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VOLUME 29             July 11, 1955                   No. 2

LOCALE: Early Monday morning in the Craig Lynne office (the name of our home), U L’s are weeding the garden; a six—canoe trip is off, down the Susquehanna; Mrs. Pickett is on her way to the Hospital with a councillor needing treatment. Just a normal Monday.

ANOTHER MONDAY: Clear and hot but with wind enough for sailing. “D” test passed by Kinder. The “E” barrier surmounted by Clapp, Doug Peet and Hansford, Marshmallows and Sparklers, by way of celebration in the evening. Tom Sargent took his tent to Gravelly.

FROM THE GROUND UP: The redoubtable Heb spent the 4th and 5th on the ground, down the Susquehanna, aided by councillors Barker and Powell; on a trip, the counterpart of the one today. Heb, having worn out his first assistants, was joined by counsellors Hills and Macky and a group for the regular two day Susquehanna on Thursday. On Friday, we rescued the survivors, taking down Eddie Ruestow and Dick Kerr with a complete complement of replacements. They returned Saturday, allowing the councillor in charge the luxury of a bed for a change.

BACK TO TUESDAY: Clear and hot with rain in the evening. The “E” test fell before Arthur Wright. George Ruestow, aided by Fred Wright spent the night on Gravelly with his tent.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 6th: A warm and rainy morning gave place to a warm and clear afternoon. Such weather is ideal for “D” tests. Crandall, Campbell, Hansford and Hinckley, Thompson and Arthur Wright took advantage of this opportunity. Just for good measure, Diehl passed his “E” test. Thursday, Phil Pleger joined the “D” test group. What a record Griff Winthrop and his assistants are compiling in this vital field. We have a record low in non—swimmers at the moment. And Griff has already started his Jr. Life Saving class. The trips returned moist, tired and enthusiastic. The day came to an appropriate climax as we watched Jimmy Stewart in the hilarious comedy, entitled “Jackpot”.

THE 7th OF JULY: Clear, calm and warm, Councillor Offutt, assisted by Eddie Brown, led a flotilla around the lake; Susquehanna Number 2 set off. This day the Picketts spent at an auction, from which they returned triumphantly with 20 feet of excellent shuffleboard now established in the lodge and busy every minute. Rescued from its questionable role in a bar room, it is wonderfully popular in more wholesome surroundings.

FRIDAY: Clear, hot and humid, most unusual weather for us. Susquehanna Number 3 and the tents of Messers Bowdoin and Jones off to
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Gravelly. Their departures to be noted in the society column. “D” tests were passed by Clapp and Doug Peet. Lawry Pickett and Corky Strakosh passed the “E” test. The former costing his grandfather who doubles as camp director, fifty cents on a long—standing offer. (Other grandparents please note). Red Banker with equestrians Donahoe, Lanahan and Ricky Malm were off to the “look out” on horseback with luncheon for man and beast. This day we were joined by a 5th animal which we shall hereafter refer to as a horse. Under our tender care, he may even develop into such a quadruped. Older boys rattled off in the bus for the traditional movie trip to town.

SATURDAY: Friday’s weather was warmed over for this day. Coach Powell started varsity baseball practice but makes no predictions. Camper 106, Parke Scarborough arrived. this, my friends, is positively the last. There are beds or places at the table. The repairs at last completed, we enjoyed our first hot showers of the year. Henry Norman, our amiable and skillful cook, was called away for three days by a death in the family. The competent kitchen staff, assisted by Bob Pickett have carried on manfully with gastronomically pleasing results.

THE DRAMA: The first set of tent plays was very successful. How impressario Al Kerr groomed them to such smoothness, while madly striving to complete the new stage, shall forever remain a mystery. The new addition with its fly loft and other improvements functioned perfectly. Tent #11 led by Sandy Jencks won the candy. Popular vote named Stan Heuisler as best actor with Al Tyler, the “best actress”. Carl Malm, in a supporting role, was only five votes behind Stan, while Max Robinson was runner—up to La Belle Tyler.

SUNDAY: Still hot and clear but fanned by a benevolent breeze. Our head councillor preached, which did not modify the rigidity of the regular Sunday inspection which followed. A sailing race was won by Walter McManus, followed at varying intervals by Ricky Donahoe and Charlie McManus. Councillors Clark and Hills took their tents out for supper, while the rest of us ate at various places and postures about the waterfront. The first Hacker trip, as a reward for neatest of tents, was enjoyed by Tents 53A and #1. We would have had movies but the power suddenly failed. They will be enjoyed this evening.

UNFOUNDED FEARS: Some glands looked like mumps, but proved harmless. Some infections were successfully treated. A cut was repaired. There have been a few colds, abrasions, contusions and here and there a bit of poison ivy. In other words, just a normal week in nurse Betty’s busy life.

ADDENDA: The councillors’ club has been well patronized. This is a newly erected cabin, hard by the willows, on the lake front. The fireplace in the lodge, constructed by the talented amateurs Heb Evans and Bob Pickett, needs only the addition of a chimney to be complete. We have mentioned in passing the new stage. This is a two story structure with genuine fly loft and cat walk to enable us to introduce a stairway in our scenery. As ever with the drama at Hyde Bay, onward and upward. Two new rowing Kayaks have been completed and have been named Willy and Filly, after their creators.

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