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VOLUME 28             July 12, 1954                   No. 2

FAVORABLE AND, I HOPE, NOT PREMATURE: If memory serves, none of our 28 camping seasons has ever started so auspiciously. There are fewer even mild cases of homesickness, much less adjusting to do and a remarkable general spirit. There is very little comment for me to make on the excellent reports enclosed with these letters, little need to modify, mitigate or emphasize.

OF SUPPREME IMPORTANCE: During the week “E” tests have been passed by aquatic novices Brad Damon, Deford, Brien Hallett, Joey Hallett, Kinder, Rickey Malm, John Mercer, Shaw, Whitman, Wilbur and Williams. The “D” test has been surmounted by Burnham, Davens, Shawn Donahoe, both Erdles, Foxall, Griepenkerl, David McManus and Pickett. Thus the initial group of 26 non—swimmers is being steadily reduced. Each boy, as he passes, is given the coveted position at the head of the line which forms after dinner at the store. Applause greets each announcement made at dinner.

CHRONOLOGY INITIATED: The 5th of July decreed a holiday in less happy regions was mild an breezy with some scattered showers. We could stand considerable rain right now. Old scout Heb assisted by councilor Gilmore and assistant councilor Webb circumnavigated the Glimmerglass, which is known in camp language as a “round-the-lake” trip. In softball the Sabertooths scored 5 runs to the 1 accumulated by the Bears. Camper 105, by name Billy Deford, arrived in the evening.

TUESDAY: This clear, mild and calm day witnessed the departure of the first Susquehanna trip. The indestructible Heb assisted by Andrew and Weber got off with 6 gleaming aluminum canoes on the new trailer rack for the 2 days of rapid-shooting and other diversions. We have moved our camping place a little further downstream this year. Junior Life Saving for all boys 12 years old and above started this day under Professor Pratt’s practiced eye. His Harvard training was supplemented last year by a post—graduate course in Hawaii. Blaise took his tent to Gravelly. On land, the Panthers defeated the Wild Cats. The score was 11 to 4.

JULY 7th: Cool with a trace of cloudiness. (When we say cool, we mean quite cold in the mornlng warming up during the day.) I saw the mercury clinging doggedly to 50 degrees one morning. Mercy inspired me to build a fire in the dining—room fireplace. This day we stirred abroad to defeat Chenango at hardball with a score of 18 - 5. The battery of Hawks and Butterfield was excellent. Sandy Cochran scintillated at first base while centerfielder George Barker slugged savagely. Many fans even revived that ancient accomplishment and walked to the game. The miniature golf course was opened by curator Garver. Many addicts there indulged in their miniature vice. Our usually reliable Films Inc. failed us but the gap was delightfully filled by a showing of Heb’s camp movies.

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ANOTHER THURSDAY: Still clear and windy. Curator Garver slid easily into his maestro role and took out a sketching trip. The sailboats were busy. Assistant guides Sargent and Wells went to Heb’s rescue with Susquehanna trip #2. Pete Powell and his pals replaced Blaise on Gravelly for the night.

FRIDAY: Clear, windy and cool (cold). Susquehanna #3 followed hard on the heels of it’s predecessors. Phil Eastabrook abandoned his beloved horses for this trip. With some difficulty he was prevented from taking his saddle with him. Phill Schwartz rounded out the brass of this trip. At home the Panthers clawed the Bears. The score, 6 - 3. Capt. Carl Malm’s team is so far undefeated. Brother Eric Malm was brought in by his family this day as camper #l06. (May our tribe not increase beyond this figure.) A movie trip went to town in the school bus emeritus which we call the “Land Hacker” after our motorboat of that name. No less a person than our head councilor acted as chauffeur, docent, councilor, guide, and chaperon.

CALANDER WEEK’S END: This day added sunshine to the characteristics of it’s predecessors. The Junior Varsity baseball team under Casey Powell followed in the illustrious steps of the Seniors by beating Chenango 10 – 9. Pitchers Davens and Foxall were capably received by Gill Cochran when Chenango bats did not intervene. The Watermelon league on our rough but kind diamond progressed with a Lion Victory (23 to 8) over the Jaguars. We aquaplaned this day.

THE SABBATH: Positively hot. Mr. Chandlee, safely returned from his town trip, was our preacher. There was a very thorough inspection and many hot showers of the artifical variety were “enjoyed”. In spite of the hot, sunny afternoon which promoted swimming, aquaplaning and water skiing, the devotees of our national game were loyal to their enthusiasm and saw the Leopards beat the Cougars. As the shades of evening were gradually pulled down, tents 53A and 4 went off to town with the Sunday mail in the Hacker, as a reward for their pre—eminence in cleanliness. When they returned we saw some excellent movies on the American Cowboy and the Green Tree Stables. (Two films).

THE DRAMA: Our first set of tent plays were fully up to the high standard set in previous years by producer, coach, author, and business manager Al Kerr. A distinguished hoard of judges composed of Mesdames Mercer and Pickett abetted by Mr. Barriskill, after much deliberation, selected Tent #1’s offering for the box of candy. After this noontime announcement, the head councilor awarded second place in the candy line to Carl Malm for his splendid portrayal of the South American Dictator, El Twerpo. It was a superb bit of work. Stan Heuisler, of the winners, was also a standout. Programs have been enclosed in the envelopes of all proud parents of actors. It is obvious that we are in for another season of excellent Saturday night entertainment. The beauty of John Whitehead, the substantial allure of Dougie Coupe, the indescribable charm of Mother Sills Bowdoin, and the grace of Jock McQuilkin and Greg Davens lent a spurious female charm to the evening. Back of beards and grease paint all to hastily applied to the 24 thespians by Al and the Director, the male parts were enacted with vigor.

IMPORTANT THOUGH FINAL: Please advise us at once if there is any change in the length of time your boy plans to stay in camp. We should soon have your travel plans for boys leaving Tuesday, July 27th.

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