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Home Letter Volume 39, No. 3, July 12, 1965

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VOLUME 39             July 12, 1965                   No. 3

MONDAY: Clear in the morning with threatening thunder showers predicted for the afternoon. This prediction materialized with the much needed rain. The morning was spent with the usual camp activities. Shortly after mi1k and cookies the first hiking trip to Nebo set forth under the guidance of John Mercer, Lawry Pickett, Bill Schempp, and UL John Schmick. Some of those undertaking this new venture were John Brooks, Fred Reynolds Steve Johnson, Steve Nall, Joe Sullivan and Tim Smith. This is between an eight and nine hike. They eat lunch on Lookout and continue on to Nebo for an overnight stay. Since this day was the legal holiday, we took our annual Fourth of July “Snow Glutch” trip. This is an area about five miles from camp consisting of a series of crevices. The snow, during the winter, lodges in the cracks and will stay there all summer long. Boys returned with bags full of snow an made the inevitable snowballs when they returned. Enjoying this rather unusual summer sport were Marshall Calder, Cullen Dwyer, Charlie Stone, Ted Reynolds along with several other campers. Fireworks that had been brought to camp and sparklers provided by camp were set off in between thunder showers during the course of the evening. Toasted marshmallows were the grand final.
TUESDAY: Very clear, cool, and breezy which provided a fine day for sailing. Shortly after breakfast the second Susquehanna went out. Scott Carlton, Chip O’Brien, and Bill Schiess took the group which included Steve Hyde, Ray Athey, Mike Fish, Page West, and Bob Pucker . The “Snow Clutch” trip was repeated in the afternoon with Alton Davison in charge along with Bill Holaday. They were joined by campers Paul Crosby, Tom Fisher, Mike Hilliard, and Pete Spragans. After supper football and volleyball were enjoyed by those left in camp.
WEDNESDAY: Cool, breezy, and clear. At 10:15 a.m. we took a load of four canoes to the foot of the Lake where the first Up-the-Lake trip was to begin. Hunt Hilliard was in charge of the trip assisted by John Mercer, Bob Hedley, and Steve Cunningham. Corky Eannace, Tom Prior and Charlie Fisher were in this group. Due to high winds and waves we were forced to pick up this trip before they headed across the bay on the return trip. During the afternoon several non-swimmers passed their “D” test. Marty Bladen and Eric Reid were two of this ambitious number. In the evening we had the entertaining film, “The Whackiest Ship in the Army,” starring Jack Lemmon and Ricky Nelson.
THURSDAY: After a rainy night it was cloudy and overcast in the morning but gradually warmed up and cleared up during the day. After breakfast another Susquehanna trip set sail down the river with John Mercer, John Briggs, and Bill Bergstrom in charge of the canoes and in charge of campers Ned Welbourn, Pete Stephens, Sandy Pickett, Perry Fisher, Jerry McKenna, and Pete Wilkins among others. The second overland hike to Nebo departed later in the morning. Lawry Pickett, Ricky Coupe, and Bill Holaday took this trip. Their campers included Ken Earll, Phil Rudd, and about fifteen others. The craft shop was very busy all day. The previous day Mr. Hilliard had supervised a group that brought back a new supply of clay from Shadow Brook to be used in molding. A special note: as of today a total of 88 boys have spent at least one night on the ground. This, obviously, includes some that have been out more than once.
FRIDAY: A clear, quiet, warm, and sunny day. All the sailboats were active

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In the morning. Our senior baseball team journeyed to nearby Camp Chenango for their first of a series of baseball games and emerged the victors with a score of 6-4. There was no outstanding play by anyone — everyone contributed to the score.  Spectators for the game went forth both on foot and via water. In the evening a small group of ULs went to Vanhornesville for their Friday night of bow1ing. Pete Stephens was high scorer for the evening.
SATURDAY: Slight rainfall before 8:OO a.m. and a very pleasant day  by milk and cookies time at 11:20. All activities were in a go state. Immediately after milk and cookies the annual Hot Rock contest was begun and occupied a great majority of the campers throughout the day. This contest consists of hiding rocks of various sizes, which are marked by paint, in places where rocks are not normally found. The rooks have individual values. The winners will be announced in next week’s letter. George Radcliffe initiated a sailing instruction course to familiarize boys with the structure and mechanics of sailing. Tents #2, 53A, and 3 gave their plays in the evening. Tent #1 was not quite ready and will be included with next week’s plays which are Tents # 7, 8, 6, and 53B. The judges voted Tent #3 to have the best play of the week. The best actress award went to Bill Radcliffe, with honorable mention to Larry Jerome. Dyche Kinder was the best actor and Pete Spragins had honorable mention.
SUNDAY: Clear, cool, and sunny. Before our usual trunk inspection, Mr. Hilliard led our church service. He spoke about caring for and loving one another as well as being concerned with people in general. He presented a very fine talk and thoughts. After a fried chicken dinner and rest period we had two groups playing water baseball. The winners of each team will receive a free store. Inspection winners, Tents #3 and a tie between #14 and 10,went to Cooperstown for purchase 25 cents worth of goodies. Three movies on auto racing were shown to the campers at night.
OMISSION: We are very sorry to have left but one of our councilors in the council resume. Daryl Young from Bethel, Maine is here for his sixth season, four as a camper and two as a councilor. He attended Gould Academy last year and is working on the waterfront.
AN UNPLEASANT DUTY: We regretfully released councilor Bob Hedley from our staff this past week. This is not an easy or pleasant task to have to do, but direct disobedience of one of our out—of-camp rules gave us no alternative choice. His dismissal has been explained to the campers and council. Bill Schempp has taken over rent #18. The void in the waterfront department is being most ably filled by John McCay and Jack Poeba.
A REMINDER: The halfway mark is fast approaching. This means that we need to have the full information from all incoming and outgoing boys concerning their arrivals and departures.
First month boys: Kindly return the enclosed CARD as soon s possible with the pertinent information. We have been advised via the boy that, in some cases he wishes to remain for the second half. We will so indicate this on the respective reports - to be confirmed by the parents in the near future. We will hold their places open until we receive definite information. All those wishing to stay for the second month are welcome provided we have parental confirmation.
The mimeographed enclosure is self-explanatory. You are perfectly free to do exactly as you wish regarding it.
Second month boys: We still have a few “Arrival Cards” outstanding that we have not yet received. We would appreciate your sending them at once so we may arrange things properly. The important date is:
Friday, July 23 --- Dinner is served at 1:30 p.m. and supper is at 6:15 p.m. It will facilitate us greatly if your arrival is either before or after these times.
THANK YOU: We wish to thank all those who have so promptly returned their tuition checks. Please let us know if you have any questions on the bills.


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