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Home Letter Volume 39, After Camp, September 20, 1965

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VOLUME 39             September 20, 1965                   After Camp

                (This includes the final week’s Activities)
MONDAY: Clear, very warm - a cooling breeze later in the day. The center pole for the Bonfire was placed in position early in the morning. Finals of the water skiing were also completed in the forenoon. After lunch the UL wind—up boating events were held. The rest of the camp enjoyed sailing, archery, and riding. After dinner the final class was held for all those who had not finished the N.Y. Boating course. At 8:00 p.m. everyone went to the theater for the usual Wednesday night movie, “Indian Uprising,” starring George Montgomery. We showed the feature film early in the week because the council play was scheduled for Wednesday.
TUESDAY: Clear, hot with a light breeze. The tennis team journeyed to Cooperstown in the morning and won their match 6-2 against the Cooperstown Country Club. Those participating were the Turner brothers, Chooch and Harry, John Schmick, Blake Goldsmith, Jamie Hills, and Ned Welbourn along with Coach Jamie Flowers. After lunch the councilors played the twelve-and-over baseball team and emerged the victors by a narrow margin. This game is always highly contested. Immediately after dinner a group of men from Cooperstown came up to play us a game of “Slow Pitch.” We acted as good hosts and the Cooperstown contingent won the game by two runs. We hope to have other meets with them next season. After the ball game the camp was entertained by the finals of the wrestling tournament. It is difficult to remember when the matches have been more exciting to watch. The team coached by Peter Black was the winner over John Brigg’s team.
Wednesday: Hot, humid, cloudy, and hazy. When we awoke in the morning much excitement prevailed on the Waterfront. We discovered that the Bonfire had been blown over by a heavy storm the preceding night. It was with many volunteers and hands that the fire was once more completed by noontime. This time we chained and guyed it so that the episode would not be repeated. Junior and Senior Life Saving courses wound up. Many haircuts were given who had not been able to make it into town to be shorn. The councilors put the finishing touches on their play for the evening. After supper at about 8:30 we were all invited to the theater to witness a very fine show, “The Wizard of Oz.” It will go down in our records as one of the outstanding productions. The entire cast was exceptional.
BARBEQUE DAY: Cloudy, very windy with some showers. The morning was spent packing and getting ready for departure from camp. This seems to take the greater portion of the day. As the tents finished packing their trunks, they went to the showers for a final cleaning up. A few had the opportunity in the afternoon to enjoy a last minute sail, swim, or tennis match. Many parents began arriving in the morning and were able to do some of these activities with their Sons. It, fortunately, cleared off well enough for us to have the Barbeque start at eh scheduled 6:00 p.m. hour. After all had partaken of the chicken, the Director initiated the festivities with a few pertinent words summing up the season. He also was waiting for the wind to die down enough to allow us to light the Bonfire. Unfortunately, this never did come about and for the first time in thirty nine years, the decision was made, for safety purposes, to not light the fire. We were all disappointed but there was really no choice. We were most pleased and honored to have Commodore Walter Lord back with us for the final awards. In his own inimitable fashion he

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he presented the cup for the Eight-inch Regatta to winner Warren Brown. We would also like to reiterate that Ted Mehl was awarded the trophy for the Outstanding Camper of the 1965 season. Dyche Kinder was runner-Up. You all at this point have seen the various awards and trophies and ribbons that your boys received, and they are all to be congratulated. They were well deserved. Many boys left with their parents after the awards. The rest remained until morning.
PREPARATION OR THE WINTER: After the majority of the boys had left early in the morning, twelve by bus and train with Jeff Levi in charge, and the rest by car, the staff began dismantling the equipment, the dock, tower and tent platforms. The beds were stored in the Russelorum, rowboats canoes, kyaks, and sailfish in the Lodge, comets to the Theater, tents and mattresses to Little Bohemia. Some of the tent platforms are kept out to shutter the windows on the buildings. This was all completed by Saturday noon at which time the councilors departed in their various directions. The Hilliards and Davisons stayed on until Sunday morning and the Carltons left Tuesday morning after helping us close the rest of the camp for the winter. We left on Thursday for a short vacation in Canada. Mother is now residing at her home, Craig Lynn, but will shortly be going to Cooperstown for the winter. We are not back in Milton with schools having started and getting caught up on the desk work!!
REPORTS: All tutoring reports have been sent out to the various schools and parents’ copies are enclosed with this Homeletter. If there are any questions in regard to the summer tutoring, please let us know and we will be glad to assist you if we can. We sincerely hope that the boys’ work during the summer will show its value during the school year. Most of them worked very hard.
LOST ARTICLES: All the left-behind articles that had name tapes have been sent home. If you are still missing something, let us know and we will attempt to track it down.
BILLS: Enclosed are the bills for the incidental expenses plus additional tutoring charge and tuition adjustments incurred during the course of the summer. We hope there are no errors — kindly call it to our attention if you feel there are any discrepancies. Please note: We have received one check to the amount of $l00.00 with an unidentifable signature and no return address on the envelope. It has been deposited but will not show up on the appropriate bill as credit. We will await further information from its writer.
A WORD OF THANKS: Thank you very much for a most pleasant summer with your sons. Just as in past years, they have made it a most successful camp season. The council did a wonderful job and all went as smoothly as we could possibly have asked for. As in our policy, we want to hear from you of any constructive or adverse criticisms you may have. We will consider all such comments seriously - some things can be remedied and others cannot. Many parents and boys have indicated their wish to return next summer. During the early part of February we will be sending you the official card for you to designate your specific plan for 1966. We would be happy to hear from you sooner and urge all applications for UL and Councilor positions to be in early.
Our Christmas letter will be sent out in December
REMINDER: We would kindly ask you to address ALL correspondence from now until June 1, 1966 to:

          Mr Robert A Pickett               Our telephone number is
          223 Central Avenue
          Milton, Mass. 02187               Area code 617 - 696—2669

We would be pleased to see you or hear from you at any time during the winter. If any of you are in the Boston area, please do not hesitate to call.

Again, all the Picketts join together in wishing you and your families a most pleasant fall and winter.

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