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Home Letter Volume 35, July 31, 1961 Number 5

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VOLUME 35                    July 31, 1961                          No. 5

BASEBALL DAY: This was THE GAME of our Hyde Bay season as well as for Cooperstown. Our group of about eighty boys helped in breaking all single day attendance records at Doublelday Field. About 9700 fans saw the L.A. Dodgers victorious over the Baltimore Orioles by a score of 6-2. Our boys were overjoyed by a visit from some of the notable Baltimore players who came over to the stands and signed autographs for us. It was a threatening day, but cleared off sufficiently to provide a fine game afternoon. For those who chose to remain behind, there was a great deal of good sailing and swimming along with an outdoor picnic lunch. This trip involved most of the camp day and all were ready for their beds at night.

TUESDAY: The morning started off with some cloudiness, but later on we had considerable sunshine. At about the hour of nine, another one of our one-day Susquehanna trips went out led by our man-of-the-ground, Doug Coupe. He took along Jim Main, of the theater department and Peter McManus, of the riding establishment, as his able assistants, Peter Black swam his “A” test in the morning; the sail boats were busy in the afternoon; a baseball practice for the twelve—and—under boys was held shortly after rest period. The horseshoe pitching pits were finished and had many customers. In the evening, the usual after-dinner game and swim were enjoyed by all.

WEDNESDAY: The weather was about a duplicate of the day before--cloudy in the morning, sunny and hot in the afternoon. Shortly after nine in the morning, we sent two of our sailboats with the Johnson 25 (a motor boat) down to Chenango for a continuation of our races with the neighboring camp. They returned in the afternoon, and informed us that they had lost by one point. One of our skippers was disqualified because of a wrong move on the sailing course. Before milk and crackers, the Susquehanna returned boasting of a very fine trip. As soon as Coach Coupe and some of the younger baseball players were able to get washed up and ready, we left for a baseball game with Worcester, N.Y. This was our twelve-and-under team. After eleven grueling innings, we were nosed out by a score of 3-2. The standout of the game was Nick Raasch with his superb pitching. In the evening, we saw the movie, “Watusi,” which is a sequel to “King Solomon’s Mines,” A good picture with effective and colorful scenery.

A BUSY THURSDAY: A short time after breakfast, Mr. Hilliard, assisted by Charlie Burnham, Jock McQuilkin, and Bob Cunningham led a contingent of twenty boys down the mountain towards Cooperstown to Natty Bumpo’s Cave. They were met by the bus and station wagon shortly after 3:30 in the afternoon. At the same moment, Dick Carlton, Walt Rogers, and Freem Allen were transported along with fifteen boys to Cooperstown with the canoes where they embarked on the Up—the—Lake trip. A large group made their way to Sunken Islands via the ST 37 and other rowboats and canoes. In the late afternoon, the Lake trip returned and tents #4 and #2, with Councilors Burnham and Johnson respectively, took off for our new camping spot around Clarke’s Point on an overnight trip. This was the first of many we hope to get off this month to this camping spot. A barge—like boat built by campers many years ago was launched and lots of campers had fun poling it

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around the boating area. A very busy day was climaxed by a swim before bedtime.

JULY 28--OUR HALFWAY POINT: The morning was spent packing those who were to leave at this period and making ready the beds for those coming in for the second half. In the morning, we did send out another Susquehanna trip led by Sherm Murphy, aided by Warren Hills and Dick McCaffory and involving many of the boys who are doing tutoring here at camp along with a few regular campers. During the day, we had seventeen boys leave our community and seventeen arrive for their stay for the last half. Some one—monthers chose to leave the following day and Sunday. Our count now stands at ninety—five which is a very comfortable number. In the evening, a smaller group went to the local bowling alleys for an evening of hbwling. Word came back that the bowling was not as skillful as the first trip had been.

SATURDAY: Another one of our cloudy and somewhat rainy days. Many of our full time campers were visited by their parents. In the morning, we sent out another Farmers Museum trip with Councilors Koppisch, McManus, D., and Winston. The rain held off long enough for us to have many boys out sailing Since this was our changeover week, we did not plan any tent plays, but the theater department put together a variety show which was hilariously enjoyed by all. It was a combination of a take—off on three TV shows. The Director had his tie cut off while he was blindfolded, and Councilor Tom Gilmore lost a few locks of hair during the show. Much shaving cream of the pressurized variety was used throughout the show. Considering the fact that there had been no rehearsals beforehand, we all felt it was a fine performance.

THE SABBATH: Sunday brought our usual thorough tent inspection and the weekly showers for all. At ten o’clock Mr. Harry Parker led us in our short period of worship in the theater. The topic of his talk was concerned with
the greatness and the source of that greatness of things around us. During the afternoon we had a double header baseball game in our softball league between the Warts and the Aces which the Warts won by a score of 3—0. Another game between the Japs and Aces saw the Japs win 3—0. It was not the day for the Aces! Although it was raining a bit, we had an informal inter—camp swimming meet in the afternoon. In the evening, after our outdoor supper, we had another set of our educational movies.

A REMINDER: The night of August 24 is the date for our final bonfire and barbeque. If you are planning on staying overnight, we would strongly suggest that you make your reservations early. We would be only too happy to assist you in the reservations if you so desire and will let us know your wishes. The evening festivities will begin at 6:00 p.m. and many parents will arrive well before this hour. We expect to have everything finished up by about 10:00 p.m.. Those who so wish may take their boys with them after the conclusion of the awards. This may make a difference in your choice of reservations for overnight. More detailed information will be included in the Homeletter next week.

BILLS: Will be sent out this week. They will be for the remainder due for the full time boys and the total due for the August boys. Please let us knew if you do not understand the figure or have any questions. The tutoring hours will not be included since we are not yet sure of the final figure. They will be on the personal accounts sent out after the close of camp.

TENT PLAYS: For this week will he performed by Tents #l1, 12, 14, and 15. with the addition of the following campers: Hunt, P., Koessler, Lewis, G. Posner, MacNeilly, Rick., Ryan, Lewis, S., Lynn, Danzer, Hildebrandt, and Connors. The theater will again be open at 8:30 p.m. for all those wishing to attend.

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