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Home Letter Volume 42, No. 2, July 15, 1968

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VOLUME 42                  July 15, 1968                         No. 2

WEATHER: Monday through Sunday was generally clear, very warm, with a fair breeze for sailing, and no rain to speek of....a good week weatherwise.

IN—CAMP ACTIVITIES: Due to the excellent weather the waterfront bore the brunt of increased action. Our new ski boat was in constant use for aquaplaning and water skiing. Most campers sppent a good portion of their waking hours hours in and out of the water.
The riding department used the coolness of the early evening hours to take some riding trips to nearby wooded areas.
Fishing was another busy activity with Bunky Wehr topping all anglers to date with a two—pound, twenty-and—a-half inch pickerel.
Fresh clay was obtained for the handicraft program and was soon being modeled by many campers.
Both baseball teams were busy practicing for their games of the week.
Archery and wrestling and tennis received equal participation.

TRIPS: On Monday morning a two-day Susquehanna trip went out with a total of eighteen campers aid councilors. This trip was led by Rusty Pickett, Fred Gale, George Radcliffe, and Sam Spragins. It included the following campers: Ted Mehl, Todd Galvin, Charlie Stone, Jared Bernstein, Sandy Pickett, Jonathan Clapp, Mike Wilkins, and Blake Whitcombe. In the afternoon of the same day McKee Lundberg, Ton Ratcliff, and Chris West guided a group to Nebo for a one night stay. Campers joining then included Roddy Usher, Phil Brown, Steve Childs, Mike Hilliard, Jock Blalock, Jamie Spragins, and Jock Whittlesey. The “two day” returned on Wednesday, and we sent another similar trip on Thursday. The water was high which is not always the ease on the Susquehanna, in fact, this may be the last one that can be sent. It was led by McKee Lundberg, Chris West, and Dave Gotahall. They took campers Tommy Lynn, Gareth Hughes, Make Prowda, Jim Thomas, Todd Sisto, and Dave Magill among others.
When this trip returned the next day, a group left with the canoes for Beaver Valley to explore the upper beaver pond. Mr. Hilliard led the trip and was assisted by Peter Meh1 and Peter Black. Joining then was Bill Dube, Steve Johnson, Paul Pickett, Tunk Hosmer, Frank Gehring, Dick Evans, and Jeff Roberts. Three herons’ nests were seen with real herons guarding their young. Saturday, Pete Mehl and Chris West took a nature hike down to a very interesting and fossil—rich gorge on the East Lake road. Accompanying these councilors were Chip McLaughlin, Chris Skerritt, Marty Sutton, Billy Hall, Phil Claussen, and George Fulton. Simultaneously, George Radcliffe and Dave Gotshall took a large group to Sunken Islands, In the large flotilla of canoes were campers Tom Kinder, Wiff Wein, Flip Johnson, and Eric Reid. They had great fun searching for treasures below the surface of the water.

THEATER: Tent plays of the week were another outstanding success. Josh Shoemaker, Jolly Stuck, Harry Turner, and Skipper Hebb are to be congratulated on their hard job of producing and directing these performances. The best actress was Tim Sager; the best actor award went to Mickey Warner; the best play of the evening was judged to be Tent #7. In-between—act entertainment
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was provided by Fred Gale and his electric guitar, Rusty Pickett and Dave Gotshall with their acoustic guitars, Mike Whedbee on the harmonica, and Peter Black added some vocal color.
The plays for this coming Saturday will be put on by Tents # 3A, 63B, 7, ll.

ENTERTAINMENT: On Monday the T.V. set from the Councilor Lodge was put into the theater for all to enjoy the Al1 Star Baseball Game until bedtime. The 1787 Comet Sailboat, having been overhauled, was launched with much ado and fanfare. The Wednesday night movie was entitled “From the Earth to the Moon” with George Sanders and Joseph Cotten — a Jules Verne classic.
On Sunday night all enjoyed the weekly serial and cartoons after our outdoor supper.

INSPECTION WINNERS: Tents #53B and 11 were again the neatest tents of the Week. They journeyed to town for purchase of goodies on Sunday afternoon.

SPECIAL EVENTS: On Tuesday, ULs Ed Rucker, Mark Wittlesey, Mike Fish, Tom Lynn, and Alton Davison went to Beaver Valley to gather hay and were treated to a special bonus of witnessing the birth of a calf at a nearby farm....great excitement for all.
The Sunday afternoon recreation consisted of a greased watermelon battle in the swimming area. The entire camp participated on various age levels, and for the first time, one watermelon lasted through the entire performance. The church service on Sunday as led by Alton Davison who gave us a very fine talk on truth and its application to camp. Fred Gale on his electric guitar and McKee Lundberg on the piano provided the musical accompaniment.

ATHLETIC EVENTS: The only scheduled event of the week was a twelve-and-under baseball game on our home field. Hyde Bay triumphed by a score of 16-1. Chris Skerritt stole 2nd, 3rd, and home - all on successive plays. Marty Sutton was the outstanding performer of the day.

A REMINDER: The halfway mark is fast approaching. This means that we need to have the full information from all incoming and outgoing boys concerning their arrivals and departures.
        First month boys: Kindly return the enclosed CARD as soon as possible with the pertinent information. We have been advised via the boys that, in some cases, he wishes to remain for the second half. We will so indicate this on the respective reports next week - to be confirmed by the parents in the near future. We will hold their places until we receive definite information. All those wishing to stay for the second month are welcome provided we have parental confirmation.
        Second month boys: We still have a few Arrival Cards outstanding that we have not yet received. We would appreciate your sending them at once so we may arrange things properly. The important date is:
              Saturday, July 26 -- Dinner is served at 1:00 p.m. and supper is at 6:00 p.m. It wi1l facilitate us greatly if your arrival is either before or after these times.

AN APOLOGY: for the mechanical errors in this Homeletter. Our own machine suddenly became very ill and is currently under treatment. The machine attempting to do this letter is a borrowed one and would also appear to be somewhat in need of therapy. Hopefully we will be in better shape by next week.

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