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VOLUME 40             August 1, 1966                   No. 5

BASEBALL DAY: Overcast, hot, and humid, temperature reached the 9o’s. This is the day or the big baseball game In Cooperstown between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Minnesota Twins. The Cardinals won 7-5 in a very hot, sunny stadium. Twenty boys and councilors went into town early to view the induction of Ted Williams and Casey Stengel into the Hall of Fame. Ted made an excellent speech and Casey rambles on in his inimitable style. The rest of the baseball fans from Hyde Bay were shuttled into town in all means of transportation available. After all ninety fans had returned to camp, Rusty Pickett, Tim Pitts, George Radcliffe, and John, Spragins toot their respective tents to Bobcat Run. This included Hutch Kirwin, Steve Mason, Ned Welbourn, Barney Stevenson, Roger Helms, and Billy Hills. The remaining campers were ready for a quiet evening after a rather strenuous, hot day.
TUESDAY: Sunny, hot, with a good breeze. After a quick inspection, the second Trenton Falls departed with councilors Dick Carlton, John Mercer, Todd Mulvenny, Ricky Coupe, and Mike McClelland In charge. Joining this group were Jamie Hills, Art Levering, Pete Spragins, Gomez Canham, Bruce Rice, and Matt Brook. The ones at home enjoyed much activity in all departments. MIke Brough took Jeff Roberts and Sheldon Brown to the golf course. There was baseball practice along with wrestling practice for the upcoming match with Chenango on Saturday.
WEDNESDAY: The day dawned clear and cool with good wind. Later it turned off cloudy and hot with some rain in the evening. In the morning the sail boats were all active as were the water skies and aquaplaners. We had planned a Lookout trip for the afternoon but scrubbed it when it appeared that we would have an all night drizzle. As things turned out, Tom Kemp took Cullen Dwyer, Dyche Kinder, Harry Turner, and Eric Reid to Bobcat Run on horseback. Scott Carlton joined the riding group by foot, taking with him Ray Athey, Larry Jerome, Charlie Fisher, and Randy Ryan. They all braved the night rains and returned the next morning, having left the horses to feed on the lush pastures of Craig Lynn. Since a movie is planned for each Wednesday night, the campers in camp enjoyed the very humorous “Fuller Brush Man,” starring Red Skelton and Janet Leigh.
THURSDAY: began calm, misty, and humid. Later heavy showers ensued and lasted a good portion of the day. This gave us another opportunity to send to the Farmer’s Museum all those who wished to go. Chris West inaugurated a shuffleboard tournament in the camper’s lodge which was won by Doug Master. Peter Black and Peter Mehl ran an intersquad wrestling meet. The craft shop was in full swing with Mr. Hilliard. In between showers many also used the swimming area, “The Fuller Brush Man” was again shown for those who had been at Trenton Falls and those who wished to see it a second time.
Friday: A beautiful day — clear, very windy, with whitecaps showing all over the Bay. The sailing department took to t1e waters and ran off some sailing races. Coaches Pete Mehl and Peter Black held their final wrestling practice

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in the Russellorum. The twelve—and-over and twelve—and-under baseball teams also held practice sessions. In the late afternoon John Schmick, Bill Thomas, and Peter Black journeyed to Bobcat Run with Carl Bippus, Ed Rucker, Andy Carl, John Patrick, Bobby Peggs, and Charlie Stone. Jammie Flowers and Josh Shoemaker took a group to Lookout which included Jeff Rice, Dexter Tomkins, Sam Spragins, Tommy Lynn, Winston Wood, and Teddy Reynolds. Thirty six in all were on the ground under a full moon. The weekly UL trip was wade with two carloads to town for goodies and then to bowling.

SATURDAY: Beautiful, clear, and cool. After inspection Chenango brought their wrestling team in and an excellent wrestling match was held with Hyde Bay emerging the victor, 27-l2. The Bobcat Run group brought back tales of hearing four bobcats during the night. We were visited by many parents. The emphasis of the day seemed to be swimming. Old campers and councilors Mac Mellor and Jim Main visited with us for the weekend. Hot showers for half the camp followed supper and at 8:30 p.m. the curtain rose on the third set of tent plays - and a fine set they were. The best actress award went to Mike Hilliard and the best actor was Ed Rucker. The judges voted Tent #3’s play as the best play of the evening. This was one of the few dramatic endeavors of the summer. The grand finale of the evening was pat on by Bobby Tucker who, accidentally, stepped on a small skunk’s tail just outside the milk and cookies room. Bobby is none the worse for the experience, but the skunk’s defense mechanism left its mark for many hours.
Tent play for next week will be: Tents # 11, 12, 14, and 15.
The plays for August 13 will be from Tents #16 17, 18, and Mouldy City.

SUNDAY: Clear, cool, bright - an ideal day! Inspection followed an extremely good church service by Perry Lerner who spoke on the values of wisdom. Sunday mornings always seem to pass rapidly and very shortly we were all in the dining room for one of Henry’s fried chicken dinners. After rest period the swimming department held intramural swimming meets involving the four intramural teams. The results were: Merkins over the Waheeloes, 26—15 and the Badwangies over the Penguins, 22-20. Shortly before supper the ULs challenged the council in a massive tug—of—war. The councilors slightly overpowered their opponents. After the weekly outdoor supper, Inspection winners, Tents # 3, 7, and S went to town for goodies. Shortly thereafter, the camp was engroosed in three-episodes of the “Green Archer. A fine week marred only by an odoriferous skunk.

CARDS: It is most important that you return the enclosed card in the very near future. The headings on it are self-explanatory: kindly fill in.
FINAL BARBEQUE: We again repeat our invitation for the Chicken Barbeque on Saturday, August 20. We reluctantly must limit it, however, to parents, brother, sisters, and grandparents of campers. In view of frequent cool nights, we strongly advise bringing warm clothes and coats. The ceremonies will take place outdoors and last about two hours and the evening gets chillier as it progresses. A flashlight is also a tremendous help in getting back to your car. The dress is informal —wear what you are comfortable in for sitting outside.

The mimeographed enclosure is also self—explanatory-of a Hyde Bay custom. You an perfectly free to do exactly as you hash regarding it.

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