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Home Letter Volume 36, No. 4, July 23, 1962

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Hyde Bay Home Letter

VOLUME 36                 July 23, 1962                 No. 4

MONDAY: Warm and sunny. After breakfast we sent out our first Trenton Falls trip under the leadership of Dick Carlton, assisted by Bob Cunningham, Jock McQuilkin, and Walt Rogers. The packs were loaded on top of the Rover station wagon, the six canoes were lashed to the canoe trailer which was towed by the bus; and, they set out for a three day trip to the very picturesque area in the middle of the Adirondack Park. There, they spend their time canoeing, hiking, and swimming through the gorges, lakes, and rivers. In addition to the councilors, a total of sixteen boys make the trip. This is an excursion reserved for boys staying at camp beyond the four week period and who have passed their Junior Life Saving and are twelve years of age. The rest of the morning and afternoon was occupied by the many in-camp activities for the many in-campers. About an hour before supper a large Lookout trip left with Doug Coupe, Tom Mercer, and Bob Pine as the guides. Six riders from the camper ranks also joined the group for supper. Charlie Tracy took his tent to the Willows for an overnight stay. There were a few sprinkles during the night but not enough to even dampen the spirits of the overnighters.

TUESDAY: Tent # 8 returned from the Willows under an overcast sky. The Lookout trip came in shortly thereafter. There was little wind, but we managed to have two boats go out for a short sail. In the afternoon, we inaugurated the Submarine Series in baseball. This is a game we play in a foot of water using a plastic bat and perforated plastic baseball, called in some circles a Goof Ball. The rules are essentially the same as baseball and the game has turned out to be a thoroughly popular activity. Practically everyone in camp was involved in this most of the afternoon. The evening ended with the campus night game and store.

MOVIE DAY: Hazy in the morning and light rain in the afternoon. Shortly after Inspection Lawry Picket! and Bob Pine took a group out to Pine Cobble, a small nearby hill about four miles away that was once mined for lignite. They took milk and cookies with them and were able to explore some small excavations that were once active in mining. Rain postponed our twelve-and-over baseball game with Chenango. However, it also enabled us to have a second round in our Submarine Series. Trenton Falls returned shortly before supper with all in fine spirits, somewhat weary, and having had an excellent trip. The sailing department was busy most of the day. A fine western color film entitled "Arrowhead" finished up the day in good shape.

THURSDAY: Sunny and generally clear. After breakfast we sent six canoes under the direction of Hunt Hllliard down the lake to Natty Bumpo's Cave. They explored the cave, had lunch, and returned as far as Chenango to join the spectators at the postponed baseball game on the visitor's field. After lunch three sailboats sailed down to the game and our three small motor boats motored down with cheering supplements. The game was won by Hyde Bay in a score of 7-1 with Todd Mulvenny pitching, and furthering the cause with a home run. After supper the ULs journeyed to the bowling alley for an evening of bowling.

JULY 20: Clear and warm. A Susquehanna trip started out after breakfast with Doug Coupe, Tom Mercer, and Peter Miovic as councilors-in-charge. With this fine weather, there was plenty of riding, sailing, swimming, and another Submarine Series game during the course of the day. At 5:00 p.m. the largest Nebo trip to date departed with Jock McQuilkin, Hossein Kazemi, John Mercer, and Lawry Pickett as the leaders of twenty-four campers. Before transporting this trip to Nebo, the Hacker was brought into dry dock, and the operation of removing a 720 Ib. motor from the hull was undertaken. This opens up room for a new motor which we are in the process of obtaining from Boston. This new one will be considerably more powerful and will give us much more flexibility in usage of the Hacker. We hope to get the motor down on Thursday and the Hacker in motion shortly thereafter.

PLAY DAY: Windy, overcast, with showers in the afternoon. With this type of weather, the handicraft house or "Little Bohemia" was well occupied most all morning. The wrestling room had a goodly share of potential grapplers, and a few ventured out in the sailboats. In the afternoon, the Junior baseball team defeated Chenango 18-7. Randy Ewell went the distance as pitcher and George Van Yahres had a home run to increase the score. At the end of rest period, the annual Hot Rock contest took place. Painted rocks with varying values are hidden in and about camp. The campers go on a hunt for them and are rewarded according to the appropriate values of their discovered rocks. The plays for this evening were viewed by several parents who were visiting during the course of the weekend. Carl Gelger was judged the best actress, Jimmy Erdle won praises as the best actor; and, the best play-of-the-evening award went to Tent # 9 for their portrayal of a trip to Lookout. A new program of community singing was .inaugurated and proved to be very successful. We shall continue these with various innovations between plays each Saturday.

SUNDAY: Sunny and warm. The highlight of the morning was Mr. Hilliard's fine talk to us in the morning worship service. He helped us all to better understand various aspects of community living and camp living. The rest of the morning involved the usual trunk inspection, showers, and generally getting picked up. After rest period, we had our first intra-camp swimming meet. The Grays, under Coach Pierce, defeated the Crimsons, under Coach Miovic. The meet was close and had lots of spectators as well as participants. Outdoor supper was held under fine skies and followed by Tents # 4 and 7 going into Cooperstown as the Inspection winners of the, week. The Sunday movies included a most interesting one on the reconstructed Mayflower and one on the oil industry.

There are no tent plays this week because of the changeover of boys. As a very enjoyable substitute, we are having a local magician entertain us.. He has been here in past years and always has a most intriguing performance.

We again thank you all who have sent in your tuition checks this past week.

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