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Home Letter Volume 41, No. 2, July 10, 1967

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VOLUME 41             July 10, 1967                   No. 2

MONDAY: Rain and wind in the morning. Windy and cloudy in the afternoon. Some went swimming although it was rather cool. Many boats were taken out including all the Sailboats and Sailfish. Play practice was continued for all those tents producing plays this coming Saturday evening. The first Junior Life Saving class began. It consisted of Peter Balk, Jared Bernstein, Philip Brown, Bill Childs, Mike Dern, Gordy Donovan, Cullen Dwyer, Tom Fisher, Joe Gioia, Gareth Hughes, Flip Johnson, Bert Lintel, Bill Pearman, Dan Somerville, Jamie Spragins, Andy Wheeler, Lark Whittlesey, and Quinn Trubee. Others will take the course the second month. Weather permitted us to send the first Nebo trip which left about 5:00 in the afternoon under the guidance of George Radcliffe, Rusty Pickett, Dave Gotshall, and Fred Gale. The campers included Jim Hartwell, Matt Skinner, Bob Sonntag, John Manger, Jim Thomas, Steve Johnson, and Raymond deVantier.
TUESDAY: Warm and sunny. Since we had no Fourth of July as such, we sent out many trips. The first to go out was the Susquehanna in the morning with John Mercer in charge with Peter Black and Mike Whedbee helping him. Some of the campers were Dyche Kinder, Jeff Roberts, Steve Childs, and Sam Spragins. As soon as our transportation returned from the Susquehanna launching, we sent a group to Snow Glutch. This is a crevice in the rocks a short distance from camp where snow is found in abundance during the summer months. This trip was enjoyed by some thirty boys. Others will see it at a later date. John Diamond took a group of three to the golf course for nine holes. It was ideal weather for all others to participate in in-camp activities with a special emphasis on swimming and tennis. Shortly before supper a second Nebo trip departed under the leadership of McKee Lundberg assisted by Chooch Turner, Jeff Levi, Brax Andrews, and Dave Clinnin. The councilors were joined by campers Mike Fish, Dex Tompkins, Robbie Gerlach, Arthur Levering, Peter Andrews, Duncan Kinder, David Procter, Tom Kinder, Tunk Hosmer, and Bill Kempton. We had a total of forty-four on the ground this night.
WEDNESDAY: Rain in the early hours of the morning, cloudy and overcast the rest of the day with a brisk wind. With this weather existing we sent out many trips to the Baseball Museum; in fact, all that wanted to go made one of the trips. The Craft Shop was very busy as was the Russellorum and theater. During Inspection, laundry was collected and sent out in the early afternoon. The Susquehanna trip from the previous day was brought back by breakfast due to heavy rains and being quite wet during the night. The Nebo trip held their ground and returned at the scheduled time. They have sufficient shelters on the hill to get in out of the precipitation. Everyone was back in camp by evening and we enjoyed the movie “Marco Polo” which was in technicolor, starring Rory Calhoun.
THURSDAY: Cloudy in the morning, clearing by noon...cooler than most of our days thus far. After breakfast we began collecting tools and materials to take to Beaver Valley Park. The trip was made primarily with second year ULs and one tent of first year ULs. This was a combined working and pleasure trip for the purpose of setting up camp sites for future trips. Last fall we purchased about 900 acres of country land 4½  miles the other side of Cooperstown. There are no buildings just woods, fields, beautiful views,

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and two very active beaver ponds. We acquired the land to use for our own overnight camping spots. It gives us free rein to use the land as we wish with no restrictions imposed. Tim Bennett, Corky Eannace, Ted Mehl, and Sandy Pickett were among the ULs. Councilors joining the Director were Jeff Levi, Peter Black, John Mercer, and Rusty Pickett. They spent two full days preparing one camp site and the excursion was highly enjoyed by all. The remainder of the camp took part in all the in-camp activities. At 5:00 p.m. Dave Gotshall, John Ford, Fred Gale, and Bruce Danzer took a small group to Lookout for an overnight trip. Page West, Mike Hilliard, and Phil Rudd were among the several boys who made the hike.
ERIDAY: Sunny. clear, and warmer. After Inspection the campers took advantage of the good weather and signed up for all activities in great numbers. The thirteen-and-under baseball team had a finishing practice to prepare for the afternoon encounter with Chenango, a neighboring camp. The Nature Nook captured a weasel with one of the small Hav—a—Hart traps. It is the first such animal we have ever trapped. Immediately after lunch the thirteen-and-under baseball group journeyed to Chenango. There were twenty two members of the team. It was a very tight game with the Hyde Bay team emerging victorious with a score of 4—3, but not before going into two extra innings. Many Spectators hiked to the game. As soon as all were transported back from the game another Lookout trip sallied forth led by McKee Lundberg, George Radcliffe and Dave Clinnin. The campers joining the councilors included Randy Ryan, Joe Gioia, Andy Andrews, George Fulton, and Bob Sonntag. The ULs went on their weekly bowling trip and returned boasting many high scores.
SATURDAY: Sunny, warm with a breeze. Finishing touches were put on tile tent plays that were to be put on during the evening. Riding was very busy along with swimming classes in strokes, life saving, and non—swimmers. Our thirteen-and—over baseball team had along practice in the afternoon in preparation for their upcoming games. After milk and cookies all the campers assembled at the dining room porch where the annual Hot Rock Contest began. This is a game where boys look for painted rocks in places where rocks normally are not found. Each rock has a value placed on it and the campers turn in their rocks at the end of the day. They are given their prizes at a later date. After super we viewed the opening night of the Hyde Bay Theater. It was one of the finest set of plays that we have had in many years, thanks to the efforts of our two fine producers and directors, Josh Shoemaker and Jolly Schmick. Andy Andrews was judged the best actress for his portrayal of Cinderella; Joe Gioia won the best actor award in his role of Joe Friday of the Dragnet series. The judges decided that Tent #1 had the best play “A Punny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. A special award went to John Ford for his excellent sound effects in one of the plays.
SUNDAY: Hot and humid. This is the day when we try to unwind, slow down, and generally rest from the week before. Boys have trunk inspection in the morning along with our short church service which was led by Hunt Hilliard this morning. He gave his usual fine talk on the subject of the good Samaritan and the relationships to several other aspects of our history and ordinary living. Many spent their day in the swimming area and enjoyed the boats as well. At lunch time we awarded the prizes for the plays the previous night and announced the winners of inspection for the week. Tents #6 and 53B went into town for a shopping spree for goodies. During rest period the boys wrote their letter home and the afternoon saw more swimming, boating, and fishing. Outdoor supper consisted of hot dogs, potato chips, pickles, chocolate and White milk, and bananas. Movies began at 8:00 - the cartoons and thriller serial about the Royal Mounted Police.

The tent plays for next week will come from Tents 6,7,8, and 53B. Curtain time will be at 8:30 p.m. and we welcome any guests.

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