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Home Letter Volume 41, No. 6, August 7, 1967

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VOLUME 41             August 7, 1967                   No. 6

MONDAY: Sunny, warm, a good wind in the morning, but, guess what?...heavy rain in the latter part of the evening. With all the rain that we have had we have managed to keep our trip program in full swing. The two problems bothering us now are mud and the slow covering of the dock by the rising water of the Lake. A few days of sunshine will correct these situations, however. After milk and cookies, a small group departed for Beaver Valley Park to continue their project of clearing brush. The twelve—and—over baseball team remained behind to play a double header --- the first game with Chenango which we won, 5-2.... and the second with a team from Cooperstown on Doubleday Field which was called because of rain. there was some slight clearing in the late evening and time enough for everyone to take a swim and wash some of the mud off.

TUESDAY: Calm and cloudy, sunny in the afternoon. After some sailing and in-camp activities before milk and cookies, forty eight campers and councilors left for Howe Caverns - always a popular event of the year. Some that stayed at home joined the Director at Beaver Valley for recreation and work. The tennis courts were sufficiently dry to allow us to commence our wind—up tournament in this department. Peter Mehl, Fred Gale, and Rusty Pickett took a group of fifteen to Nebo early in the afternoon in order to teach the skills of camping on the ground in the open. Jonathan Clapp, Jimmy Lynn, Clem Herman, John Patrick, Woody Franzheim were among those accompanying the councilors. Again in the evening, we had rain of some magnitude. The night men chose Bingo as their evening endeavor and this popular game went on until the last of the ULs had to stop for bedtime.

WEDNESDAY: Clear, warm, with little wind. A fleet of boats left for Sunken Islands immediately after milk and cookies. The flotilla included five sailboats and many rowboats and canoes plus the S.T. Campers who found sunken bottle caps were awarded a free penny store for each bottle cap retrieved. Some of the searchers were Eric Reid, Tommy Grace, Robbie Gerlach, Blaise deSibour, Billy Ewing, Brian Wilson, Ray Athey, Duncan Kinder, and Jamie Spragins. The movie of the evening was “High Noon” starring Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, and Lloyd Bridges.

THURSDAY: Cloudy with a good wind for sailing. Due to the unsettled weather it was decided to send out a Baseball Museum trip along with a Farmer’s Museum trip. The rest of the camp spent their time practicing for future wind-up events. The doubtful weather did not dismay nineteen stalwarts who set out for Nebo after rest period. Again this group was led by Bruce Rice, Fred Gale, and Rusty Pickett. Peter Callahan, Stan Poreba, Jeff Rice, Mike Prowda, Steve Childs, Tommy Lynn, Scott Supplee, Ed Rucker braved the elements. Various after-supper games were participated in by the other campers.

FRIDAY: Cloudy early in the morning, heavy rain about 10:00 ann. and then clearing in the late afternoon. The craft shop was kept busy most of the

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morning as was the wrestling room. Our reports indicate that we have had 409 camper-and-councilor nights on the ground thus far this season...a pretty good record with the amount of inclement weather that we have had. After lunch a group of twenty two went to the neighboring town of VanHornesville to bowl. The number included George Fulton, Mike Wilkins, Jared Bernstein, and John Wilson. The ULs took their town trip and stayed in Cooperstown for the James Bod movie, “you Only Die Twice.”

SATURDAY: Clear, breezy, and cooler At 10:30 a.m. The camp assembled and began the annual Hyde Bay Picture Treasure Hunt. Teams were captained by first and second year ULs; some councilors also participated. Various pictures taken in and around camp had to be properly identified. The winners were Steve Childs, Mike Prowda, Brian Wilson, and Clem Herman. After lunch the twelve—and-over baseball team journeyed to Chenango to play a seven-inning game which Chenango won 4-3. The afternoon was breezy and clear which afforded an excellent opportunity to play off many of the tennis tournament matches. The Four—square Court was very busy and a few ventured forth for a fishing excursion. We had the fourth set of tent plays in the evening which included tents #12, 15, 14, and 10. The best actor award went to Tim Bennett....the best female impersonation was carried off by Steve Childs. Tent 15 was judged the outstanding play of the night.

SUNDAY: Another sunny and clear day - almost a record for the summer...two days in a row!! following our usual Sunday morning routine, Alton Davison led our church service His enlightening talk on the benefits and rewards of giving all of ourselves in whatever endeavor we undertook was most interesting. swimming tryouts were held for the upcoming meet with Chenango. Since the lake was relatively clear of motor boats we were able to get in some good aquaplaning and water skiing. Many enjoyed basking in the warm sun. After dinner tents #53b and 12 went into town for the Inspection winning trip. Outdoor supper was followed by the movies: the running serial and cartoons.

TRAVEL TIMES: for the supervised group to N.Y. and points south are as follows: the group will leave Cooperstown at 8:45 a.m. DST on Sunday, August 20. and arrive at gate #37 in the N.Y. Port Authority Bus Terminal (located at 8th Avenue and 41st street) at 2:05 p.m. DST. Those continuing on will then board train #l73, the Senator, which leaves from Penn Station at 3:00 p.m. DSP and arrives in Baltimore at 6:09 p.m. DST and Washington at 6:50 p.m. We will express all baggage C.O.D. of boys going on the bus and train.

The mimeographed enclosure for the full time and second month boys is self explanatory of Hyde Bay custom. You are perfectly free to do exactly as you wish regarding it.

Please return your DEPARTURE CARDS so we may have the correct information about your son’s return home.


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