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VOLUME 35             October 1, 1962                   After-Camp

THE ENDING: The last few days of camp were very good to us weatherwise. We were able to finish up our wind—up events with very little or few complications. The finals of the wrestling tournament were held on Monday night; the riding show went off as scheduled with a great deal of precision on Tuesday afternoon. A Willows trip went out in the late afternoon after the riding show. You have all heard by now the events of this last week from a first hand source.

BARBEQUE: We were more than pleased to have so many of our parents join us at camp for our final barbeque. Approximately three hundred ate chicken together at Hyde Bay. Only a dozen or so boys made the bus and train trip. Again, the weather man cooperated fully to provide us with a lovely evening complete with a fine sunset. It was most enjoyable to be able to present to you the seven alumni who were present--Jim Dresser, Prescott Huidekoper, Walter Lord, Billy Lynn, Larry Pickett, Herb Pickett, and John Young. They truly represented the long and the short of our Hyde Bay years!

READYING FOR THE WINTER MONTHS: The councilors remained on for another day and a half to take down tents, bring in the dock, put boats, beds, and mattresses away in the various buildings for storage during the long winter months. Shortly after noon on Saturday all but a few had departed in various directions. The Garvers were with us for a few days the following week in transit from Nova Scotia to Baltimore. Mother departed for Europe for about a six weeks tour of many countries before her return on October 16. The Mouldies stayed at camp to finish the final many odds and ends of closing until September 15. We are now well entrenched in Milton with schools in full swing and looking forward to another busy year.

REPORTS: All tutoring reports have been sent out to the various schools and respective parents. If there are any questions in regard to tutoring, please let us know and we will be glad to assist you. We sincerely hope that the boys’ work during the summer will well behoove them during the coming school year.

LOST ARTICLES: The number of articles left behind this year seems to be less than usual. We would like to think it is because they were well marked at the beginning of the summer. We have mailed off what we could identify and hope there are no other major losses.

BILLS: Enclosed are the bills for the incidental expenses incurred during the course of the summer. These will include adjustments for tutoring that might be necessary plus the unpaid tuition balance. We hope there are no
errors; kindly call it to our attention if you feel there are any discrepancies.

CATALOGUE: We are now in the process of making up our new catalogue and should have plenty of copies on hand by the first of the year. Let us know

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of anyone you would like a copy sent to.

A WORD OF THANKS: Thank you very much for a most pleasant summer with your sons. They made it a successful camp; the council did a wonderful job and all ran as smoothly as we could possibly have asked for. As is our policy, we want to hear any complaints as well as the good things you all felt about camp. To use a pet phrase of mine, please do not suffer in silence. Some things can be remedied; some things cannot. We always attempt to do our best in any controversial situation. Many parents and boys have indicated that they wish to be back with us next summer. During the early part of February we will be sending you the official card for you to designate your specific plans for 1963. We will also be sending out our Christmas letter in December.

REMINDER: I would kindly ask you to address ALL correspondence from now until June 1, 1963 to:  Mr. Robert A. Pickett
                  223 Central Avenue
                  Milton 87, Mass.
Our telephone number is:
      Code No. 617 OXford 6-2669

We would all be pleased to see or hear from you at any time. If any of you are in the Boston area; please do not hesitate to drop in and see us.

All the Picketts join together in wishing you and your families a most pleasant fall, winter, and spring.

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