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Home Letter Volume 40, No. 6, August 8, 1966

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VOLUME 40             August 8, 1966                   No. 6

MONDAY: Sunny and breezy. There was enough wind to keep our sailing fleet busy most of the day. The third and last Trenton Falls trip left shortly after breakfast with Alton Davison in charge. He was ably assisted by John Mercer, Scott Carlton, Tom Kemp, and Jamie Flowers. It included ULs and campers Jeff Roberts, Chip Kohlhepp, David Tillapaugh, Bobby Peggs, Bruce Danzer and Prescott Huidekoper. The Craft shop was open most of the day as was the ever busy swimming department. Senior and Junior Life Saving continued toward their eventual climax. At 4:00 p.m. a large group left for Rum Hill guided by John Marshak, Perry Lerner, John Schmlck, Chris West, Jeff Levi, and Peter Black. On this trip were Steve Pitts, Tommy Lynn, Carl Bippus, Cullen Dwyer, Robbie Gerlach, Donald Ross, and Jeff Rice among others.
TUESDAY: Cloudy and warm in the morning and a much wanted rain and cooler in the afternoon. Baseball practice was held for both teams in the morning and tennis tournaments were continued throughout the day was did theater practice. Mike Brough took his usual trip to the golf course. All camp departments were in full swing. Ed Rucker brought in one of the largest fish of the year — a fourteen inch pickerel. In the evening we made an attempt to have John Spragins and Chris West show their European slides. They were rudely interrupted by a rather fierce wind storm which, in turn, interrupted our electric light power. We were without lights for several hours. Several boats broke loose and blew ashore but with minimal damage. All seemed to enjoy this interlude of primitiveness in our somewhat static pattern of the summer.
WEDNESDAY: The rain of yesterday continued moderately but the weather cleared with a cool breeze in the afternoon. Some preliminary elimination sailboat races were held along with water skiing eliminations. Trenton Falls returned in the afternoon in fine shape and all having had a very good trip. It is worthy of note that former Head Councilor and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Chandlee — known to many as Chiefie and Marry — arrived during the afternoon for a very welcome several days of visiting. The arrival of Dr. Pickett on the previous day made for an old fashioned Hyde Bay reunion., In the evening the entire camp enjoyed the very fine Disney production, “Texas John Slaughter.” It was a action filled technicolor picture.
THURSDAY: It dawned clear and cool with a fair sailing breeze. The thirteen—and—under baseball team journeyed to Chenango for another loss of 6—1, even though our new pitcher, Steve Nall, got thirteen strikeouts. The archery range was quite busy along with tennis and the theater. About 4:30 Scotty Carlton, Line Fasch, Fred Gale and Pete Mehl led a group to Nebo. In the group were Woody Franzheim, Sheldon Brown, Art Levering, Scott Supplee, Sam Spragins, and Gus fryer. For the first time bobcats were heard on the carp grounds during the night. These seem to be harmless animals, but it does give us a sense of being a bit in the wilderness.

FRIDAY: Clear, hot and calm. In the morning a small group with Dick

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Carlton in charge, assisted by Todd Mulvenny and Chris West, spent the morning at Snow Gultch. The snow seems to have melted away but the boys did enjoy exploring the many small caves around the area. The rest of the camp spent most of their time soaking up the water of Lake Otsego. After many had been cooled off in the water another large contingent headed out for Rum Hill with Tom Kemp in charge and Tim Pitts, George Radcliffe, and Jim Stone helping him. Ned Welbourn, Steve Pitts, Charlie Stone, Marty Jessup, Tom Kinder, and Ray Athey were some of the boys making the trip. They were driven to the other side of the lake and made the ascent on foot. The ULs chose to make their weekly visit to town to see the movie, “Lt. Robinson Crusoe.”

SATURDAY: Sunny, warm, with slight breeze. Chenango arrived shortly after inspection for a second wrestling match. Again we were victorious, winning by a score of 21—17. All of the contests were well matched. After the wrestling a short practice was held for the twe1ve-and-over baseball team and the swimming department held tryouts for the forthcoming swimming meet with Chenango. The afternoon was well occupied with The annual Picture Treasure Hunt. During the morning hours Scotty Carlton took seventeen Polaroid shots of various items about camp. These were mounted for display, different values for each picture. Those who wished to participate did so on an individual basis, describing each picture in ten or less words. The winners were Junior - Roger Helms... Senior — Tommy Lynn... Conci1or - Chris West. In the evening we viewed the third set of tent plays. Tent #l4 was judged the best play, Stewart Wise received the vest actress award, and Dick Evans was the outstanding actor. next week’s plays come from Tents 16, 17, 18, and Mouldy City.

SUNDAY: Warm, sunny, and a gentle breeze. The Sunday routine of showers trunk inspection, tent inspection, and church continued. Mr. Hilliard led the church service with emphasis on: “God’s all encompassing love is extended to us through his covenant with Israel and the life of Jesus. We prove ourselves worthy of this love through our love for one another.” Due to the hot weather we made a point of making this Sunday somewhat a day of rest and relaxation. Aside from sailing races and swimming practice there was no organized activity planned. The campers seemed to enjoy this type of day. After the outdoor supper tents #4 and 10 went to town with the mail as a reward for having the neatest tents during the week. By 8:00 all were assembled in the theater to enjoy another two episodes of “The Green Archer.”

TRAVEL TIMES: for the supervised group to N.Y. and points south are as follows: the group will leave Cooperstown at 8:45 A.M. DST, Sunday, Aug. 21  and arrive at Gate 37 in the N.Y. Port Authority Bus Terminal which is located at 8th Avenue and 41st Street at 2:05 P.M. DST. Those continuing  will then board train # 173, the Senator, which leaves from Penn. Station at 3:00 P.M. DSE, arriving in Baltimore at 6:09 P.M. DST and Washington at 6:50 P.M. We will express C.0.D all baggage of boys going on the train and bus.

Please return your Departure Card so we may have the correct information about your son s return home.


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