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VOLUME 28             July 19, 1954                   No. 3

Plea: If you have not done so, please, send us hack these post cards so that we know your plans in regard to leaving on July 25th, or relative to arriving on that date.

Health: This Monday morning as I went up through the campus quite early, I was greeted with the terrifying news that “the entire camp had been the victim of food poisoning”. More specific “diagnosticians” attributed it without question to the hotdogs of our outdoor Sunday night supper. More sober consideration by such advanced practitioners as Petty Pickett reduced the “epidemic” to some bowel trouble on the part of 8 individuals out of the 145 in camp. There had been a mild epidemic of this sort of thing in the locality. Most of our sufferers are in one tent. While we are watching it carefully, we assume it is not serious.

BARBEQUE: We propose to have a deep-pit barbecue at 6:30 on Monday night, July 26th. Such parents that happen to be in our vicinity are invited to attend. We only ask that you let us know as soon as possible that you are to be with us. We welcome parents and boys coming in for the second half and parents coming to get boys leaving at the end of the first half. BUT WE ARE UNABLE TO FURNISH SLEEPING AND EATING ACCOMODATIONS OTHER THAN THE BARBEQUE FOR ANY BOYS UNTIL THE FIRST HALF BOYS HAVE DEPARTED. In other words, if you would like to come early and stay over in town with your son for the night, we would love to have you at the Barbecue on Monday night.

DRAMA: The second set of tent plays was fully up to the standard of the first group. Mrs. Kerr, Mr. Russell and the Director judged the contest. Tents 15 and 14 were strong contenders. Tent 12 might well have won some of the competitions of the past, but the committee decided in favor of Tent 11 where Phil Schwartz was the outstanding star. Again copies of the program are sent to the parents of all actors. The plays ran the gamut of Berlin Embassies, Hyde Bay and Fort Sill, darkest Africa, and the frozen Arctic region. A noteworthy change of locale and atmosphere to be accomplished on one small stage in one evening. Producer Kerr easily surmounted this difficulty.

MOVIES: We saw a rather mediocre film called “Mara-Maru” on Wednesday while Sunday night brought us some excellent travel and educational films.

TRENTON REVISITED: The first Trenton Falls expedition is setting off as we go to press. More news of that next week. And now for more chronology;

A CLEAR MONDAY: Heb, with assistants Powell and Brown took out Susquehanna trip #4. The younger boys had a short “hare and hounds” run in the morning. The sailing was excellent this day.

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CLEAR, WARM, WINDY AND TUESDAY: The final Susquehanna trip for the first half went out under the inevitable Heb assisted by Councilors Garver and Bowdoin. Dave Andrew assisted by Warren Hills took his tent to Gravelly for the night. The first of trips to our mountain top called Nebo went out this afternoon under the personal direction of Bob Pickett assisted by his four year old son, Rusty, and councilor Samborski and assistants Boyd and Trigg. Nebo, be it said, is a 50 acre wooded area on top of one of our higher local mountains. It is the property of Hyde Bay, located 9 miles from the home base, a spot of great beauty and quite wild.

THUNDER ON WEDNESDAY: This implied atmospheric disturbance occurred in the evening. The balance of the day was clear and hot. Hyde Bay defeated Chenango 13 — 1 on our home grounds. At night, the movie.

THURSDAY, JULY 15th: This very windy day was clear and cool which promoted sailing at the expense of swimming. When a trip was taken to the Baseball Hall of Fame, the bus developed tire trouble and further expeditions were postponed. In the internecine area, the Sabretooths defeated the Wild Cats by a score of 1 — 0, soft ball, that is.

CONTINUED WIND INTO FRIDAY: The Junior Varsity Baseball team followed in the footsteps of the illustrious elders by beating Chenango 10 - 1 with pitcher Foxall in the box. An unusual feature of the game was the disappearance of the ball down a woodchuck hole. I wish I might report that the rodent courteously retrieved the ball, but the truth is that it was dug out by pick and shovel. Speaking of fauna, the boys captured three immature raccoons on this day, but were prevailed upon to release them by the entreaties of their councilor Phil Pratt and by the dread news that the State of New York prohibits the incarceration of wild animals; although a great many of its citizens of the human species are thus treated. More faunal data must include the victory of the Lions over the Cougars 9 - 8. 0ff to town after supper went a movie trip. We send in groups of the older boys from time to time to view the offerings of the local cinema.

HOT ROCKS AND THE LIKE: Saturday was refreshingly calm and sunny. Ricky Donahoe won the big prize for collecting more and better—marked stones in the annual contest. Many others received valuable prizes ranging from pennies in American currency to candy and preferred status in the store line. There was a Round-the-Lake trip in which Heb was once more to be found in a canoe. Plays, of course, that night.
SATURDAY: On this clear, lovely day, Peter Wells preached. The Leopards beat the Jaguars to earn the vegetable gonfallon in the Watermellon league. Junior Life Saving tests were given with success. For neatness above and beyond the cal1 of duty, tents 7 and 9 went to town by Hacker.

CLIMAX OF HAPPY WEEK: Brian Hallett passed his “D” test, while campers Hinckley and Johnson surmounted the aquatic “E” barrier. Thus the group of non—swimmers is steadily decreasing. To promote the process, we have arranged for two hours a day in the very fine swimming pool of the Alfred Corning Clark gymnasium in Cooperstown, when it is so cold and windy that it is unwise to force beginners into our local waters.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Please send back those cards.

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