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Home Letter Volume 40, No. 1, July 4, 1966

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VOLUME 40             July 4, 1966                   No. 1

THE HOMLETTER: is our method of informing you of your son’s week’s events. The boys write home each week but many items of interest are omitted. This edition begins the fortieth season of this pleasant tradition. We will be glad to send the Homeletter to any grandparent or other interested members of the camper’s family when requested. We will also continue to send this publication to former campers and councilors who have indicated their desire to receive it.
REPORTS: Included with this letter are the weekly camper reports. Reports for tutoring boys will also be included with this letter as well as with all subsequent letters. We will be glad to send a copy of the tutoring report to the respective school if the parents so desire.
ENROLLMENT: We have a full roster of campers this year with no camp vacancies in the first month. At this writing, we have only a few places to be filled during the second month. Some of these will, of course, be taken up by boys electing to remain over for the second month.
TENT LISTS: A tent list for July is enclosed with the intention that it will assist you in introducing you to the boys in your son’s tent as well as to his councilor. It will also aid in identifying the tents that will be performing on the stage in the tent plays on successive Saturday evenings throughout the summer. The curtain rises at 8:30p.m., and we welcome all guests. The tents producing plays this Saturday will be Tents # 63A 63B, 11, and 4.
SWIMMING TESTS: Frequently throughout the summer, we will be referring to various swimming tests. To interpret our terminology, we are describing the tests as follows -- the progression in distance being from "E" to "A":

      "E" -- around the float and back---about 50 yards
      "D" -- around the tower and back---about 150 yards or a little more.
      "C" -- swimming along the shoreline towards Cooperstown about 400 yards.              This test also includes mastering a few fundamental strokes as                well as diving fundamentals.
      "B" -- a yet longer swim with more emphasis placed on the mastery of                  some advanced strokes and advanced diving.
      "A" -- from Clark's Point to camp---a distance of about 3/4 of a mile.

All our swimming tests are done with a councilor rowing a boat along with the boy in the water.
OPENING DAY: Clear, hot, in the nineties! Our first official arrival was Billy Ewing who came in for breakfast, having spent the night at a nearby motel with his family. During the day about fifty boys passed their “D” test — all this as parents were delivering their boys to camp. The bus from the south arrived at supper time, bringing an additional twenty-eight campers. It was a very easy and smooth opening day.
MONDAY: Another clear, hot day which will be the story for the rest of the week. Many boys woke up very early which is quite natural for the first full day of the season.  The first call went at 7:45 and all were seated in the dining room for breakfast at 8:00 and devoured many, many of Henry’s pancakes. Naturally, with the good weather, the main activity centered around the waterfront. The tutoring school opened its doors to the July enrolled students — some more eager than others. We also began our typing classes which have attracted a goodly number of willing students. The first day always is a ######################################################

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camp. thirty wmre “D” tests were passed. A new game for Hyde Bay - stick ball - was introduced and will be a part of our intramural program.
TUESDAY: Another hot day but during all this period we have had cool nights for sleeping. Our first Susquehanna went out in the morning under the guidance of councilors John Mercer, Dave Gotshall, and Jeff Levi. Included in the ULs and campers were Charlie Fisher, Dave Clinnin, and Larry Sager with twelve campers. After an active day of water skiing and water activities, a group of twenty six climbed the mountain behind camp and made camp on top of Lookout. This group was led by Scott Carlton, Bill Thomas, Chooch Turner, and Josh Shoemaker with campers and ULs Matt Brock, Tom Ratcliff, Philip Henneman, Marty Jessup, and Jeff Roberts. This made a total of 43 on the ground for this night.
WEDNESDAY: Repeat of the previous weather. More water action occupied the morning Linc Fasch hooked a two-pound large mouth bass, and all the ardent fishermen immediately took to the water to try their luck. In the afternoon, a large group of the youngest campers went to “Snow Glutch,” which is a rock formation with deep crevasses, one of which holds a vast amount of snow from the preceding winter. Another group went to Sunken Islands across the lake - also a rock formation just below the surface of the the water – an area referred to in Cooper’s books. In the evening, we had our first full length 16mm movie. “Two Rode Together” with James Stewart and Richard Widmark was in color.
THURSDAY: Departing just after breakfast was the second Susquehanna trip. John Mercer, Ricky Coupe, and Rusty Pickett led the expedition which included George Helfrich, Stewart Wise, John Wilson, John Brooks, and Richard Johnson. Scotty Carlton took another group of boys to nearby Shadow Brook to collect items for the nature department. Riding went into full swing as did the baseball contingent. During the afternoon more boys went to “Snow Glulch” and brought back bags full of snow and ice. All this on a ninety degree day here in camp. In In the evening we had Stickball  and Dodgeball for the after—supper games along with before-bed swimming. The late swimming has been most popular each night with lots of takers.
FRIDAY:. Taking advantage of the continued good weather, we sent out another Susquehanna. Tim Pitts, Scott Carltoon, and Chris West, were in charge. The campers and ULs in the six canoes included Bobby Tucker, Dick Raymond, John Clinnin, Paul Pickett, Peter Balk, Jonathan Clapp, and Scotty Calder. Another group went to Sunken Islands with Tom Kemp in charge. He took Ray Athey, Robert Knauss, Pres Huidekoper, and Gomez Canham among others. During rest period we opened classes for Junior Life Saving. This is offered to all l2—year—olds and up to l5-years plus the 11-year-olds who are entering the seventh grade in the fall. The UL trip to town in the evening was divided into two groups - one going to the movie “My Fair Lady” and the other to bowling in Vahornesvilie. The campers in camp took part in swimming, stickball and foursquare.
SATURDAY: Just after inspection the remaining boys who had not passed their “D” test came to the swimming area for the first instructional class of the summer. These clases will continue daily until all have passed this test. Starting very soon, we will also run classes in strokes and diving. By noon all campers were back from the various trips and in—camp activities were as active as the weather and heat would permit – obviously modified to some degree. After supper and store, we saw Walt Disney’s technicolor film, “Third Man on the Mountain” starring James MacArthur.
SUNDAY: Heat wave continues unabated. We are consoled somewhat by almost always having a breeze off the lake. Each Sunday immediately after breakfast the boys go to their tents to clean up for .Sunday trunk inspection. At 10:00 a.m. all assemble in the theater for our short informal worship service. The first Sunday is traditionally led by the Director. The topic this Sunday was concerned with sources of happiness that are well within everyone’s reach. Water baseball and greased watermelon games were the activities of the afternoon. It was good way to keep cool on a very hot day. Following our usual outdoor Sunday night supper, Tents # 2 and 4 went to town for the Inspection trip and then the camp viewed our Sunday night movies. A good active week! TELEPHONE NUMBER CHANGE: On or about July 7, Hyde Bay’s new number:264-3246

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