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Home Letter Volume 38, No. 6, July 27, 1964

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VOLUME 38             July 27, 1964                   No. 6

[Note that the date is the same as last week; No. 5]

BASEBALL DAY: Extremely hot with light clouds. Just about the entire day was devoted to preparing for, going to, and returning from the Hall of Fame Game at Doubleday Field between the Washington Senators and the New York Mets. A small group including Mike Richardson, Jeff Levi, Peter Black, and Ricky Coupe went into town early ahead of the large contingent of campers to make an attempt to get autographs from the various notables at the game. Dave Tillapaugh, a resident of camp and Cooperstown, left early to park cars in his father’s driveway. He had the honor of assisting Mr. Casey Stengel in putting his car in the proper spot. The 84 other spectators had a picnic lunch at Fairy Springs and then hiked into the Field. They were all shuttled back to camp after a very hot and muggy afternoon. The Senators won the game, 6-4.

TUESDAY: Clear, hot, and breezy. The second Trenton Falls trip of the summer left this morning directed by Dick Carlton, Chuck Pierce, Perry Winston, Todd Mulvenny, and McKee Lundberg with fifteen campers under their various wings. Scotty Carlton took another group of boys up the gorge, carrying their milk and cookies, to find food for the raccoon and chipmunks. The Comets and Sailfish were very busy what with the extremely fine sailing wind. Shortly before supper, Tents # 11 and 14 left for the Willows. The rest of the camp participated in the various intramura1 games.

WEDNESDAY: Sunny and warm; rain at 3:30 p.m. for about one half hour. At about 9:30 a.m. the second Round—the-Lake trip set sail with Hunt Hilliard paddling stern in the first canoe. Assisting Mr. Hilliard were Andy Astmann, Nick King, and Daryl Young. Some of the lucky ones on this trip included Doug Carmichel, Jonathan Daily, Mark Dietzgen, Billy Ebeling, John Ford, and about seven other campers. Tents # 7 and 8 along with Scott Carlton joined the original crew at Fairy Springs for the evening and a hike to Natty Bumppo the next morning. The usual camp activities, of course, were in full swing all day. In the evening, those staying in camp were entertained by the first showing of “Thunder of Drums” in technicolor.

THURSDAY: In the A.M. - cool with brisk winds. In the P.M.—sunny with a strong westerly wind. The morning was spent with all camp activities busy. A group of beginners learned a little more about water skiing as well as aquaplaning. A similar program was carried out in the afternoon. At 5:00 a Lookout trip started out with Lawry Pickett, Bill Bergstrom, and John McCay as the leaders. The 21 campers included Tim Bennett, Jeff Comfort, Russell Reitz, Harry Turner, Page West, and Marty Zoubek. We repeated the Wednesday night movie for those who had returned from the Trenton Fall trip.

FRIDAY: Clear and windy. The swimming team had a practice session in the morning. Three different classes were held in sailing: beginners, intermediate, and advanced. With these three divisions we have been able to include a great number of campers in the sailing program. Right after lunch the 12—and-over baseball team went to Chenango where they soundly defeated

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a reportedly new and improved second month team by a score of l7-l. The only casualty was Ricky Coupe who had a collision with an opposing player and required three sutures in the top of his head. Peter Black, a newcomer to the mound, pitched a 2-hit ball game. In the evening the UL trip went to town and bowling. The high scorer was once more Peter Black. He had quite a day for himself!!

THE FIRST DAY OF AUGUST: Cool, exceptionally clear. After the morning inspection, the l2-and-under softball team encountered a like team from Chenango. As has been the case in past games, we were victorious by a lopsided score of 20—4. All players performed very well. Following lunch the annual Picture Treasure Hunt commenced. A series of Polaroid pictures were taken during the course of the morning of various unusual spots and things around camp. These pictures are posted and teams of six spend the afternoon finding the area or object depicted and describing them in ten words or less. The committee is still reading the entries and will arrive at a decision shortly. As the councilors were not actively involved in this event they voluntarily marched down to the front of camp as a body, sang the theme song of “The Bridge on the River Kwai.” They proceded to fill our Chevy truck with beach muck and clained a record time of 99 seconds. After several loads, they all walked off the end of the dock in their various work attire. The plays were once more the culmination of the day’s activities in lieu of a best actress, the judges voted to award tw best actor prizes instead. John Spragins and Bruce Danzer were the worthy recipients. The best play of the evening was Tent # 15 for their take-off on “Lawrence of Arabia” which they entitled “Clarence of Deadwood.” The William Clark V provided their interpretations between plays. Lou Higgins was a new face in the quintet.

SUNDAY: Warm and cloudy. Trunk inspection, showers, and tent cleaning were the chores of the morning The inspiration of the morning was Hunt Hilliard Who conducted the church service, talking on the fact that each of us has a very specific role in our communities. Mike McQuilkin was the pianist for the hymn singing. Hunt passed on some pertinent thoughts which we would all do well to assimilate. After a fine turkey dinner and subsequent rest period the junior swimmers assembled on the dock for an afternoon swimming meet within our intramural program. The boys in tents # 9 and 11 went to Cooperstown for the inspection—winning trip as soon as we had all finished our outdoor supper. Two reels of educational movies were shown for the rest of the camp.
Cards: It is most important that you return the enclosed card in the very near future. The headings on it are self explanatory; kindly fill in.

FINAL BARBEQUE: We again repeat our invitation to the Barbeque on Thursday, August 20. We reluctantly must limit it, however, to parents, brothers, sisters, and grandparents of campers. We anticipate a Barbeque of about 300 persons, and all this information is vital to our final plans. We would appreciate your early cooperation. In view of frequent cool nights, we strongly advise bringing warm clothes and coats. The ceremonies will take place outdoors and last about two hours and the evening gets chillier as it progresses. A flashlight is also a tremendous help in getting back to your car. The dress is informal - wear what you are comfortable in for sitting outside.

TRAVEL PLANS: We will have a supervised bus and train group from Cooperstown to N.Y. and then southward. We must know how many will be going in this way in order to confirm the bus arrangements. The bus Leave here early on Friday morning, August 21. The times will given later.
The mimeographed enclosure is also self-explanatory of Hyde Bay custom. You are perfectly free to do exactly as you wish regarding it.

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