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Home Letter Volume 40, No. 3, July 18, 1966

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VOLUME 40             July 18, 1966                   No. 3
[Note that this is the same date as the last Homeletter; #2]

MONDAY: Clear, warm, and breezy - just enough wind for sailing. After breakfast another Susquehanna trip went out led by John Mercer, Jamie Flowers, and George Radcliffe. It included ULs and campers Billy Lynn, Gus Fryer, Tom Fisher, David Peggs, Charlie Stone, Mark Weldon, and Andy Wheeler. The Craft Shop was very active as was the waterfront with non-swimmers and Junior Life-savers. Water skiing and aquaplaning had many customers. In the A.M. we played our neighboring camp, Chenango, in a thirteen-and-under baseball game. We came out on the short end of the score, 3—1. In the forenoon, Mr. Hilliard took a group up Shadow Brook to gather clay for the handicraft department. They all came back wearing a good deal of the clay as well as carying it in buckets. By the time thatfive o’clock had rolled around, we had organized another trip to Lookout. Tom Kemp, Josh Shoemaker, John Schmick, headed up the group which included ULs and campers Neil Kocher, Winston Wood, Dave Tillapaugh, Whit Fish, and Sandy Pickett. During the evening hours we had a stickball game for those left in camp, and there was a great deal of excitement over the capture of a skunk in one of our Hav-a-Hart traps.
TUESDAY: Clear, quite hot, and enough breeze once more for sailing. It was go for a11 camp activities. We had an intramural swim meet at mid-day with an intramural stickball and basketball game after supper. Most of the day time activities centered around the waterfront, which has been the story of the first part of our season. All of our trips returned, and it was a very active and productive in-camp day. Chris West and John Spragins showed slides during the evening, which they had taken in Europe last summer. We will be seeing more of these in subsequent sittings.

WEDNESDAY: Slightly overcast-still hot with a slight breeze. A Natty Bumpo hiking trip left after breakfast under the leadership of Mr. Hilliard, Scott Carlton, Cris West, and Peter wilkins. Some of the ambitious hikers were Dyche Kinder, Ted Mehl, Randy Ryan, Tom Jordan, Bill Radcliffe, Mike Wilkins, and Jamie Hills. Our rolling stock on rubber was increased by the addition of a green VW bus which will supplement our transportation vehicles. It was duly christened and given the name of “The Green Archer,” which is the title of our Sunday night serial. The movie for the evening was “Wichita” — a Wyatt Earp story, starring Joel McCrea and Vera Milos.
THURSDAY: Windy, partly cloudy, and cooler. The morning was spent working on beginner swimming, wrestling, beginner water skiing, and all the rest of the in—camp activities. The twelve-and-over baseball team traveled to Chenango right after lunch. This time we emerged on top of the score, 6—3. John Clinnin had two hits and pitched very fine ball for seven innings before he was relieved by Bruce Rice. A large group biked to the game and three of our sailboats made their way via the water down to Chenango. Chooch Turner began some lessons in Lacrosse. There seems to be great deal of enthusiasm for this ancient game. Intramural games in the evening - touch football and basketball - and swimming afterwards were the action for the campers.

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FRIDAY: Clear, breezy, and much cooler - an ideal camp day. Shortly after breakfast Scott Carlton led an Up—the-Lake trip along with campers and ULs Bill Reid, Scott Calder, Corey Bock, Ted Mehl, and Gus Fryer. The Craft Shop was busy along with many boys to the archery range. All during this good weather, the tennis court has been used to its capacity with Jamie Flowers and Fred Gale running the show. John Marshak drove the Hacker for many hours of water skiing. The typing classes are progressing well under the tutelage of Perry Lerner. The twelve-and—under baseball team ate their dinner early in order to start their game with the Milford Little League team at 6:30 p.m. Hyde Bay won by a large score, 9-1. The ULs made their weekly trip to town. Some stayed in Cooperstown to watch the movie, “The Battle of the Bulge,” while others traveled to Vanhornesville to try their skill at bowling.

SATURDAY: Clear, cool in the morning — warm and calm in the afternoon. The twelve-and—under baseball team left camp for Chenango at 10:00 a.m. and lost a close game, 11—9. Riding had a full morning of activity along with theater practice for those giving plays in the evening. After lunch and rest period we we had a new that lasted until 5:30. We picked out seven councilors and four ULs and sent them out to hide on camp property during rest period. The remainder of the camp assembled on the porch and were given the rules of the game. At a signal they went out in search of the concealed men. Martin Jessup was the first to discover one of the hidden few - Dick Raymond. He was hidden in the mud covered by a culvert. John Mercer was the next to be discovered: it was a tie between Chip Kohlhepp and Jeff Roberts. We were over estimating the sleuthing powers of the hunters - no other men were found. The three that were successful received one day of free store and those not captured were given a free store also. After supper a group of tents joined Mr. Davison at the showers. The evening finally wound up with all assembled in the theater for the second set of tent plays. The play judged best was “The Uncle Freddie Show” given by Tent # 7. Best actor award went to Andy Beise for his portrayal of Uncle Freddie. The best actress award went to Dieter Snell with honorable mention to David Pierce. There will be no plays this Saturday because of the changeover. The next set will be on July 30. We will announce the tents in the next Homeletter.

SUNDAY: Quiet, sunny, clear, and rather hot. The morning was pretty well taken up by the Sunday Inspection and our church service which was led by Mr. Hunt Hilliard. He spoke on consideration of others and how this was related to all religions - his usual fine talk with some interesting observations. An intramural swim meet was held in the afternoon with the Waheeloes defeating the Badwangies and the Merkins overcoming the Penguins. The swimming meet was followed by the usual outdoor supper of barbequed hamburgs, chocolate milk, potato chips, pickles, and fresh plums. Tents # 63B and 2 went to town for the weekly inspection-winner run. The evening hours were devoted to the cartoons and serial movies.

We wish to thank all of you who have so promptly returned your tuit1on checks. Please let us know if you have any questions on the billing.

The telephone company has promised us our new phone by August 1 — a slight delay over the original date. The new number will be 264—3245.

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