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Volume 34                        July 4, 1960                        Number 2

FORTHOUGHT: We have, right now, about 15 moree boys at camp for the first—half than we have registered for the second. Boys registered definitely for the first-half, have the option of remaining at camp after the end of the first-half on July 22nd. The object of this paragraph is to caution boys and parents who decide to stay on beyond the first—half to make their decisions as early as possible. New boys and campers now enrolled will be given places for the second—half in the order in which they apply.

CHECKS: Those short and sweet missives are coming in in astonishing volume, although you may recall the bills went out only a week ago. Last year we sent no second bills and yet collected every last cent due us. Hyde Bay parents seem to be that sort of people.

Reports: Enclosed you will find the first set of reports laboriously coapi1ed by the councilors, or dashed off with professional nonchalance by the experienced teachers in the Summer School. Your comments to us or to the people who write the reports will be a stimulus to the authors. The completed reports are read and alphabetized by head councilor Chandlee. They are reread and augmented with pertinent health data by nurse, Betty Pickett. Bob Pickett also goes through them. Finally they come to the desk of the Director on a Monday morning. He reads them with comments or just his initials. It has been our experience that parents give these weekly epistles equally close attention. We believe this feature of our camp to be unique.

MONDAY,JUNE 27: The day was fair and warm with a light breeze, excellent for sailing. Before lunch sixty—three of the young and old went off by bus and car and by that abhorred and obsolete method of locomotion known as walking. Their objective was to see the Cubs of Chicago defeat the Indians of Cleveland by a score of 5—0. They had their lunch at Fairy Springs Park, watched the game, and came home in the same multiple fashion. Meanwhile “back at the ranch” there was a lot of swimming, and some horseback riding.

A FAIR AND WARM TUESDAY: More good sailing, and much swimming. Coupe and Cooper held their initial baseball practice in the morning, younger athletes enjoyed softball in the afternoon. Old pro grappler, Arthur Brooks, started his wrestling clinic. An up—the—lake trip was consummated under the direction of councilors Carlton, Hilliard and Steinzig. This trip consists of going by auto and trailer to Cooperstown, then paddling around the western and northern shores of the lake back to camp, eating lunch on the way and arriving in time for supper. To Gravelly, our camping spot a mile or so down the lake, went Art Brooks and Jock McQuilkin with their tents. Anon David Jasper was returned with a seriously cut hand. This initial accident shall have a separate paragraph to show you what we do in such cases.

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THE CARE AND NURTURE OF INJURIES: Step 1 -  Art hailed a passing motor boat and hurried David back to camp. Stop 2 — Bob Pickett drove him immediately to the M.I.B. Hospital in Cooperstown. Step 3 — The interns and residents inspected the injury and summoned chief surgeon Dr. John H. Powers. Step 14 — under his skilled direction, a tendon was reunited, bandages were applied, a sling was adjusted, and David came back to camp.

JUNE 29th: Wednesdays are always featured by ice cream at noon and movies at night. The day started like the other two, but it rained after lunch for a little while. Dick Carlton and a group intrepidly pursued butterflies. A moter cavalcade absorbing our top brass, Mouldy and Chief searched for a fabledcrevasse where snow is always found. It escaped them but they inspected an “Indian Spring”. The conc1ucLZrg movie was “Island in the Sky”.

THURSDAY: Clear, cool and windy. Under the direction of our new trip councilor, Dick Steinzig, assisted by veterans Hendee and Mercer, the first trip by canoe, down the Susquehanna, started out. Softball and baseball. Water—skiing was initiated with the new speed boat.

JULY FIRST: Cool and cloudy. Campers Binky Armistead and Frankie Saunders passes their “E” tests in swimming. Lots of sailing. Councilor Carlton hiked a group. More water—skiing and aqua—planing with both boats. The sophisticated fringe went off to town to view the commercial movies. After supper there was a downpour of rain which stimulated a giant Bingo game in the dining-room. There was much fishing with some piscatorial fatalities.

AL KERR: We seldom mention visitors for fear of leaving someone out. We must tell you that a councilor with us many years with a marvelous record in the production Of imaginative plays, now Headmaster of Berwidck Academy, arrived to spend the long weekend with us.

SATURDAY: More good weather. The survivors of the Susquehanna expedition returned. It is good to report that this included all hands. Sailing, canoe instruction followed by tests, water—skiing, softball.

DRAMA: Jim Main, ably assisted by Mrs. Garver and Art Mellor, came forth with a remarkably fine set of tent plays. Doug Coupe’s outfit won the prize for the best play. Greenwich semi—pro, Bill Frick, was best actor; a new camper from the same dramatic reservoir, Phil Miller, was best “actress”. Chief judge Kerr made the presentations.

SUNDAY: Warmer and cloudy. Special tent inspection, supervised hot showers, and church, conducted by Chief who counselled his hearers to live less self—centered lives. Tents #1 and 9 went to town at the conclusion of our outdoor supper as reward for being the neatest. There was another softball game in which the Blossoms beat the Daisies 12—7, bringing joy to Captain Grassi and resignation to Leader Ted Dickinson. Al Kerr, illicit ringer for the Daisies pulled a two—run triple.

DATA: Parents of boys in the plays each will get copies of the program. In order that you may know when your son will grace the boards we announce that next week the diversion will be supplied by tents #2, #9, l5, and #16.

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