hunt Hilliard. The topic of his most interesting talk was based on the idea that God calls us through the needs of others. Fred Gale and McKee Lundberg once more did
the musical accompaniments.

NOTE: We were sorry to see our one month boys leave us on Saturday but sincerely hope that they have benefitted from their four weeks’ stay at camp. Our newcomers are quickly getting into the swing of things and we are pleased to have them with us.

AN EARLY REMINDER: that our final Barbeque festivities take place on Friday, August 23 at about 6:00 p.m. It would be wise for you to make or for you to ask us to make reservations for you as soon as your plans are
definite. In your plans, we might mention that you may take your sons with you on Saturday night after the bonfire, which should be about 10:00 p.m. if you so wish. Most of the boys will be going on Saturday, August 24 shortly after breakfast at 8:00 a.m. The awards for the various wind—ups and other trophies are all given at the bonfire after the Barbeque, and we would hope that none of you will wish to take your sons with you until after the program. More data will come in the subsequent Homeletters. Please do not leave your reservations until the last minute - you may end up without one. Most Of the places re requiring deposits, which we will make and add them to the incidental account at the end of camp.

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