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Home Letter Volume 40, No. 4, July 25, 1966

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VOLUME 40             July 25, 1966                   No. 4

MONDAY: The fourth week started off in much the same manner as all the preceding ones: sunny and windy in the afternoon. Shortly after breakfast the first Trenton Falls trip set out under the direction of Hunt Hilliard, John Mercer, Peter Black, Josh Shoemaker, Jeff Levi, and Tim Pitts. It included campers and ULs Dyche Kinder, Mike Hilliard, Ted Mehl, Sandy Pickett, Mike Fish, Price Koch, Page West, Ray Athey, Bill Reid Larry Sager, Neil Kocher, and Winston Wood. During the afternoon the Hyde Bay twelve-and—over baseball team played Chenango, the game lasting close to three hours with Hyde Bay coming but on the short end of an 18—14 score. Since this was an off-week for tent 1ays, the theater department was given a temporary rest. The usual camp activities occupied the day until 5:00 p.m. when Scotty Carlton, John Spragins; Fred Gale, and Peter Wilkins set out for Nebo with Pres Huidekoper, Charlie Stone, Lee Geiger, Scott Calder, Mike Wilikins, and Andy Wheeler were among the contingent.
TUESDAY: We awoke to a much—welcomed rain that later tuned into rather heavy thunder showers. We took advantage of this quiet day to transport just about all who wished to go to the Baseball Museum. Those who did not choose to rest and read in their tents worked in the Handicraft and constructed numerous dams along the small stream which winds its way through camp. The Nebo trip experienced the same rain but it did not appear to dampen their spirits. We did have one exciting episode when a small bolt of lightning struck a large hickory tree just outside the dining room, stripping the shag bark from part of the trunk. Fortunately, most of the camp were relaxing in their tents during the rest period. Lightning did strike a tree on the main road and disrupted our telephone service for a few hours. The evening activity after supper was a massive Bingo Game in the dining room-very popular with all ages camp.

WESDNESDAY: Clear, cool, and windy. Excellent wind for sailing and all the boats were kept active during the day. Tom Kemp took out a riding trip in the afternoon, and Mike Brough took three of his golfers to our golf course. The remainder of the camp enjoyed participating in the camp activities in a much more comfortable and much cooler atmosphere. The Trenton Falls trip returned in the late afternoon having experienced some bad weather but professing to have had a fine trip, nevertheless. After supper we all watched the movie, ”Deerslayer,” even though it was done in typical Hollywood fashion, with not too much authenticity involved.
THURSDAY: Weather — partly cloudy and breezy with sun showers in the late afternoon. Right after inspection we were told that Chenango had arrived on our field for a thirteen-and-under basaball game. The game lasted only three innings since we were quite unprepared for this particular participation: obviously, there was a schedule conflict! Following lunch Tom Kemp took a long riding trip which eventually ended up at Craig Lynn, Mrs. Pickett’s home, where they spent the evening and returned to camp the next day. The trip has been duly entitled “Bobcat Run” — Tom told us of having been kept awake most of tile night by bobcats barking during the night. Fortunately,

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Bobcats are quite harmless if not disturbed. The boys going on this trip were Scott Weldon, Larry Kohn, Price Koch, and Tes Woodward. At 4:30 p.m. John Mercer, Scott Carlton, John Spragins, Dave Gotshall, Fred Gale and Bill Thomas set out on a large trip to Rum Hill. They were transported by Hacker to the other side of the lake and hiked to the summit of the hill. In the group were Blake Goldsmith, Chip Kohlhepp, Bobby Peggs, Ted Reynolds, Barney Stevenson, Billy Ewing, Matt Brock, and David Pierce.

FRIDAY: Windy and sunny. A large group assembled in the wrestling room for wrestling practice. Others enjoyed archery, riding, tennis, and the waterfront. After lunch the boys who missed out on the cave portion of the Natty Bumpo trip last week were taken down to the Cave to investigate it. There were thirty in all who were shuttled back and forth. After supper the twelve—and-under baseball team played the Milford All-Stars and won the game, 15-2. A small group of ULs went into town to see the movie, “Born Free.”

SATURDAY: A repeat of yesterday, weatherwise. Because of this being the changeover weekend, we had everyone stay fairly close to camp except for four boys who joined Tom Kemp for an all—day riding excursion back into the hills. The sailing department was about as busy as they have been all summer. The twelve—and—over baseball team did travel to Chenango and lost by one run. There was stiff competition all throughout the game. There were no plays this week because of the change in the tents, but the staff put on a variety of skits which were most entertaining, in spite of the fact that there was very little pre—production practice. A few new boys arrived during the course of the day and a few departed.

SUNDAY: Warm and sunny with a gentle breeze. To quote our Day Man’s report “Today was a busy day.” we had twenty-odd boys leaving camp and a similar number joining us for the second month. The camp routine for Sunday went on as usual with trunk inspection and the church service at 10 00 a.m. Mr. Davison led the service, selecting the subject of Faith as his topic. He emphasized the fact that we must all have faith in ourselves in what we do. We wish to welcome all of our newcomers and express our thanks to all those who have left for the privilege of having had them with us! We hope each has benefitted from the camp experience. Three episodes of “The Green Archer” ended a busy day.

AN EARLY REMIDER: that our final Barbeque festivities take place on Saturday, August 20 at about 6:00 p.m. It would be wise for you to make or for you to ask us to make reservations for you as soon as your plans are definite.  In your plans, we might mention that you may take your Sons with you on Thursday night after the bonfire, which should be about 10:00 p.m., if you so wish. Most of the boys will be going on Sunday, August 21 shortly after breakfast at 8:00 a.m. The awards for the various wind-ups and other trophies are all given at the bonfire after the Barbeque and we would hope that none of you will wish to take your sons with you until after the program. More data wil1 come in the subsequent Homeletters. Please do not leave your reservations until the last minute- you may end up without one. Most of the places are requiring deposits, which we will make and add them to the incidental accout at the end of camp.

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