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Home Letter Vol. 37, After Camp, September, 1963

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VOLUME 37             September, 1963                   After-Camp

MONDAY: Cold and foggy in the early morning but clearing speedily by midday. UL final wind-up boating events were run off simultaneously with the intermediate wind-up swimming contests. At mid-morning we sent a group of six to Chenango for an Archery meet. Billy Lynn was high scorer and Hyde Bay won by twenty six points. In the afternoon, the twelve-and-over baseball team journeyed to Chenango for their last encounter. Hyde Bay again ended the season with a victorious score of 6 - 5. The latter part of the afternoon was occupied with coordinating three overnight trips: Doug Coupe, John Young, and Bill Bergstrom led a trip to Rum Hill; Lawry Pickett, McKee Lundberg, and Randy Burwell hiked a group to Lookout; and, Bill Howland took his tent, Mouldy City, to the Willows. The rest spent a quiet evening at camp.

TUESDAY: Light rain in the morning followed by a sunny afternoon. Our sailing races continued. More firewood was brought in for the final bonfire, which was built and completed in the afternoon. Inspection winners from the preceding week plus the second place winners from the Nature Hunt went to town for ice cream. In the evening we had the consolations and finals of the wrestling tournament. It was one of our most enthusiastic tournaments in many years.

WEDNESDAY: A beautiful camp day!! In the morning a group of experienced archers came from Syracuse to give us demonstrations in this ancient art. Those not watching the archery exhibition participated in water skiing wind-ups along with aquaplaning. In the evening old and new camp movies were shown at the theater, providing many chuckles and interesting moments.

BARBEQUE DAY: Another ideal camp day. We are always thankful for days such as this one on the last days of camp--for packing, loading, and barbeque purposes. The morning was occupied by packing trunks, cleaning campers, finding lost clothes, and generally getting ready for the final festivities. The few remaining wind-up events were run off in the afternoon while the rest of the camp welcomed their parents and enjoyed the other camp activities. It was most pleasant to see so many parents arrive early and participate in some of those activities.

At about 6:00 p.m. we started eating barbequed chicken with well over three hundred persons joining in. During the bonfire, the awards and trophies were presented, and we would like to once more congratulate all those campers who received recognition. Special mention should go to Billy Reid who received a riding crop for being the most improved rider in camp. Steve Hyde was voted the outstanding camper this season. A very fine and rewarding evening for all of us and for all those concerned. Many boys left with their parents that evening. The rest remained overnight to leave the following morning.

PREPARATION FOR THE WINTER: After the majority of boys had left early in the morning, seventeen by bus and train, and the rest with their parents, the staff began dismantling the equipment: the dock, tower, tent platforms, and beds to the Russelorum; rowboats, canoes, kyaks, and Sailfish in the Lodge; Comets to the theater; mattresses and tents to Little Bohemia. Some tent platforms were reserved to shutter the windows on the buildings. This was all completed by Saturday noon when the Councilors departed in their various directions. The Hilliards and Davlsons remained until Sunday morning. The Garvers arrived on Monday for a few days' visit in transit from Nova Scotia to Baltimore.

Camp is now completely tightly closed for the winter months. Mother will take her apartment in Cooperstown shortly, and we are back in Milton readying for the beginning of school.

REPORTS: All tutoring reports have been sent out to the various schools and respective parents. If there are any questions in regard to the summer tutoring, please let us know and we will be glad to assist you if we can. We sincerely hope that the boys' work during the summer will help them during the ensuing school year.

LOST ARTICLES: The number of articles left behind this year seems to be less than usual. All that had names on have been sent home. There are still a few things which we have at Milton that can be forwarded if we know the owners.

BILLS: Enclosed are the bills for the incidental expenses incurred during the course of the summer. These will include adjustments for tutoring that might be necessary plus the unpaid tuition balance. We hope there are no errors; kindly call it to our attention if you feel there are any discrepancies.

WORD OF THANKS: Thank you very much for a most pleasant summer with your sons. Just as in years past, they have made it a successful camp season. The Council did a wonderful job and all went as smoothly as we could possibly have asked for. As is our policy, we want to hear any complaints as well as the good things you felt about camp. We will consider all such comments seriously; some things can be remedied and some things cannot.

Many parents and boys have already indicated that they wish to return next summer. During the early part of February we will be sending you the official card for you to designate your specific plans for 1964.

Our Christmas letter will be sent in early December.

REMINDER: We would kindly ask you to address ALL, correspondence from now until June 1, 1964 to:

Mr. Robert A. Pickett Our telephone number is:
225 Central Avenue  
Milton 87, Mass. Area code. 617 -OXford 6-2669

We would be pleased to see you or hear from you at any time during the winter. If any of you are in the Boston area, please do not hesitate to call.

Again, all the Picketts join together in wishing you and your families a most pleasant fall and winter.

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