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Home Letter Volume 41, No. 4, July 24, 1967

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VOLUME 41             July 24, 1967                   No. 4

MONDAY: A beautiful day, sunny and warm. Shortly after breakfast the second Trenton Fails trip departed under the leadership of Alton Davison, McKee Lundberg, Chooch Turner, Chris West, Rusty Pickett, and Pete Mehl. Campers and ULs joining them included Larry Sager, Bobby Tucker, Todd Galvin, Charlie Stone, Gareth Hughes, and Mike Dern. Following the same pattern as the first trip, they will be out three days, returning in supper on Wednesday afternoon. The good weather brought many to the waterfront where a great deal of work was done on teaching swimming strokes. The Handicraft area was a beehive of activity. All other departments were equally as busy. At 3:00 p.m. a group of nineteen left for Beaver Valley led by Jeff Levi, John Ford, and George Radcliffe. The four youngest tents made the trip with these councilors. Jock Whittlesey, Paul Mangano, Peter Stickney, Jeremy Nathans, and Emlyn Hughes were among the trippers.
TUESDAY: Cloudy, overcast, and hazy. Canoe tests were given by John Mercer in the morning and afternoon. Mike Whedbee took out a riding trip up to Lookout. He had campers Dieter Snell, Matt Skinner, Bob Sonntag with him. A meeting was held of all potential Senior Life Savers and work began on this course. Many of the younger campers spent their day angling for most any type of fish. Baseball practice was held for the thirteen—and—over team. After dinner everyone participated in many various types of games with emphasis on Four-square.
WEDNESDAY: Cloudy and warm. The first part of the morning was taken up with gathering our soiled laundry, which was to go out at the end of the day. The thirteen-and-under baseball team had a long practice to prepare for the game with Chenango in the afternoon. The sailboats were busy, especially the Sailfish. In the afternoon our baseball encounter with Chenango took place and Hyde Bay was the winner, 10—4. Pete Spragins turned in a fine job of pitching. Trenton Falls returned in the afternoon boasting the finest trip ever. The weather was good and the swimming and canoeing, were great. We were all treated to the movie “Bon Voyage” with Fred MacMurray in the evening.
THURSDAY: Overcast but warm. Clean laundry was returned to all campers. Shortly after milk and cookies a small group of nine, consisting of Rusty Pickett, the Director, Jim Thomas, Tim Bennett, Mike Hilliard, Fran Huidekoper, Sandy Pickett, Harry Turner, and Skipper Hebb for a work trip to Beaver Valley. There is much interesting work to do on this land and we will have many more groups over there to clean up and develop several areas for camping. Mike Whedbee took his five horses on a short trip over the road that once was followed by Clinton and his Continental army. Before rest period was over a large group of twenty four headed out for Beaver Valley for an overnight stay. John Mercer, John Schmick, and Fred Gale were joined by Mike Dern, Tom Fisher, Bill Childs, Jeff Roberts, Larry Kohn, and Quinn Trubee among others. Shortly after the departure of the Beaver Valley trip another group of nineteen left for Nebo. Larry Pickett, Jeff Levi, Bruce Rice, and Tom Ratcliff were the councilors in charge of the trip. All of the three youngest tents went with them. In the evening a small group of ten ULs went into the Academy Award winning movie “A Man for All Seasons.”
FRIDAY: Hazy and pleasantly cool in the morning; rain and some sun in the afternoon — quite a mixture of weather during the day. The morning was

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occupied with Handicrafts under Hunt Hilliard’s direction and wrestling practice. All trips were back in camp by the late morning which turned out to be a good thing. In the early afternoon we were beset by a long and heavy electrical storm — not as severe as the opening day storm but with considerably more rain and longer length. There was much flooding and road damage as a result of the downpour. The rain did stop in late afternoon and we were able to have some water skiing and aquaplaning. A second group of ULs were taken to town for the picture of the year “A Man for All Seasons.” The rest of the camp enjoyed the camp movies and a slide lecture by Josh Shoemaker. By nightfall the Lake had risen about three inches.
SATURDAY: Cloudy and misty in the morning with a light shower in the afternoon followed by more cloudy weather. The one month boys spent the morning packing for their departure the following day. George Radcliffe ran some Sailfish races. The winners were Bill Kemton as skipper and Jock Whittlesey as crew. Three of the one month boys departed in the early afternoon. The thirteen—and-over baseball team bowed to a Chenango team by a score of 5—4. Bruce Rice hit a tremendous home run in a losing cause. The finishing touches were put on the tent plays which were presented in the evening. They all were a huge success The best plays award went to tent #11 for their performance of “The Saga of Rita.” Honorable mention for best actress went to Dan Somerville with Jared Bernstein carrying off the honors of first place. Jamie Spragins was honorable mention for best actor and Billy Ewing was awarded the winning prize. A special award was given to Dee Hilliard for the best supporting dependant role. Ann Davison had received this award the previous week. For the past three weeks we have been treated to entertainment between the plays. Fred Gale on the electric guitar, Rusty Pickett on the folk guitar, and Dave Gotshall and Mike Whedbee leading some community singing. All this was well done and muchly enjoyed by all.
SUNDAY: Sunny and warm. In the morning we enjoyed the weather but the afternoon was hot and cloudy with the predicted rain coming late in the noon. Many new boys came in and many one-monthers left the fold. We always hate to see the boys leaving and hope that they have had a profitable summer. Those boys coming in may look forward to a very busy second half. A new Sailfish has been generously loaned to our fleet, and, of course, has been well used since its arrival. After getting the usual teat organization accomplished our church service was led by Larry Hubert who gave a very fine talk on why we have rules and regulations in and around camp, bringing in the Proverbs as a religious association. Many rides were given in the “45” which is a fiberglass speedboat once called the “35.” It now has a 45 h.p. motor on it. We will be using this primarily for aquaplaning. Many “D” tests were rowed for the new arrivals and we had many parents who chose this weekend to visit camp. As we were preparing our outdoor supper another e1ectrical storm appeared and we were forced to serve a Hyde Bay buffet supper in the dining room. It went off with very few hitches. The evening hours were taken up with our serial movies and cartoons. Tent #1 was replaced with a new tent. Inspection winners for this week were Tents #57 and 63B.
AN EARLY REMINDER: that our final Barbeque festivities take place on Saturday, August 19 at about 6:00 p.m. It would be wise for you to make or for you to ask us to make reservations for you as soon as your plans are definite. In your plans, we might mention that you may take your sons with you on Saturday night after the bonfire, which should be about 10:00 p.m. If you so wish. Most of the boys will be going on Sunday, August 20 shortly after breakfast at 8:00 a.m. The awards for the various wind-ups and other trophies are all given at the bonfire after the Barbeque and we would hope that none of you will wish to take your sons with you unti1 after the program. More data will come in the subsequent Homeletters. P1ease do not leave your reservations until the last minute - you may end up without one. Most of the places are requiring deposits, which we will make and add them to the incidental account at the end of camp.

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