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Home Letter Volume 40, No. 7, August 15, 1966

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VOLUME 40             August 15, 1966                   No. 7

MONDAY: Partly cloudy, partly sunny and warm. The early part of the morning was spent with swimming team practices and continuation of wind—up events in boating, archery, and tennis. Shortly after milk and cookies a total of forty one boys and eight councilors drove out to Howe Caverns. This is always a popular event of the year and includes all boys who wish to go. Chenango arrived after lunch to meet with our twelve-and over baseball team. We won the game, 11-7. Tom Kemp took a group to Bobcat Run to bring back the horses that we pasture for the weekend a short distance from camp. Peter Spragins, Marty Jessup,  Gus Fryer, and Randy Ryan accompanied Tom. The evening was spent in a giant foursquare game.
TUESDAY: Clear, hot, with a slight breeze. There was enough wind to run off a few of our sailing races. Wind-up boating events continued as did practice for the forthcoming swimming meet with Chenango. We sent out a Nebo and Bobcat Runn trip in the afternoon. The Nebo contingent took along all dehydrated foods instead of the usual bill of fare. It proved tremendously successful, and was followed by another subsequent trip towards the end of the week. One young lad informed us that there must have been four hundred biscuits!! This trip was led by George Radcliffe, Rusty Pickett, Peter Mehl, Chris West, and Fred Gale. It included campers Roger He1ms Mike Dern, Barney Stevenson, Cullen Dwyer, and David Pierce. The Bobcat Run trip was under the direction of Jeff Levi and Peter Black. They took their own tents plus Bruce Rice and Neil Kocher. After supper the twelve-and under baseball team defeated a Cooperstown All-Star team, 9-2. This Little League team has, indeed, had a fine season.
WEDNESDAY: Hazy and cooler, turning more pleasant in the latter part of the day. During the daylight hours all campers were involved with all the in-camp activities. A second annual Slow-pitch softball game against a group of o1der men from Cooperstown was held immediately after supper, and our group of councilors emerged victorious in a score of 6—4. Shortly thereafter we gathered in the theater to view the Disney technicolor film, :Those Who Dared.” This was a near factual account of the 1869 exploration of the Colorado River by Major Powell and his party — one of the best films of the season.
THURSDAY: Rather hot in the early morning with some showers before noon. Laundry was given out before inspection. The waterfront was quite active in spite of the rainy periods. The UL wind-up boating events were finished with the grand finale being a UL “canoe special.” Swimming, water—skiing, and sailing races kept most of the camp busy. Dyche Kinder and Scott Supplee created a little excitement by flipping a Comet near the mouth of Shadow Brook. The rain continued most of the day. We were very fortunate in obtaining several movies about baseball and the 1964 World Series from the Hall of Fame. This wet evening was selected for showing them.
FRIDAY: Windy, clear, and cool with a heavy shower in the afternoon. After inspection the wrestling team boarded camp vehicles and went to Chenango for the final wrestling meet of the season. We ended the series undefeated,

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winning this match, 27-9. A large group of spectators went by foot. The few who remained in camp enjoyed a quiet activity period around camp. In the late afternoon the second “dehydrated” Nebo trip sallied forth under the able guidance of Scott Carlton, Ricky Coupe, Chooch Tuner, and Peter Black. It included campers Dex Tompkins, Ted Mehl, Sandy Pickett, Woody Franzheim, and Jeff Rice. Chris West and John Spragins completed the showing of their slides which they took during their seven week European tour last summer. The brilliant night brought forth an unusual display of meteor showers.
SATURDAY: dawned clear, very cool, and quite windy. Play practices, baseball practice, and wind-up events occupied most of the morning. The twelve-and-over baseball team played their final game at Chenango, with Hyde Bay winning, 9-7. Matt Brock drove in the two winning runs with a triple. The Nature Hunt began shortly after milk and cookies. Eleven teams entered with forty four campers involved. Awards were given to the five top teams. The team of Randy Ryan, David Tillapaugh, Page West, Price Koch, and Ted Mehl was the grand winner. The UL tent plays were the focus of attention in the evening’s entertainment. The best actress award went to Sam Spragins; Winston Wood was the best actor, and Mouldy City was judges to have produced the best play.
SUNDAY: Partly cloudy and very cool. Most of the morning was taken up by a very thorough inspection. A short period was given over to church in which the Director talked about the modern day interpretation of a “square” as opposed to what once was meant as a compliment — a square meal, a square shooter, a square deal, etc. All spare time up to 5:00 p.m. was used in preparation for one of the highlights of the year - the Eight-inch Yacht Regatta. Since our true Commodore Walter Lord could not be with us, a Deputy Commodore was elected by the campers. Alton Davison won the coveted position and was duly inducted at lunch time. Commodore Lord would have been most proud of the performance of his Deputy. After twenty years of making eight-inch boats, John Mercer finally produced a winner. A light rain began about 5:30 but did not prevent us from having our outdoor supper. The last two episodes of the “Green Archer” followed the trip to town by Tents # 10 and 11 for their inspection trip.

REPORTS: These are the final reports of the year. There will be another Homeletter the last of September which will include incidental bills, tuition and tutoring adjustients of all campers, both first and second month boys. We will see most of the parents at the Barbeque, but for those who are unable to make it, we wish to thank you for letting your sons be with us. We hope it has been a profitable summer for them.
HEALTH: There will be a few boys who will be going home with coughs of varying degrees of intensity. We have had, along with a large percentage of the other camps and Cooperstown, a stubborn virus infection that leaves an annoying tracheitis or mild bronchitis in its wake. We have talked with Dr. Goodwin about them and he states that the only cure is time and general good health maintenance procedures. If any of the boys develop a rise in temperature or other untoward symptoms along with the cough, it would, of course, be wise to have them seen by their own doctor.
We will look forward to seeing many of you this next weekend at the Barbeque.

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