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VOLUME 28             August 16, 1954                   No. 7

YOUR_PLANS: Not all parents have let us know their end-of-camp plans. Please return the card at once so we may know how many broilers must die and what responsibilities the railroad must assume for the transportation of our boys. There are many parents still to be heard from.

BARBEQUE: I hope you understand that all parents of either first or second half or full—time boys are cordially invited to the Barbecue, bonfire and closing ceremonies on Monday night, August 23rd. You may take your camper then or any time on Tuesday, August 24th.

RETROSPECT: Seven weeks of the Hyde Bay 1954 season have been among the most pleasant in its 28 years of happy existence. The Picketts are extremely grateful to all who have helped to make this happy state possible.

TRIPS: Twenty—one people, now off to Trenton Falls, will complete to our list of trips unless we send another group to the top of Mt. Nebo. We believe that all eligible boys, free from the toils of tutoring, have had an opportunity to go on those trips.

MONDAY AND THE YANKEES: August 9th found this happy conjunction. It was a hot sunny day, ideal for what, to coin an original phrase, is our national pastime. I even went and enjoyed the best game the majors have staged in Cooperstown within my all—inclusive memory. Eighty of our family saw the diciples of Casey rally to overcome a 9 — 1 lead and defeat the Cincinnatians 10 - 9. With trips impending, we moved our Wednesday movies up to Monday night when we enjoyed the “Crimson Pirate.”

TUESDAY AND A RETURN ENGAGEMENT: This hot and hazy Tuesday with no wind for sailing found us making trips to the Farmer’s Museaum and in the evening reseeing Burt Lancaster in the “Crimson Pirate’.

ABBREVEATION: For all I know Tr. Is an abbreviation for trip. Anyhow, on Tuesday projected trips to Nebo and Gravelly were hastily brought back in a moist condition to the home base when ferocious showers broke on their unsheltered heads. I don’t recall such surrender since long ago under the councilate of Charles Classen, Sr.

WEDNESDAY: was clear and cloudy by turns. It was cold, it rained and it was very windy. In spite of such natural handicaps, a Susquehanna trip set off under Heb and councilors Offutt and Arnold. In the rejuvinated softball league the Rattlers defeated the cobras 4 — 2. Blaise assisted by councilors Bowdoin and Webb once more assulted Nebo and this time they clung to their entrenchments until almost noon the next day.

THURSDAY: This was a cool and windy episode but “all our ships richly came to port”. (Might be Merchant of Venice). Thus prolixly do we announce the return of the expeditions delineated in the previous paragraph. The lowry afternoon encouraged us to show movies of Hyde

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Bay twenty years ago where grave executives of the present appeared as tattered campers of that day. Regretfully we called off our baseball game on Doubleday Ball Field until next year. The wrestling tournament started in the afternoon.

SOCIAL EXPERIMFNT: On Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Allen helped us celebrate the birthday of their son, Timmy and associate camper Charlie McManus by endeavoring to fill our camp family to the Adam’s Apple with delicious ice cream. After more than 12 gallons were devoured, only one or two feigned avidity. Camper Hallett, whose natal day was actually Wednesday, also had cake and participated in the frozen orgy. It was one of the more memorable Hyde Bay occasions.

NEXT TO OUR LAST FRIDAY: The clear night of Thursday developed into a clear, cool and windy day. Susquehanna trip 7 went off. This time Heb was assisted by councilors Hinckley and Wynne. Sandy supervised many sailing races all day. The Copperheads boat the Pythons. We took the beginners to the gym for their swimming lessons and Carlie Brown conducted Tent 17 to the usual Gravelly resort. Charlie was pinch—ground—sleeping for Phil Eastabrooks, whose giant frame was wracked with pain.

SATURDAY_FOLLOWS: With a light breeze under clear skies with a warmth all the more appreciated after our sombre epoch. More sailing races. The last Round—the—lake trip was conducted by returned old councilor Tom Offutt assisted by Pete Wells. Susquehanna 8 went down the river with Blaise and Bob Gilmore as assistants to Daniel Boone Evans. (131 of our personnel have made this interesting trip this year.)

DRAMA: Phil Schwartz authored, directed, produced and inspired a production known as the “Crimson Pugilist”. We were vastly amused for the better part of an hour. The next day a box of candy was awarded to the cast because a committee of judges had decided that it was a play. In other words the Thespians were competing against an artistic par.

SEVENTH SUNDAY: Warm but cloudy. The Director conducted our religious services, talking on invisible influences under the title Guided Missiles. So much went on this day that Tents 7 and 53B will take their imspection-reward trip by Hacker this afternoon. Small brother, Hugh Wachter came in to join Teddy for the balance of the season.

THE TURTLE DERBY: Most of the afternoon of Sunday was given over to the pagentry of the annual Turtle Derby. Over 20 turtles, collected by the Ricky Donahoe outfit, competed in four exciting races. The final, all—inclusive derby was won by Rusty Pickett’s entry, I believe it was 20. We had sailing races all day and a movie on skiing at night.

THE “D” TEST: MAX ROBINSON AND RUSTY NAVINS PASSED THEIR “D” TESTS. I believe we have only three boys now In residence who have not this accomplishment to their credit. This Week may see the numbers still further diminish.

REPORTS: Enclosed are the last reports the councilors of 1954 will send you. In a week you will have a recital by your own personal reporter on the field. I shall write you again sometime after the close of camp enclosing bills for incidental personal expenses.

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