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Home Letter Volume 38, No. 4, July 20, 1964

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VOLUME 38             July 20, 1964                   No. 4

MONDAY:  ocoasiona1 rain starting early in the morning and continuing throughout the day with slight c1earing after dinner. We always welcome a rain since it gives us an opportunity to send trips to the Baseball and Farmer’s Museums. Rainy days have been few and far between this summer thus far. Three different groups went to the Baseball Museum in the morning and involved about forty-two boys. A smaller trip went to the Farmers museum during the afternoon. This is a longer sojourn and a few boys at a time are better. The Craft shop was open all day as was swimming. Because of the wet ground no overnight trips went out. The camp simply slowed its pace somewhat and enjoyed an easy day.

TUESDAY: Clearing In the morning, warm and breezy. Short1y after breakfast Frank Pine and Scott Carlton took a nature hunt down Shadow Brook and returned with many frogs, crayfish, bull heads, and salamanders. They also brought back many varieties and specimens of water plants to go into the newly acquired aquariums. Mike Hilliard caught a large garter snake under his family’s porch; two chipmunks were trapped in our new Have—a-Heart traps. There was ample good wind for a great deal of sailing. On the waterfront, we devoted most of the day to working with beginners in water skiing. many were successful, including Bucky Stissel who was able to travel from our dock to the tower sitting down on the water skiis.

WEDNESDAY: Sunny, warm, and windy - excellent sailing. The boats were in operation all day. The first red squirrel was trapped and brought in during the morning. We have begun to make cages to house our wildlife. Laundry was in and out in the usual fashion. In the early afternoon, another class was held for beginning water skiiers. The latter part of the afternoon saw another large Nebo trip set forth under the leadership of Lawry Pickett, John McCay, and Nick King. Archery, riding, and wrestling had many customers throughout the day. The United States Mail was negligent and failed to bring our usual Wednesday night movie to us. We will have it at a future date.

THURSDAY: Clear and warm. The morning started off with a large Sunken Islands trip with Scott Carlton, Todd Mulvenny, and Steve Cunningham in charge. The transportation was taken care of by the ST37, canoes, and Sailfish. They all rendevoused at the Islands which are a rock formation in the middle of our lake referred to in Cooper’s tales. The boys are able to swim here, use their swim masks, and often see fish in and around the rocks. In the afternoon the fourth member of our new canoe fleet joined the rest of the family - this being a group of fiberglass canoes that we are using for lake travel. Frank Pine, Chip O’Brien, Jamie Flowers, and John Briggs took twenty boys to Nebo for the night. After supper we had a second round game in Touch Football in our intramural program. This has become a very active and popular sport which is then followed by a late swim. Tents # 6 and 53B took themselves to the the Willows for an overnight supper and breakfast excursion.

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FRIDAY: Clear, hot with moderate winds. An Up—the-Lake trip got off to an early start in the morning with Dick Carlton, Dave Wilber, Lou Higgins, and 10 boys making the voyage. After inspection our sailing team took to the Comets for an all day racing series with a neighboring camp Chenango. Hyde Bay won all four races: Skipper Rusty Pickett with Pope Brock as crew won three and Skipper Bill Schiess with a crew of Ricky Coupe won the fourth. In the early afternoon John Diamond took a group of eight boys to a favorite swimming spot - Sunken Islands. About four—thirty Tents # 2 and 3 journeyed to the Willows for a night out on the ground. The rest of the camp enjoyed more activity in the intramural Touch Football and Volleyball.

SATURDAY: Hot with an increasing wind throughout the day. With this wind the sailboats were constantly active. At milk and cookies time, the annual Hot Rock contest began. This is a hunt for rocks that have been painted with various colors and inscriptions that have specific values. They are hidden in and around the camp area where rocks are not usually found. Well over three quarters of the campers participated with ninety per cent of the rocks found. Neil Kocher came out on top cash wise and Doug Cornish won the most number of items at the store. This contest along with the various water front activities occupied about everyone most of the day. After supper and hot showers, we were again entertained at the theater by an excellent group of tent plays. A special award went to Chris Smith who played the part of a narrator and who really carried not only his part but the entire play as well. Honorable mention for a special award went to Dave Dillon. The best actress award was given to John Cooley and the outstanding actor award went to Dave Clinnin. The star play of the evening was Tent # 53B. The in-between-play entertainment was again provided by the William Clark V Minus I with the addition of some community singing by the audience. Jeff Cole and Ricky Coupe were new additions to the “V.”

SUNDAY: Hot and windy and humid. The first part of the morning saw the usual A.M. procedures of getting cleaned up in and around the tents, in and around the trunks and footlockers, and hot showers provided the “personal” touch. Mr. Davison gave us a fine talk in church om the meaning of Time - from the standpoint of the calendar, mathematics, the clock, of doing good and its relation in religion. We decided to make this a relaxing day due to the continued hot humid weather. Everyone seemed content to take things at a little slower pace. Roger Anderson and Scott Phillips joined Walter Rogers for a few holes of golf in the afternoon. Tents # 2 and 9 were the Inspection winners for the week and made the weekly trip to Cooperstown after supper. The remainder of the camp saw the educational movies.

DELAY: Due to unavoidable delays we are going to include this Homeletter with the following week and will send reports and all pertinent material in together. We hope you will forgive us — it should not be repeated.

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