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Home Letter Volume 30, July 24, 1956 No. 4

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VOLUME 30             July 24, 1956                   No. 4

HAIL AND FAREWELL: With pleasure we welcome twenty—odd new campers this day while we bid farewell to an equal number who have been an important part of our camp family for the last 4 weeks. It seems impossible that the camp can really be half over.

WEATHER: We have had considerable rain but Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were clear, warm and pleasant exceptions to the rule.

MONDAY, JULY 16th: Shower producing clouds eventually gave way to a clear cool night. Heb assisted by councilors Abbott and Cravener flowed off down the Susquehanna. Char1ie Webb took his tent to Gravelly at night. The close of day also witnessed a wrestling show in which councilors Hills, Jencks, Ruestow and Woodward displayed television technique. Campers il1ustrated legimate wrestling.

THEN TUESDAY: This lovely day saw another Susquehanna trip. This time Heb was assisted by counci1ors Brooks, Garrett and Thomas. Jack Garver led out a group of embryonic artists on a sketching trip. We blush to relate that Chenango beat us again, this time in softball 7—4. Jeff Williams took his tent for a night on Gravelly.

RETRACTION: Under the firey pressure of Coach Barker, a crimson countenanced Director—scribe acknowledges an erroneous report in the last Home Letter, Chenango has beaten us before. I hope this reinstates the editor in the good graces of the powerful baseball ring.

JULY 18th: Another good one. Heb and his Second Susquehanna returned. Boys and councilors of appropriate age started their Senior Life Saving course under Mentor Macky. Admiral Jencks with Commodore Williams took 2 other skippers and our 4 Comets to “Three Mile Point” for lunch.

SCANDAL: The Wednesday film “Decision Before Dawn”, which eluded us entirely during another season, was most fouly abducted. Ransom notes were exchanged, finally the ransom of Tootsie Pops was paid, the recipient apprehended but talked his way out, as only Councilor Garver can do. Eventually the inevitable weak spot in such an underworld organization appeared when Miss Kristen Carver relented and brought in the missing film most dramatically at dinner. And so at long last, “Decision before Dawn” was witnessed by Hyde Bay.

CLEAR, CALM AND HOT THURSDAY: Jim Bayard passed his “D” test. Heb with assistants Brown and Jencks set out on a 3 day and 2 night Susquehanna trip destined to be drenched intermittently. All hands reported a good trip, rain to the contrary notwithstanding. A

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‘round-the—lake’ canoe flotilla with Jack Garver and Bry Danner set out with their followers. Councilors Classen and Hall took their tents to spend a pleasant night on Gravelly, destined also to be somewhat moistened. They returned the following morning with Un-dampened spirits.

RAINY FRIDAY: Win Johnson passed his “D” test. At breakfast appeared the Commodore Lord with a mysterious Geisha Girl who subsequently returned to the less spectacular role of Jock McQuilkin. The Commodore gave a remarkable speech which he translated at intervals for the benefit of the “lady”. In softball, interposed between showers, the Anacondas beat the Cobras 4—0, Captain Caskey’s pitching was a feature, Older boys bussed their way into town to the cinema.

SATURDAY: This was real rain. So we started trips to the Farmer’s Museum and initiated shuffleboard tournaments for the youngest boys. Before a camper-packed lodge, Jeff Reynolds won. Universal genius Garver kept the craft shop busy all day, for the afternoon, invading the staid precincts of the tutoring school. Anxieties were augmented for an hour when our lights failed due to an overloaded transformer. By great good luck the manager of that utility was weekending a few hundred yards down the shore. We had resultingly prompt service.

THE DRAMA AGAIN: Our third series of tent plays was perhaps the best of the season and probably for many seasons. It was featured by brilliant between—the—acts performances. The work of announcer Jack Murphy and his gang was noteworthy. With a masterpiece called “Never Trust a Woman”, star Walter Crandall and his associates won the candy for Tent #53. Best actress went to Este Fisher, while the actor’s Oscar was won by Walter Crandall. Movies made by Eric Malm and Heb also enlivened this remarkably pleasant evening. Several parents witnessed the performances.

THE SABBATH: Jack Garver preached this cloudy morning. The prize for inspection excellence was won by Tents #9 and #11. The imminence of rain caused the substitution of the bus for the Hacker. Some of our best movies were a feature of the evening. We viewed through the films Niagra Falls and a variety of southwestern sporting events, beautiful photography. Oh yes, in the afternoon the Rattlers had beaten the Adders 7-3, thus winning the watermelon. Captain Tom Mercer and Coaches Hills and Smith modestly accepted congratulations. A watermelon was also divided by the Sharks, Captain Scharf’s and Coach Ruestow’s creation. They had beaten the Carps.

A GOOD HALF: In spite of spotty weather, it has been a good half season, a grand group of boys and staff. We have accomplished much.

U.L.: This group deserves praise for eager and enthusiastic work. One of our best.

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